Friday Faves: Reasons Why I Heart Audiobooks

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Friday Faves is a feature where I share whatever bookish thing I saw or share books I read during the week.



This is NOT a post about book VS audiobook.  This is about my reasons for discovering the joys of listening to an audiobook.  Initially, I did not LIKE listening to audiobooks because I found that I used to tune out most of it thus not understanding the whole freaking book.  I started with listening to 1984 by George Orwell and it became a DNF for me (maybe because of the topic?).  I also listened to The Princess and the Peer by Tracy Anne Warren and it also became a DNF.  In fact, I have not re-read this book or listened to this book at all (I may have to revisit this in the future).

Fast forward to a couple of years later and I decided to try out the Audible subscription.  The first audiobook I read was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and I was blown away!  Not only was I able to finish it, I was lusting (forgive me for a lack of a better term) for more audiobooks!

Reasons why I heartdivider1 Audiobooks

I Listen while DRIVING

With the LA traffic on the 101 (horrendous) at any time of the day, it usually takes me about an hour to get to work and an hour and a half to two hours to get home.  Naturally, I listened to music, when that got boring, I started to listen to audiobooks.  Now, I know the risks of listening while driving because of the distraction.  Fortunately for me (crossing my fingers), I am able to concentrate on the story and still watch where I am driving.  I have listened and enjoyed a LOT of good books this way.

Enhances the “Reading” Experience

If it weren’t for awesome narrators, I wouldn’t be able to finish an audiobook.  So yes, a freaking awesome narrator is key.  In fact,  I have had to DNF books with horrible narrators or narrators that I do not “feel” capture the essence of the characters.  I remember while I was growing up in the Philippines that radio dramas were so popular and in a way, an audiobook is just like that – a radio drama.  Most especially if it is read by multiple narrators.  I listened to Graceling by Kristin Cashore which was read by Full Cast Audio and I was blown away by the different voices involved in the reading.

I have “READ” more books than EVER

Because of work and other obligations, my reading time has been cut in half.  Not to mention the exhaustion one gets after going through a grueling commute from home to work in LA traffic (see reason number 1).  So yes, I HAVE not been reading as much these days and if ever I do pick up my reader or a physical book, I tend to zonk out after reading 4 pages and there goes my poor nose!  With listening to audiobooks during my long commute, I have finished MORE and more books than I would have if I just went with just reading.

These are the top three reasons why I heartdivider1audiobooks.  For now, I am still discovering more and more great books that I would never have tried if not for them.

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What are your thoughts on audiobooks?

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