Discovering an Old Series for the First Time is Fabulous! October 2017 Monthly Wraps

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Last month’s deets on I Heart Romance & YA

Happy new month, Wormies! I am absolutely stoked that November is here because this means that it’s almost Christmas! Christmas is my favorite holiday because of many things. This is also a time for reflection and family, and of course, food!

But enough about Christmas (for now). Let’s talk about Halloween! I have to be honest and say that I was NOT prepared for this Halloween at all! I did not think about my costume at all and basically just pulled out something that I already had for the day. I blame no one but myself. Halloween is usually when I let my creativity work overtime, but I didn’t do it this time.

So, who did I dress up as? Minnie Mouse, of course!

And I also.. errrmm got Twylah to wear her costume! She was not having it, though and wasn’t cooperating.

Also, October was an awesome month for me because I read the Bridgertons series by Julia Quinn for the first time! Okay, so I’m not done yet with the whole series but I am already on the FIFTH book and OMG it is awesome! I’m not sure why I haven’t read this series before but I have to admit that I have a number of Julia Quinn paperbacks her that have yet to be read!


October was also the month where I reached my Goodreads reading challenge! Say, what?! Yup, I read over 100 books to date! Which is pretty good since we have 2 more months left in the year!






I was lucky enough to read Beyond Scandal and Desire, the first book in Lorraine Heath’s new series Sins for All Seasons which features children abandoned by their parents and sending them to a baby farm. The woman who runs one of the baby farms decides to raise some of these children. I haven’t written my review yet, but this book is glorious!


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How was your October? Did you dress up for Halloween? What did you dress up as?

Are you excited for Christmas like I am? 

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12 responses to “Discovering an Old Series for the First Time is Fabulous! October 2017 Monthly Wraps

  1. danielle hammelef

    You make an adorable Minnie! Great costume. I don’t think I’d ever have been able to get a costume on my cat. I can’t wait to read Renegades, though it’s 600 pages and will take me awhile. From reviews, it’s totally worth diving into though.

    • Thanks, Evelina! She is such a sweetie which is why I was able to get her to wear it. I couldn’t get the leg part of the costume on, though. She hates it when I touch her hind legs.. LOL