My Go-to Comfort Reads

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Comfort Reads

Let’s talk about anything bookish!

Happy Monday, Wormies! It’s been a while since I wrote a discussion post so when I got sick this weekend, I decided to tackle the subject of comfort reads.

See, we all have go-to books that are auto reads when we are feeling down, or sick. In my case, I have a few books that I read when I am sick or when I am depressed.While some people watch movies or binge-watch TV shows, I binge read. These books always get me out of my funk one hundred percent of the time! Aside from talking to my besties, books are my peeps, if you know what I mean.


Step back into history with historical romance

One of my favorite genres is historical romance and when I just don’t feel like reading anything, I almost always pick up my favorite historical romances to re-read. In fact, some of my favorite books are falling apart because I have re-read them so much.

How to Woo A Reluctant Lady | Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake

Historical romance always brings a touch of whimsy to my life which always brings me out of my funk.


Kill, kill, kill and a little bit of sass with Cat and Bones

In 2015 I read this book called Halfway to the Grave and got introduced to Cat and Bones. Well, this series is my go-to read when I’m pissed off at the whole world (i.e. I’m sick with the flu) because Cat can kick everyone’s butt! And Bones is just too dreamy and ALWAYS gets me out of this funk! I always get pissed when I have the flu (like right now) and Cat’s spunk always cheers me up.

Halfway to the Grave | One Foot in the Grave | Once Burned

Not only that, I usually switch gears after the third book and read the Night Prince series because of The Showhound. In fact, I read the Night Prince series first and was VERY intrigued by two characters who appeared in it… let’s just say that Cat and Bones are my favorite It Couple.

Let’s go and travel into space

Another favorite re-read when I’m down in the dumps are books in the young adult sci-fi genre. I love the fact that it is not to overly technical like adult sci-fi, but not too dumbed down for me to enjoy. This is the genre that got me back into reading YA, too!

Cinder | Cress | These Broken Stars

One of my favorite series to re-read is The Lunar Chronicles and the Starbound Trilogy. We meet interesting characters and ALSO get to travel into space!


The Book who Must Not Be Named

Another favorite comfort read is the Harry Potter series. I mean, who doesn’t remember stepping into Hogwarts for the first time, right? Re-reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone always take me back to my childhood and the joy of discovering J.K. Rowling’s world!

So yes, Harry Potter is my ultimate comfort read!


What are your go-to reads when you are sick, depressed, or in a slump?

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14 responses to “My Go-to Comfort Reads

    • Nicole, it does look like you HAVE a comfort genre! That still works!! My comfort reads/genre usually depend on my current sickness, when I’m sick, and/or any slump related to sick! LOL

  1. Comfort reads are always a joy to step back into! I find myself going back and reading the Anne of Green Gables series almost every summer since I first read it as a young teen. As an adult, I cling to Dannika Dark’s Mageri series and Lexi Blake’s Masters & Mercenaries series because the stories are so engaging and teh characters feel like old friends.

    • I just read Lexi Blakes Masters and Mercenaries this year and I am intrigued! I remember reading Anne of Green Gables when I was in elementary school, though but I don’t think I ever reread them!

      Oh, and I need to check out Dannika Dark’s books!

    • True!! This usually happens when I binge read a series. Most especially when I get immersed in the world of the book I’m reading.. ?

    • You should definitely try reading The Lunar Chronicles! If you love audio, the audiobook is easier to “read”

      Oh, and Lisa Kleypas’ backlist books are amazing!

  2. I loved this post!! Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake was one of my favorites also!!And I am now reading Lisa Kleypas (first time)-It Happened One Autumn, And I love how I related so well to these reads, especially Harry Potter- I usually don’t reread, but some books you just HAVE to!!

    • OMG! You should TOTALLY read ALL of Lisa Kleypas’ backlist! Her historicals are the best! If you read the third book in the Wallflowers series, Devil in Winter, the son of the couple here has his own book in her newest Ravenels series Devil in Spring *wink