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Sharing my thoughts on this weeks’ reads


Happy Sunday all! It has been SIX FREAKING WEEKS since I last wrote a Currently Reading post. Sigh* I feel like I am failing myself, most of all.

I’m also in a current reading rut and I am on my third week of reading Empire of Storms. On an awesome note, I FINALLY CONVINCED my friend Shen to read Throne of Glass and she is bingeing like crazy. My other victim, Lurch said that the book is on her next TBR. Here’s hoping that she would FINALLY get out of her book slump. She has been in some sort of slump for YEARS! GASP! Please show her some love and encouragement.


As I’ve said, I have been in a current rut and I am struggling to read these books. Empire of Storms has been on the top of the list, however, and I am about 90% done. I mean, FIRE BREATHING BITCH QUEEN will not let me stop reading!

I’m also starting to get burned out with reading contemporaries so I have started to slow down on that front.

EMPIRE OF STORMS by Sarah J. Maas (Young Adult Fantasy)

Let me just start by saying that this series is freaking awesome. I think I have said this multiple times already BUT I DON’T CARE! I have managed to convince Pierre to read this series and he is currently rereading Throne of Glass because he forgot certain parts of it. There was also that time where we discussed plot points of the series to prep him for Empire of Storms. I pretty much HAD to contain my excitement and not spoil anything for him.

ALL THE WAY by Jennifer Probst (Contemporary Romance)

Jennifer Probst loves her Italian characters. This book is about a food critic and her ex an Italian restaurant owner. The chemistry here is REAL.

LADY CLAIRE IS ALL THAT by Maya Rodale (Historical Romance)

Similar to the 90s film She’s All That with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook, Lady Claire has a sort of makeover with a really smart heroine!

STORMSWEPT by Sabrina Jeffries (Historical Romance)

This is a reissue with a new cover and it is an awesome read! This features star-crossed lovers (one of my fave tropes) and a second chance romance! There is some revenge going on here but the chemistry is amazing!


SHE TEMPTS THE DUKE by Lorraine Heath (Historical Romance)

This book is a reread for me (for the nth time, I think) and I am still in love. This features the Lost lords of Pembroke with the heroine, Mary, saved the Pembroke brothers from their uncle. Yes, there is a lot of baggage here and an almost marriage to the wrong man. You can see why this is a reread.

EASY LOVE by Kristen Proby (Contemporary Romance)

This was the first book I read by Kristen Proby and it won’t be my last. The best thing about this audiobook is that it is told in multiple POVs and there are TWO narrators! Plus, HOTNESS overload!

LISTEN TO ME by Kristen Proby (Contemporary Romance)

I ABSOLUTELY feel in love with this book! A restaurant owner and a rockstar turned music producer who also has baggage! It’s a really sweet (and hot) romance and I can’t wait for all the books in the series!


I binge read this shit for a week! It’s like chocolate – I can’t seem to get enough! Anyway, I loved visiting the other couples in the Searching For series!

ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND by Monica Murphy (New Adult Romance)

I was disappointed with this one! This was recommended to me by my friend Crystal at Crystal Blogs Books and she loves the romantic suspense ones. Since I’m not a fan of RS, I decided to read the NA but…this had potential, but I think it failed in the execution.

SECRET DESIRES OF A GENTLEMAN by Laura Lee Guhrke (Historical Romance)

This is another reread for me because I ABSOLUTE LOVE Maria and Phillip! Plus, cakes and petit fours!

RIGHT TO FIRST REFUSAL by Dahlia Adler (New Adult Romance)

I FINALLY read it! Although I was a little disappointed, it was still a great read. I wanted more between these two BUUUUTTTTT…… Also POC hero here!

SEARCHING FOR DISASTER by Jennifer Probst (Contemporary Romance)

I got the ARC, I got the ARC! This is Devine and Isabella, Genevieve’s bad girl twin sister (Searching for Beautiful), story but since it’s a novella I feel like I’m missing something. There are two cute puppies, though!



What do you think of the Throne of Glass series? Do you love/hate it? Share your thoughts below!

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