Have You Changed Your Genre Preferences Over the Years?

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While I was browsing through my read book list, it suddenly dawned on me that I have changed reading genres often. This shouldn’t have surprised me because I am a mood reader.

Anyway, I decided to look into the reasons why I change genre preferences often. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t read multiple genres, but rather, why we stop reading certain genres that we used to adore.

Genre fatigue is when you voraciously binge-read one genre. I remember back when The Hunger Games first came out and dystopia was THE genre to read. In fact, I was one of those people who devoured everything dystopia. Now? Well, not so much. I guess this is because I read a few dystopian books that they all seem to have the same plot. Sad, but true.

I think it was a fad a few years ago. Not that I am saying dystopia isn’t good. I mean, look at The Handmaid’s Tale? It has an awesome adaptation on Hulu, right? I saw a few episodes and it was really disturbing. It’s just that, too much dystopia and bleakness in the world, is very depressing.

I usually genre hop when I’ve been binge reading one genre for a couple of weeks or so. This is also what is called a genre cleanse to basically cleanse your palate and not go down the genre fatigue level.

This actually works for me because I tend to binge read a genre and sometimes a series. And then comes the hated book slump! So to avoid this, I genre hop. Sometimes, I read multiple genres at once! At the time that I am writing this post, I am currently reading a YA historical Paranormal (Jackaby by William Ritter), a historical romance (A Most Unlikely Duke by Sophie Barnes) and a contemporary romance (All or Nothing at All by Jennifer Probst). As you can see, these are totally different genres. I also read in different formats so I am able to keep track of the plot.

When I first saw Jurassic Park in 1993 and discovered that it was base don a book by Michael Crichton, I immediately devoured all his books. I was 10 in 1993 and I felt super grown-up reading this very science fiction/highly technical book. I definitely did NOT understand the highly technical aspects of the book when I read it way back when, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book as a whole.

This was also the time when I binge read Michael Crichton’s backlist and I LOVED reading them. But even though I love science fiction, I don’t think I can read those types of books right now.

I also read three of Dan Brown’s books. Angels and Demons is my favorite of the three that I read, but I’m not reading any more of his books because – lack of interest. haha

Have you changed your genre preferences over the years?

Which genre did you use to read?

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14 responses to “Have You Changed Your Genre Preferences Over the Years?

    • FANTASY though <3 however, I haven't warmed up to YA contemporary. I still haven't read a good YA contemporary :( unfortunately.

  1. My genre preferences have only grown over the years. At first it was just historical romance which I devoured. Then it went to PNR and science fiction, and then contemporary and new adult. Now normally I am not a strict mood reader, when it comes to genres. More mood reader when it comes to tropes or themes of stories more. But I read a variety and tend to not get into genre slumps, because I jump around frequently. Although there are times when I get in the mood for HR or PNR.
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    • I feel ya! I really am a mood reader and when I get in a slump, I tend to reread my favorites! haha Also, I have started reading a few other genres but mostly stick to my favorites 🙂

  2. My genre preferences have changed a little over the years, although I’m pretty much a lifelong fantasy fan! I’ve definitely gotten a lot more into YA since I started blogging though, just because so many bloggers blog about YA books, so I’ve had loads of great recommendations. I actually seem to read way more YA books now I’m in my twenties than I actually did when I was a teenager! 🙂
    I’ve also got into crime fiction and thrillers recently, which is a genre I have never really had much interest in, and I think it’s because a colleague at work is really into crime fiction and has recommended me some really great books! Basically it seems like my genre preferences at any given time depend on what I’ve been recommended or seen about the blogosphere, but always with fantasy (and historical fiction!) at its’ heart. I’ve definitely suffered genre fatigue before though with some of the sub genres that have come into fashion over the years – I got majorly into dystopia after The Hunger Games too, and I was definitely into the huge vampire fad back when I was in high school, and then my interest waned after a while.
    Great post! 🙂
    Laura recently posted…How do you know if your story idea is a keeper?My Profile

    • I have read more YA now in my 30s than I did before! Although, to be fair, YA wasn’t as mainstream before. As I’ve said in this post, there are genres that I do not read anymore. For example, Nancy Drew and dystopia

  3. Definitely. I started reading chick lit then I became obsessed with Urban Fantasy/Paranormal books, then YA contemporary, then New Adult, then back to YA Contemporary and now I’m into adult contemporary romances although I’m in a general book slump. I love going back and forth between genres, keeps things fresh 🙂

    • I agree Nereyda! 🙂 I am also in a slump right now and I love revisiting my favorite genres 🙂

      I also read chick lit years ago and it isn’t my cup of tea now! hahaha

  4. I don`t think my genre preferences changed that much. I am less of a book snob though:)) When I was in high-school I used to read only classics and I started reading YA only 2 years ago. Which was a shame because there are some really good YA books out there.
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    • That is so true! Although I am the opposite! I probably only read a handful of classics and for someone who loves historical romance, I HAVEN’T read Pride and Prejudice or any Jane Austen book!