Goodreads Choice Awards Should Add More Romance Categories!

Posted December 18, 2017 by Zeee in Discussions8 Comments

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Hello, Romance Bookworms! We are finally in mid-December and the year is almost over. Obviously, we are now familiar with the Goodreads Choice Awards and I have WORDS!

Disclaimer: I read YA, so this post is NOT an attack on YA. I am just speaking out for more adult romance representation.

This is probably an unpopular opinion because I think there should be more romance categories! Why? Because it’s ROMANCE and it is the biggest genre in the industry, that’s why!

I mean, come one! There are TWO Young Adult categories. TWO! So, why can’t there be TWO romance categories? And I mean, ADULT ROMANCE. And this is not me hating on YA, it’s me disappointed that there isn’t a lot of adult romance representation.

Because EVEN IF Colleen Hoover’s Without Merit is a romance, it is classified as a YA romance so, shouldn’t it be nominated under Young Adult Fiction? Basically, it now looks like YA is getting THREE CATEGORIES. Sigh*

I am saying this because it is frustrating that not a lot of romance books get the praise they deserve. Not only that, the romance genre doesn’t get the recognition it deserves and it’s freaking annoying.

I also wish they would create a WOMEN’S FICTION section. Now, I am not a fan of this genre but I know this is very popular and definitely should have a spot in the Goodreads Choice Awards.

Do you agree with my unpopular opinion? Do you think the categories should stay the same?

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8 responses to “Goodreads Choice Awards Should Add More Romance Categories!

    • Zeee

      Yeah. Well it IS a popularity contest so, CoHo’s fans could have voted for her regardless of what category she was under. Again, which made me think there should be more categories…

  1. Carrie @ Cat on the Bookshelf

    My problem with creating a special YA Romance category (not that I haven’t marked my books as this) is that I rarely come across YA books that don’t have romance. As much as I love YA books, so many of them are romance that it feels unnecessary to have to stipulate that. I’ve never read a Colleen Hoover book, but the synopsis on Goodreads leads me to believe that it should have only been in the YA Fiction category.

    I am for creating a YA Nonfiction/Memoir section of the awards. For example, How Dare the Sun Rise by Sandra Uwiringiyimana was nominated for Best Memoir & Autobiography this year. This book is absolutely a young adult book, and it should be labeled as such. I’ve found other YA memoirs and nonfiction books this year. Similar to how New Adult is overlooked, I think YA nonfiction and YA memoirs are overlooked and underappreciated.

    • Zeee

      I agree with the NA category! And yes, maybe a PNR/UF too! Maybe Contemporary and Historical romance for a start.