Currently Reading Week 5

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Sharing my thoughts on this weeks’ reads

Hello, Wormies! As luck would have it, I caught the FLU! Yeahp, I have been feeling sh*tty all week and even if I could work from home, I still feel sh*tty. The up side, my appetite is still the same as ever! Plus, Pierre is here to give me some TLC (meaning cook yummy food for me). He is also sick, too but it appears that I got the worse strain. My throat is sore and my I have body malaise and yeah, FUN!

On the upside, I was still able to finish reading (or listening) to a few books. YAY, me!

So, I re-read The Night Prince series last weekend, but I wasn’t able to finish re-reading the 3 books before Into the Fire came out, so I HAD to stop and just read Into the Fire because… gaaaah, SUPER excited!

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How was your week? Any good books that you read? Or, heaven forbid, were you struck down by the flu like moi?! Do tell!!

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4 responses to “Currently Reading Week 5

    • Hahaha mine is Rogue!! 🙂 also Jeaniene Frost…. if you get the audiobook version of her books, it is just AMAZING!

    • Oh please do! I liked how Into the Fire ended the series… 🙂

      And thank you! I’m feeling a little better this time.