Friday Faves: Featuring the Unhappiness of a Bookworm

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Friday Faves is a feature where I share whatever bookish thing I saw or share books I read during the week.

I said that this weekly feature would only be about faves but for this week, I digress.  This week, I would like to share my thoughts regarding authors (especially self-pubs) that frequently change the TITLE of their books once they are published.  Pet Peeve alert!  This just makes me furious.  Well, not really THAT furious, but still!  I really hate that I can’t keep track of their books because they change title, cover, AND EVEN SERIES!

Here is a good example (and I will not bother to elaborate more on this).  When in Paris… is now ALL OVER YOU and Those Nights in Montreal is now ALL OVER YOU, with a new series UNFORGETTABLE YOU from The Language of Love.


See?!  Doesn’t this boggle your mind?  Unless they clearly state int he cover that it is a re-release or something, I can’t abide changing the titles and what not for no reason at all (So, maybe I don’t know the reason why the author changed the look of her whole series).  I’m just a little bit peeved because I almost bought the same book that I bought a year ago!

Sabrina Jeffries’ book By Love Unveiled,  is a good example of a book where it is clearly stated that it is a re-issue.  Even if it is in the back cover or in the blurb.


And so dear readers, what are your thoughts about cover changes?

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