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Sharing my thoughts on this weeks’ reads


Hello, sweets!  Welcome to episode 2 of my currently reading pile.  Obvs, I wasn’t able to write this last night because a) I was too exhausted from driving to Ontario, CA for the Ontario Teen Book Festival (more on this later!), and b) I was sooooo full that I could barely keep my eyes open, and c) I physically couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I did a few chores this AM: read: laundry ugh, so I had to do those first.  And I also got a little bit disoriented due to this thing called Spring Forward. 

Want to take a peek at my active, finished, and recently put on hold books?  Read on!  BTW, I would appreciate books recs/books I need to unearth from my on-hold shelf.

Active Reads

dukes-are-forever-anna-harringtonDUKES ARE FOREVER by Anna Harrington (Historical Romance)

My #OTSPSecretSister gave me this book to add to my TBR and I am loving it so far.  I also love the vengeance arc when it comes to my heroes in historical romance, so I am expecting a lot of love/hate in their romance!  So I’m pretty excited about this!  I have been putting off reading it, though since it’s in paperback.  And the cover is gorgeous!



THE FORBIDDEN WISH by Jessica Khoury (Young Adult Fairy Tale Retelling)

YES!  Currently listening to this one on audible and I absolutely love it so far!  I love listening to Zahra’s inner monologue and the world building is subtlely done, too!  There are a few flashback scenes that I’ve listened to so far, and I haven’t been confused yet!  BTW, I’m almost done listening to the audio and it’s REALLY GOOD!


art-of-taming-a-rake-nicole-jordanTHE ART OF TAMING A RAKE by Nicole Jordan (Historical Romance)

This title had me at RAKE!  I also got the eARC of this book last December and I still haven’t read it!  I started reading this a few nights ago and it’s okay, so far.  I am still a few pages in so we shall see how this goes.  PLUS the COVER AND TITLE!


saga-vol-2-brian-k-vaughanSAGA, VOLUME 2 by Brian K. Vaughan (Graphic Novel)

OMG!  I just finished reading Saga, Vol 1 (see below) and I absolutely love it!  It has the exact amount of wit, sarcasm, and shock factor that it’s just amazing to read!  Plus, KICK-ASS FEMALE ALERT!  Been dragging on finishing this graphic novel, though.  I think this is mostly because I’m not entirely used to graphic novels.  I have the 3 volumes here right now and I’m waiting on the other 2!



Just Finished

queen-of-shadows-sarah-j-maasQUEEN OF SHADOWS by Sarah J. Maas (Young Adult Fantasy)

OMG THIS BOOK!  I just!  I can’t even.  JUST FLAIL!  But I admit that I do not like who Aelyn chose in the end.  Sigh.  I can live with it though because this series is freaking amazing!




SAVE ME, KURT COBAIN by Jenny Manzer (Young Adult Contemporary)

90’s kid Ezrah, meet this book by Jenny Manzer.  90s Ezrah is probably squeeing right now because of the title ALONE!  The book ended up being something more than Nirvana and I am absolutely happy about it!  I’m not going to go on and n talking about this book because I already reviewed it!


BORDERLINEborderline-mishell-baker by Mishell Baker (Young Adult Urban Fantasy)

A unique urban paranormal read featuring characters with disabilities.  I also reviewed this already!  YAY me!  Plus, some of the scenes reminded me of my work!  I thought that was good.



saga-vol-1-brian-k-vaughanSAGA, VOLUME 1 by Brian K. Vaughan (Graphic Novel)

See notes above!  I also love that it’s their daughter narrating the story.  Thank you, Cee @thenovelhermit for recommending this series!





STARS ABOVE  by Marissa Meyer (Young Adult Anthology, Lunar Chronicles series)

I teared up when I read about THE WEDDING!  Not saying who, but teared up!  So sweet!  And I got to meet Captain Thorne again! AND I SAW MARISSA MEYER YESTERDAY! How cool is that?





Recently Added to the Hold List

groom-wore-plaid-gayle-callenTHE GROOM WORE PLAID by Gayle Callen (Historical Romance)

Not really liking the dreams aspect here.  I’m not so sure yet.  Also, after continuing to read this book, I seem to forget the details.  If I do pick this book up again, I may have to reread from the start.




I KISSED A ROGUE by Shana Galen (Historical Romance)

I  know I blogged about liking this book but then….Brook’s actions are getting to me.  So, I’m holding off for a while.  I do WANT to finish this book so I would be done with the whole series, but… Earls Just Want to have Fun was still the best.



ALIENATED by Melissa Landers (Young Adult Sci-Fi)

This was interesting initially BUT then, I’m not anymore.  I like the premise, but it’s getting to be a little irritating.  Plus, the pacing has been really slow even though I’m in the middle. *sigh





Have you read any of the books mentioned above?  Thoughts?  Do you think I should read any of the books I recently put on hold?  Share your thoughts below!

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