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Sharing my thoughts on this weeks’ reads

Happy Sunday, Wormies! I am in a DIY modd right now and I have been looking at creating a simple gallery wall for our bedroom. Soooo, I know I live in earthquake country but I think I can manage by not setting up heavy frames and adding lots of stuff. We shall see. My creative juices are flowing and it will not be silenced! More news on this in the future. I’m pretty sure Pierre is not happy about this. haha

So, I have been addicted to the 2048 games and I have been playing while listening to audiobooks! It’s addictive, I tell you!

Also, I managed to get out of my cave and meet up with one of my besties and we had Korean Bbq! And I almost forgot that LA traffic is crazy! gaaaaah

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I went to a library book sale and I found an almost new copy of For All the Boys I’ve Loved Before for $0.50 so I caved and bought it! Not sure if I will like this since it the plot sounds so tweeny, but this book (and this series) is all over the blogosphere so I thought, what the heck!

How was your week? Any good books to read?

Have you read For All the Boys I’ve Loved Before? Is it worth the read?

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4 responses to “Currently Reading Week 8

    • Yup, same here! I read it over 20 years ago! hahaha and it is still as creepy as when I read it in third grade!