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Happy Tuesday, Wormies! Today is one of my favorite topics because I am sharing my favorite covers from books released this year!

Yes, I know that there are a LOT of gorgeous books but I will try not to go crazy and list down ALL of them.

Oh, the Gorgeous Gowns!

I love gowns and one of my favorite books covers are those that feature gowns! This may be partly the reason why I LOVE historical romance! I also gravitate toward gorgeous, colorful gowns when I’m browsing bookshelves.


Devil in Spring | The Scandal of It All | Bedchamber Games


Kickass Female Covers

One of my favorite types of covers are those YA covers that show female strength! Sadly, I haven’t read these books yet!


I Just Want These Covers on My Wall

There are book covers that are so gorgeous they NEED to be framed and mounted on a wall. I mean, if I had enough wall space, I would totally frame them!


Flame in the Mist


Typography Goodness

I also love covers with awesome fonts! Here are a few that caught my eye this year.


Defy the Stars

Hottest Couples

Sometimes, a couple on the cover catches my eye. And although this isn’t my absolute favorite type of cover, I still mildly gravitate to them.


The Duchess Deal | The Duke | All or Nothing At All


The Hunks of Romance

I am not a fan of guys on book covers BUT some of them DO catch my eye. Although not my favorite covers, I still find some of them appealing. Disclaimer: I haven’t actually read these books!


Beautiful Lawman

WHat are your favorite covers this year? Do you agree with my choices?

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20 responses to “Favorite 2017 Book Covers

    • I love Devil in Spring! I especially love that part where I guessed that it was Marcus and also the mention of his and Lilian’s children. LOL

      Also Defy the Stars has gone under the radar, but it’s really GOOD!