Get to Know the Romance Reader

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Get to Know the Romance Reader

Let’s talk about anything bookish!

Happy Monday, Wormies! I decided to do a tag today because I’m feeling a bit energized! August is Romance Awareness Month and I have been sharing romance recs on my Instagram stories and will continue doing it throughout the month of August! I’m only doing a few a day because I realize that I have a lot of recs! Don’t forget to stop by!

I also stumbled upon this book tag when I was watching Francesca at Under the Covers Book Blog Youtube channel. She got the original tag from Bree @ Falling for Romance.

What is your romance origin story?

(How you came to read your first romance novel)

I’ve actually shared my discovery of romance multiple times already – I think on Instagram and other platforms, but I’m going to share it again here!

I’ve been reading romance since I was 11 years old. I was quite lucky in that my parents weren’t censoring my reading (or they didn’t care – this is another story altogether), so I was able to pick any book I wanted. It was around this time that a second-hand bookstore opened in my hometown and I picked up my very first Harlequin Historical Romance! I don’t remember exactly which Harlequin book it was, but I was hooked and I have never looked back!


If you could be the heroine in a romance novel, who would be the author and what’s one trope you’d insist be in the story?

This is my favorite question! I never really thought about it before but I would want to be a heroine in any book Lisa Kleypas’ historical romances! If you have been following me for a while, you would know how CRAZY I am over her books! In fact, she is one of the first “modern” historical romance writers that I read years ago!

As for the trope, my favorite tropes are brother’s best friend and also social class disparity, so I am picking those tropes that HAVE to be in my own HEA. Although, I’ve already seen my HEA in different romances that I’ve read.


What is a romance you’ve read this year, that you want more people to read?

I posted my favorite books read in 2019 so far, but out of that list, I pick Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan. In fact, it is one of my favorite reads this year! And to top it off, this book won the RITA Award by Romance Writers of America for Contemporary Romance: Long (2019) and Kennedy Ryan is the first African American who won a RITA!


What is your favorite romance subgenre?

My favorite subgenre will always be historical romance followed by contemporary romance. Historical romance will always have a place in my heart because of what it did for me during my teens.


What subgenre have you not read much from?

The genre that I need to read more from is paranormal romance. I’ve been reading a lot of dragon shifter books now and I’m hooked!


Who is one of your auto-buy romance authors?

I can’t keep it to just one! I have a few that I absolutely LOVE and I will basically read any of the books they write! Here are 5 of my auto-buy romance authors.


How do you typically find romance recommendations? (Goodreads, Youtube, Podcasts, Instagram)

I get the majority of my recommendations on Instagram now! I am always on Instagram and I have found a group of awesome ladies who I’ve become friends with and who I trust with romance recommendations!


What is an upcoming romance release you’re excited for?


What is one misconception about romance you would like to lay to rest?

One misconception about romance that I absolutely want to die is that all romance books are bodice rippers. While I have no problems with Old School Romances, the romance genre has come a long way from The Flame and the Flower and I hate that non-romance readers look down on this genre.

Romance is written by women for women and features women as the heroine of their own story and not just as a side-piece.


Who is the most recent romance reading content creator you came across that you’d like to shoutout?

Chachic @ Chachicsbooknook is one I discovered a few months ago and was my gateway to Romance Class books!

Yvette @ Nose Stuck in a Book is another one that I followed a few months ago and I love her flat lays and book stacks! She also has a lot of bookish recs!


Share your romance origin story!

If you made it this far, consider yourself tagged!


Do you have any bookish discussion suggestions? Please submit them here!

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11 responses to “Get to Know the Romance Reader

  1. Super fun tag! I love hearing your origin story and seeing all these pretty covers 🙂 And yes, Instagram has become the most deadly place for my poor bookshelves, they are overflowing now! Ha

  2. Historical was my absolute fave when I was a teen. I think I read exclusively paranormal romance and historical romance. Nowadays, I think I flock more to contemporary romance and fantasy romance.