Friday Faves #3: I Heart the Los Angeles Public Library

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Friday Faves is a feature where I share whatever bookish thing I saw or share books I read during the week.

laplIt was a happy HAPPY day for me when I found out that a Los Angeles Public Library branch is just two blocks away from my new place.  I was able to update my address, requested, and checked out a book that I will be using for work last Wednesday.  Okay, so I haven’t checked out a lot of “physical books” from the library in a while BUT I have been using the OVERDRIVE MEDIA App to borrow ebooks from there.  Surprisingly, they have a lot of ebooks available for lending which is AMAZING!

I have had my library card since I moved to the US in 2005.  Back then, the ebook market wasn’t as popular as it is today and the library didn’t have any ebooks (I think there were textbooks?) for lending.  So, I had to actually go to the brick and mortar library (SHOCKER!) to borrow and return my books.  Luckily, they had the HOLD feature where you can browse books and pick them up at a branch near you.  Back then, I had one about 5 miles away and it wasn’t that accessible to the Metro (Public Transit system in LA) and I basically had to wait for the MOMster to take me there.

Fast forward to last year where I took a greater interest in borrowing books rather than buying them.  I discovered a lot of ebooks available.  And I am talking about NEW ebooks.  Check out my I ❤ LAPL category for the books that I borrowed and reviewed.

Want to know what book I checked out last Wednesday?


Yep!  A textbook.  I love the Incredibly Easy series of books.  I also used them a lot when I was in school.  It’s like the “For Dummies” book and pretty easy to understand and follow-through.

What about you?  Do you love going to the library?  Borrowing books from the library?

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0 responses to “Friday Faves #3: I Heart the Los Angeles Public Library

  1. I was actually thinking of opening one in our village, since I'm working from home, but I wasn't sure if it would click. Also, it would take a lot of work. Bust also (and most of all) because I'm so careful about my books, and I would just cry if anything happens to them. :p
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    • I know what you mean. The closest I had to a lending library was a private lending library where you pay to rent out books. There were a lot of fiction books but not new ones… 🙂