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Sharing my thoughts on this weeks’ reads


Hello, peoples!  Welcome to another edition of my currently reading list.  Let me just tell you that I am about 7 books ahead of schedule and I have rea 47 books this year.  This is awesome news for me, by the way, since I usually don’t read this fast! hahaha

Anyway, I actually put a few books on hold this week.  I mean, it just doesn’t make sense for it to be on my currently reading shelf when I am not currently reading it, right?

I’ve also finished a few books in the last couple of days alone and I feel really, really proud of myself!  Ergo, I only have 2 books that I am currently reading at the moment.


fangirl-rainbow-rowell cut-emily-duvall

FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell (Contemporary Young/New Adult)

WOAH just woah!  I am surprisingly charmed by this book!  I mean, it just made me think back on my Freshman year in Nursing School.  Meeting my husband, making friends, being totally out of my element.  Being someone like Cath!  I am almost done with this book and I may possibly be done when this post actually posts so stay tuned for my thoughts!

CUT by Emily Duvall (Adult Contemporary)

I read only a few pages last night and this story has promise.  This is the second book in the flawless series but it is not a chronological series in a sense.  So I think I’m good!  By the way, this book involves a tiara and stolen diamonds.  I know I am super excited to read further.

Also, please not that the books I am currently reading are all contemporaries??!  What is this world coming to?! XD


marrying-winterbourne-lisa-kleypas highlander-kerrigan-byrne for-darkness-shows-the-stars-diana-peterfreund redemption-debra-driza an-affair-in-winer-jess-michaels

MARRYING WINTERBOURNE by Lisa Kleypas (Adult Historical Romance)

THIS BOOK, THOUGH! OMG! TOTAL REDEMPTION!  I love Rhys and I love Helen!  And I even super love Pandora and Lady Berwick! Hahaha  Oh and Dr. Garret Gipson?!  HECK YEAH!  This book is just chock full of interesting amazing characters you will just fall in love with it!

THE HIGHLANDER by Kerrigan Byrne (Adult Historical Romance)

Another stellar book from Kerrigan Byrne!  I absolutely LOVE it!  I mean, it’s not as better as The Hunter, but it is an awesome, awesome read!  Plus the characters from the previous books show up here! YAY!

FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS by Diana Peterfreund (Young Adult Sci-Fi Dystopia)

This was another surprising read for me this year.  I have been putting off reading this book for years and I finally did!  I love the world but I also agree that it doesn’t really have as much romance as I wanted to.  Plus, Kai was just mean.  But Elliot was awesome and she kept me reading!

MILA 2.0: REDEMPTION by Debra Driza (Young Adult Sci-Fi)

I FINALLY finished this book!  I mean… it took so long to release this conclusion but I absolutely love Mila 2.0 and Mila 2.0: Renegadeso I was really looking forward to this book.  But after THAT ENDING?!  I don’t even know what to say!  I mean HOW COULD SHE?!

AN AFFAIR IN WINTER by Jess Michael (Historical Erotic Romance)

This is book 1 in Jess’ new Seasons series and it has potential.  I love the teaser excerpt in the end of the second book and I can’t wait for it!  Sadly, I didn’t think that this book had enough conflict for me to actually appreciate the love and romance.  Hopefully, the second book will not be a disappointment



bright-smoke-cold-fire-rosamund-hodge heartless-marissa-meyer dangerous-books-for-girls-maya-rodale because-of-miss-bridgerton-julia-quinn lord-of-scoundrels-loretta-chase

BRIGHT SMOKE, COLD FIRE by Rosamund Hodge (Young Adult Classic Retelling)

The first few pages really confused me and knowing Rosamund Hodge’s style, it will be a little confusing so I opted to stop reading the DRC and wait for the audio to come out.  I understand better with that

HEARTLESS by Marissa Meyer (Young Adult Classic Retelling)

I really, really wanted to like this but the writing style is just throwing me off!  I know Marissa Meyer did a great job adapting the world and with the tone of the writing, but it’s because of that reason I am having a hard time reading it.

DANGEROUS BOOKS FOR GIRLS by Maya Rodale (Non-Fiction)

Because it’s non-fiction that is the reason why I am putting this down.  I may or may not pick it back up again.

BECAUSE OF MISS BRIDGERTON by Julia Quinn (Adult Historical Romance)

This book has been on my currently reading shelf for about a month now and I still haven’t picked it up again.   Hence the reason why it was added to the on-hold shelf.

LORD OF SCOUNDRELS by Loretta Chase (Adult Historical Romance)

This is another book that I am having trouble with.  I know a lot of romance readers have hailed this book as one of the best BUT I’m not used to the writing style here!  It’s just unusual for me and doesn’t sound like the modern historical romance.  I may have to check if there is an audiobook for this one and if there is not, I may have to watch and see if I will be able to pick this book up again.


Do you read books with unusual writing style or tone?

Or is it harder to get into the story because of the unusual writing style?

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8 responses to “Currently Reading Ep 8

  1. DAMN girl, Heartless AND Bright Smoke, Cold Fire are on hold!? Yikes. That scares me, especially for Heartless, because tbh I am not 100% sold on it just based on the synopsis. I actually think I prefer an unusual style? I should say, most of the time. I don’t like SUPER weird, to the point where I don’t understand what is happening, but if it’s sort of unique, it feels fresher to me I suppose! Glad you are having better luck with Fangirl and Cut though! (LOVE the crown on the cover of Cut, too!)
    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted…The 100 Season 3 Wrap UpMy Profile

    • I know! I’m actually putting them on hold for now and maybe wait until the audiobooks are available… 🙁 It’s really hard for me to get through, honestly!

      and Winterborne….sigh* #LOVE

  2. Sharlene

    I just reread Fangirl – love that book so much! And Winterborne! Bridgerton is on my shelf – I am still reading the original Bridgerton series, 2 books left – and then will read the new one. Lord of Scoundrels is one of my favorite books! Not sure how far you are in it, but the characters are funny and heartbreaking. Hope you persevere! I didn’t notice an unusual writing style!

    • Ahhhh Fangirl! I am a little bit annoyed with Cath but the whole book is just LOVE! 🙂

      I actually haven’t read the Bridgertons so I may have to do what you did and read the first one! 🙂