Currently Reading Weeks 16-18: Comments, Comments, Commenting back, and Tessa Bailey

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Comments, Comments, Commenting back, and Tessa Bailey

Bookish updates in the last 3 weeks

Hi, Wormies! I decided to do a three-week reading wrap-up since I skipped a week a few months ago (I was lazy that time). Last week, I also I came back from my short vacay in Louisiana AND it was also a week after my monthly wrap-up – so I thought I would give you guys a break!

Anywho, this week was a really slow week for me. I didn’t finish a lot of books, but I have been on an audiobook marathon! I am so not regretting my Audible Romance Package subscription!

As to my reading sitch.. well, it was an emotional few weeks for me because a read a few books that had me bawling! I guess I’ve been reading super angsty romances lately? But I DON’T CARE! I think I really needed a good cry!



Have you noticed that I have been bingeing Tessa Bailey’s backlist?! Holy hotness, Batman! Those books have made me blush while listening to them on audio! I mean, after reading Follow, I HAD TO!

If Ever I Should Love You by Cathy Maxwell


For Review

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Purchased & Gifted

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Borrowed/Audible Romance Package

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favorite photos from my #bookstagram feed

I’m really enjoying #romancestagram so much! It’s actually been encouraging me to bust out all my historicals and take photos of them! Such an awesome idea for us, romance lovers!


posts you missed in the last 2 weeks


I haven’t been visiting my favorite blogs in the last month or so and I apologize! I managed to visit a few blogs, though!

  • Cyn @ Book Munchies talk about cross-genre authors (I love the authors mentioned here and also read their books in the different genres they write)
  • Girl with Her Head in a Book talks about maintaining privacy in blogging and social media (I seriously wrote a loooong response because I had a lot to say. And because I’m semi-private-ish online. I do separate my IRL work with my blogging world. I do use my first and last name here and everywhere, so if you DO google me, you will probably find my IRL stuff but Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and this blog, don’t mention the company I work for. I try to keep my bookish hobby separate from work)
  • Chelle @ Chelle’s Book Ramblings discussed the pressure she feels with blogging (I also wrote a loooong response because I HAVE BEEN THERE! But if you have been following my blog for a bit, you ALREADY know that I am a pretty lax/come what may blogger. I try not to get the pressure bug catch me, ‘ya know? Because for me, blogging should be fun!)
  • Dani @ Perspective of a Writer shares her new discussion system! And it has worked for her! (I’m pretty laid back with commenting back but I left another looongish response to this! Man, am I on a roll tonight!)
  • Laura @ Boats Against the Current talks about how to deal with feeling unmotivated (believe me, I go through stages of this throughout the year!)
  • Charlie @ Girl of a 1000 Wonders talks about self-care (THIS IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE! Love yourself first, but also don’t be a prima donna about it. Sometimes, I’m a brat! Errrmmm)
  • Also, #cockygate and #byefaleena broke out this week in Romancelandia and this is such an upsetting situation for all creatives! If you don’t know anything about this, read up! There are a lot of discussions (better discussions than I can ever write) surrounding the TM of the work Cocky. Read up and be aware.


Let’s catch up, Wormies! Do you have a personal post or discussion post that you think will interest me? Leave them in the comments section below and I will try to weigh in!

Also, how was your week been? Any new reads I should know about or read?

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16 responses to “Currently Reading Weeks 16-18: Comments, Comments, Commenting back, and Tessa Bailey

    • You’re welcome, Dani! Love your discussion topic!

      Btw it took me a year to get into audiobooks. I used to listen to podcasts before I got hooked on audiobooks 🙂

  1. This is my first week on the Sunday post and it’s so interesting to see what everyone else is doing and reading. You have lots of great books there! Enjoy! Reading has so many roles in my life – I can’t imagine not reading. Blogging sometimes feels like pressure, mostly if I am in a funk about reading something or writing a review. BUT usually if I do some genre switching it “cleans my palette” and then I’m fine. Reviews don’t have to be long. I’m not trying to tell the entire book or repeat what’s in the synopsis and I don’t do spoilers. So sometimes they are not really long but just saying what worked and what didn’t. Anne – Books of My Heart

    • Oh! Welcome to the Sunday Post meme!

      I’ve been blogging for years and I think I have let the pressure go. If I can’t post or write a review, I won’t stress out over it. I try to review ARC requested books closer to their date of publication.

  2. If you are reading/listening to that much Tessa Bailey, I must check her out. I think they have her at my library. I see two Bowen books up there. I am scared to see what you have to say about The Year We Fell Down, because I am such a fan of that series, and Bittersweet was one of my top reads the year I read it. Totally made me love farmers and VT.
    Sam@WLABB recently posted…Sundays with Sam – The Sunday PostMy Profile

    • Ohhh, you should read Tessa Bailey but fair warning, her books are NSFW and super steamy! I finished The Year We Fell Down and it was soooo good! Definitely an awesome book. I’m thinking about reading the other books in the series 🙂

    • Me too! I am borrowing more romance there because most of the ones I like are not available at the library.

  3. Oh yeah, #cockygate was something alright – I don’t even read romance, but the news reached me even – and I was annoyed and angry to an unimaginable extent. That whole situation is just appalling. But you know what’s the worst? The fact that the viral reaction has gone down and NOBODY is talking about it anymore – and now I won’t be able to find out how it all ends! If the petition succeeds and manages to remove the TM or not. I would love to find out, but I can’t really find any further info about this anymore.
    Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks recently posted…[Monthly wrapup] April Stats Fever! 2018My Profile

    • Hi Evelina, there is more info about it in those hashtags. The author/lawyer who did the Petition to Cancel can be a good resource for this.

  4. Thanks for those links- good stuff there. I just heard about #cockygate a few days ago and was like really? Wow.

    Hope your reads are all good! My Oxford Year looks fun.
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #245My Profile

    • Thank you, Greg! Yeah, My Oxford Year was AWESOME! It’s more of a women’s fiction book with romantic elements than a straight out romance 🙂