Extreme Bookish Burnout

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Extreme Bookish Burnout

Let’s talk about anything bookish!

Hello, Wormies! It’s me again and here we are, almost at the end of the 7th month this year and I finally admit that I am in extreme bookish burnout. I even blogged about what to do to get out of this funk but to no avail!

I think this has been coming on in the last few months and I have been harping on and on about it. But this time, I have seriously felt it and I am feeling so overwhelmed! It’s not even blogging anymore, but it has seeped into bookstagram and into my reading!


Social Media Burnout

I’ve really been active on social media since last year and I really enjoy the interactions and the creativity that goes into posting on Instagram. However, I am slowly feeling the burn and have been semi-active now.

This has been coming on in the last couple of months since I started work travel (thankfully, travel is done for now) and it was really hard for me to keep up with posting and interacting because of my full schedule when I was in training.

Hopefully, I will be back posting and interacting soon!


Blogging Burnout

I usually have blogging burnouts throughout the year. This time, though, it’s different. I seriously had a hard time keeping up with it especially when I was traveling. I even took my personal laptop with me and I probably only blogged twice in the last 2 months while traveling. This was just not possible for me to do.

Have you tried taking two laptops with you when traveling? Yeah, it was NOT fun at all! I’m extremely happy that I got TSA pre-check, otherwise, it would not have been fun!


Too Many Emails

In the last couple of years, I recently subscribed to my favorite bloggers via email. At the time, it was a great way for me to keep up with their posts. I think I should have just stayed with Bloglovin’ or something similar because now, it’s getting to be too much!

If you see my inbox folders, you will definitely feel the burn! It’s really scary!

Not only that, those PR emails are just horrendous sometimes! Most especially some of the Bookstagram PR companies because they send multiple emails EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! It’s seriously exhausting and I wish they will stop doing that. Most especially some of those PR companies that use a personal email to send an invite because they don’t have an unsubscribe option! I sincerely hope that they a digest option for their emails. Sigh*


Blog Hop Burnout

Related to my blogging burnout is my blog hop burnout! I admit that I haven’t visited a lot of my favorite blogs and commented because the act of opening my laptop and looking at my emails (see above) was getting to be too overwhelming! I used to be able to handle this before, too!

I feel bad about this part because this used to be the best part! This was one of my favorite things to do – interact with my favorite bloggers! I hardly do this now and I really miss it so much.


Reading Burnout

Lastly, and one that is the most concerning of all, is the dreaded reading burnout. I’m not even calling it a reading slump at this point, because I think it’s more than a slump!

All the books I’m currently reading right now are just not speaking to me! I’ve also been book hopping like crazy and it’s taking me way too long to finish reading a book! Heck, I even DNF’d a couple of books in succession! Gaaaah! I can’t take it anymore! Even audiobooks aren’t helping that much!


Did you ever take a social media time-out? Or even avoided social media for a few days?

How did it make you feel? Did it help you with your burn out?


Do you have any bookish discussion suggestions? Please submit them here!

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20 responses to “Extreme Bookish Burnout

  1. Oh, I definitely get this. Sometimes we just go through periods where we CAN’T manage reading and blogging the way we’d like to. And the email thing—I finally had to go and stop following a lot of blogs via email because it was completely overwhelming. Hope you get over your burnout soon!
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…Updating the Blog (a Little) and I Need Your Opinions! Let’s Discuss.My Profile

  2. I completely feel this. I just started getting motivated to write blog posts because I received an email from a publisher thanking me for requesting a book to review and now it’s available to purchase! I realized I hadn’t read it yet and just felt guilty about the number of review copies I was ignoring.

    • I know how you feel! I have really limited the number of books I requested and I hope it’s going to give me the energy get back into the swing of things.

  3. Girl, I feel you! I hit a burnout last year and I ended up taking an ENTIRE year off. That year hiatus was so great though. I focused on other things in life and by the time I came back, I felt more refreshed. Things aren’t perfect – like I definitely don’t have enough blog post ideas so I’m just kind of winging it, but I’m having fun with everything again and thats what matters. If you need an extended break, just do it 🙂 Also, go back to bloglovin haha. I don’t subscribe by email to any because I would NEVER check that. Instead, I go through bloglovin every few days and add posts to a collection I call “remember to read” and when I have time to sit down, I read an comment (like right now!)
    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook recently posted…A Look Back At My Blogging GoalsMy Profile

    • Thanks for the tip, Molly! I am now starting to use Bloglovin’ again! It needs a little bit of cleaning up and then I should be good! I don’t know if I can take a year off of blogging, but I will definitely be taking it easy and not get too stressed out. I also found a new way to keep track of things and I can’t wait to share that!

  4. Awwww, I’m so sorry to hear you’re having such a tough time! I can definitely relate! I’ve found that whenever I get busy with school, all things bookish (basically all things enjoyable) fly out the window! The stress sucks all the joy out of reading or blogging. And then of course, when I have the time I get overwhelmed by all the posts in the inbox, and all the posts I have to write! I hope your burnout doesn’t last much longer! 
    Malka @ Paper Procrastinators recently posted…Rant Review: 100 Days of SunlightMy Profile

    • I know! It was different when I was in school because I had other things to keep me busy. I think I blogged sparsely during college. LOL But when you’re an adult – gaahh adulting sucks!

  5. Aww, I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering from burnout! I hope you get through it soon. I think sometimes taking a break from it all and not beating yourself up about it is the best thing to do.

  6. I took about six weeks off from blogging last spring, and it was great. My rationale is this: I’m doing this for fun. If it’s making me stressed out and unhappy, I don’t need to feel obligated to keep doing it.

    • That is absolutely right, Wendy! I need to take a break or maybe blog less? Space out my blog posts so I don’t get too overwhelmed.

  7. oh no darling….I am so sorry to hear this. I have been having a bit of a reading slump but I think its more I am distracted by just life right now. But slowly get back in tune. There is so much that goes into blogging, and we give so much of ourselves so my suggestion since I have only have two blogging slumps in nine years of blogging. Is just do lots of self care, renew and recharge even if that means taking a break from blogging. For me if I read too many ARC’s or just not reading a good balance of variety of books like if I read too much regency or something then I get into a slump. Its really not something you can force to get out, sometimes it just takes time. Lots of love and hugs your way darling!!

  8. I think the PR emails are out of control. I get ones that are the general “New Signups” emails and those are okay. Then I get a “Hey, we’d love for you to join X tour” and thats annoying. If I wanted to join, I would have signed up. Then, the ones that make me RAGEY are the “Hey, this book released today”. Yeah, I am NOT down with those emails.
    I have seriously cut back on PR emails. I unsubscribed from just about all of them. Its made my inbox happier for sure!
    Good luck with surviving the burnout! We will all be here when you are ready to rejoin 🙂
    Samantha recently posted…All It Takes by Kristen ProbyMy Profile

    • SERIOUSLY! I am really pissed-off about it, Sam! I wish they would just do a digest via newsletter so we have the opportunity to unsubscribe if it gets to be too much! Gaaaahhh It’s seriously annoying!

  9. mishukitty

    It sounds to me that you need a SERIOUS break from all social media (at least related to your blog). It’s OK! Whether it be weeks or months, your fans and friends will understand. Please do not give yourself a guilt trip about this! When you return, the quality of your posts will reflect your new, peaceful serenity. While you’re on break, give yourself the freedom to read whatever you like, including non-romance/YA books. If the book doesn’t grab you, switch to something else. You might want to give yourself a break from books entirely. Take up a new (non-book) hobby, whatever, to get you outside your home. Good luck!