Currently Reading Weeks 23-24: I’ve been Re-reading and Changing My Ratings!

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I've been Re-reading and Changing My Ratings!

Bookish updates in the last 2 weeks

Happy Sunday, Wormies! As most of you know, I have been in the dumps in the last month or so and this time I have had enough! Seriously! But enough about that!

Last weekend, I met up with a few bookish friends at MacKenna’s Tea Garden in Seal Beach! Unfortunately, I won’t be sharing our photo on my blog but here is my spread! I had vanilla tea, which was good! I also tried chocolate tea, and I’m afraid that I’m not a fan! And yes, I HAD SCONES and clotted cream!! #heaven

MacKenna tea Garden

 This was an awesome break in my current sitch so I was really happy. Of course, we talked about romance books, and things in Romancelandia and also the royal wedding!

I did do a lot of reading in the last couple of weeks since I have been reading and listening to audiobooks even at night now. Yay?! Anyway, I also did a bunch of rereads and I have been changing my ratings and I have actually been rating them a little bit higher? Huh… I blame this on my current emotional state!

I believe I have increased the ratings of 3 books so far! Ack! I think this is good, yes?!





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favorite photos from my #bookstagram feed

I haven’t been on Instagram in a couple of weeks so I don’t have any new photos to share. This is the only one I have posted in the last 2 weeks. My creative right brain is currently on strike. Sigh*


posts you missed in the last 2 weeks



I honestly haven’t been online a lot, so I haven’t been visiting my fave blogs!


Do you have a book club? Do you meet IRL?


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15 responses to “Currently Reading Weeks 23-24: I’ve been Re-reading and Changing My Ratings!

    • LOL I’m definitely NOT having chocolate tea any time soon! I love JC’s writing, too! I’ve been bingeing her books and OMG! Ack! #feels

    • It’s really delicious! I actually checked Amazon and they sell clotted cream! Dunno if it’s any good tho… now how to bake scones? hmmmm

  1. You have read some great books there. I intend to try the audible romance package but not this summer. I have too much else happening. I love tea and what a great spread. Anne – Books of My Heart

    • I think the first month I subscribed to the Audible Romance Package, I didn’t use it at all! Now, it’s a really awesome series and I can’t live without it!

  2. How fun to go for tea and talk about romance books. I am jealous. I am going to make my daughter take me for tea, when she visits for my birthday. There is a cool Alice in Wonderland sort of place in NYC I have been wanting to go to. I hope whatever is weighing you down passes soon. ((HUGS))

    • Ohh that would be interesting! Please share some photos! I never really liked tea….. until I had it with scones and clotted cream! Also, it’s awesome meeting up and talking about romance books with people who love romance!