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Sharing my thoughts on this weeks’ reads

Happy Thanksgiving, USA! I just want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who subscribed to my blog and also a special thank you for those who left comments on my posts! You have truly made blogging fun for me!

Our family doesn’t normally celebrate Thanksgiving since I didn’t grow up here and this really isn’t a holiday that connects with me 100%. That being said, Thanksgiving most often coincides with the local Fiesta in my hometown. Since the Philippines has deep Spanish roots, we mostly celebrate holidays/feasts of Catholic saints. This Fiesta is a celebration of St. Catherine of Alexandria which is on November 25. My family in Dumaguete is celebrating this holiday since she is the patron saint of my hometown.

I spent Thanksgiving reading. Pierre is at work right now so obviously, we aren’t celebrating. My mom went on a photo shoot for Thanksgiving so, I wasn’t really keen on eating a Thanksgiving meal by myself.

I did watch Justice League last Thursday and it sucked! OMG! If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to skip the theater until it is available for streaming because it’s not worth the premium tickets! I was able to watch it during matinee so I didn’t pay a lot of it, and THANK GOODNESS! I mean, come on, CGI-ing off Superman’s beard was SUPER noticeable and on the big screen, it was very, VERY obvious and horribly distracting. Sigh*

I am excited to see Coco, though but I will have to wait until Pierre comes home from work next month. He will be here for Christmas and New Year so I am super excited! Unfortunately, this means that we will be working an extra week for this hitch.

Also, I am feeling that a reading slump is coming! HAAAALLPPP!







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I am super excited about this book because it is an Own Voices book and also set in the Philippines!



How did your Thanksgiving go?

Did you go shopping on Black Friday? What were your bookish hauls?

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8 responses to “Currently Reading Week 21

  1. So many great books! I want to see Coco but I think The Man will veto it. I probably should have gone yesterday to see it. I also want to see Murder on the Orient Express. I hope you find a book to pull you out of your oncoming slump.