Favorite Romance Title Buzz Words

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Favorite Romance Title Buzz Words

Let’s talk about anything bookish!


Happy Indigenous People Day everyone! Here in California, we have renamed this holiday, so it may be different where you’re at. We also have a three-day weekend so it’s my day off today! YAY!

I decided to write another post about romance titles because I absolutely judge my romance books based on their titles! Well, not all the time, but I do look at the title first, then the cover, then the blurb before I decide if I want to read it or not.

So, here are my favorite romance title buzz words!


Punny Titles

Reviews: Never Judge a Lady by her Cover | From Duke ‘Till Dawn

I am a fan of puns, so that also means that I love these titles! I love the play of words and I’m really tickled pink that this has become a trend especially in historical romance!


Song Titles

Reviews: Earls Just Want to Have Fun | When a Duke Loves a Woman | Across the Universe

Very similar to puny titles, song titles in romance books always catch my eye and I love them so much! This has also become a trend in historical romance!

Earls Just Want to Have Fun – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

Do You Want to Start a Scandal – Do You Want to Build a Snowman from Frozen

Born to be Wilde – Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

When A Duke Loves a Woman – When a Man Loves a Woman by Michael Bolton

Across the Universe – Across the Universe by The Beatles

I actually know all the songs on this list! I really love Across the Universe by The Beatles (we’ve seen Paul McCartney in concert!) and Cyndi Lauper is a throwback from when I was a little during the 80s!


One Word Titles

Reviews: Rule | Wanderlust

I love one-word titles! For some reason, they catch my eye because they’re usually really big on the cover!



Reviews: Devil in Winter | In Bed with the Devil | The Devil’s Necklace

I also love titles that have the word devil in them! I think this is because the title usually means we have an alpha hero! I love alpha heroes!



Reviews: The Scandal of It All | Beyond Scandal and Desire

Another word that I love is the word scandalous! In historical romance, this usually means that the heroine is going into an arrangement with the hero!


What other romance title buzz words do you love?

Are there specific words that catch your eye when picking the next book you read?


Do you have any bookish discussion suggestions? Please submit them here!

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