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Sharing my thoughts on this weeks’ reads


Welcome to my first ever Currently Reading post!  I decided to make a list of books that I am currently listening to or reading in the last 2 weeks.  Yes, this post will go live every other week, because let’s face it, I cannot read that fast!  I am good, however, or reading AND listening to multiple books at any given time.  This post will also include books that I have recently put on hold (because I am crazy like that!).

Active Reads

alienated-melissa-landersALIENATED by Melissa Landers (Young Adult Sci-Fi)

I’m about a third into the story and it’s interesting, so far.  This book has been out for awhile and I bought it last year (?) as an ebook and bought the audiobook companion because it was cheap.  This book is about an Alien race who makes themselves known to earth and is sending teenagers as exchange students on Earth for a year.  We all know what will happen next, right?  I’m a little intrigued about how this plays out, though.


THE WRATH AND THE DAWN by Renee Ahdieh (Young Adult Fairy Tale Retelling)

So, this book.  Well, audiobook, I should say is interesting, but I’m not immersing myself as much as I want to with the audio.  I feel that the audio is not working for me at this point, so I decided to check out the book from the library.  I have it right here now so I’m pretty excited to read it.  If you don’t already know, TWatD is a retelling if 1,001 Arabian Nights and I’m really curious about where this story is going.  If you’ve read this book, please let me know what you think so I can move it on top of my TBR pile 🙂


STARS ABOVE by Marissa Meyer (Young Adult Sci-Fi Fairy Tale Retelling)

Stars Above is a collection of short stories: prequels and an epilogue of The Lunar Chronicles series.  I had this on release day but I have been ignoring this collection.  I apologize Lunars, but I am not interested in Michelle Benoit’s story…yet.  But I am interested to find out more about CARSWELL THORNE!  BTW, Pierre is reading Winter and we had a convo about it last Friday.  I can’t wait to talk to him about all my feels.  Obvs he won’t fangirl with me, but I’m still interested in picking his brain about this book.


FROM LONDON WITH LOVE by Jenna Petersen (Adult Fiction Historical Romance)

So, this book is a reread and has similarities with the modern Charlie’s Angels, only in Regency England.  I really love this book but I am reading a physical copy right now so I’m pretty slow.  For some reason, physical copies make me sleepy much faster than reading on my iPad.  Anyway, this is the first book in the Lady Spies series, that I absolutely love!  I’ve also read the other 2 books and I’m looking forward to re-read the whole series!  Don’t you just love the thought of lady spies?!

i-kissed-a-rogue-shana-galenI KISSED A ROGUE by Shana Galen (Adult Fiction Historical Romance)

OMG!  I can’t wait to read Brook’s story!  There is some hatred between the two MC’s and the tension is killing me!  Sooooo goood!  I am already a few chapters in and I already feel the love!  Yes, it’s typical spoiled girl and ex-scorned suitor trope BUT IT’S SOOOO GOOOOOD!  I also have been intrigued by Brook since I read the first book in the series, Earls Just Want to Have Fun, so I am excited that he is getting his HEA!


Recently Added to the Hold List

isla-and-happily-ever-after-stephanie-perkinsISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER by Stephanie Perkins (Young Adult Contemporary)

So, I finished Anna and the French Kiss a few days ago and I thought it was ok.  This audiobook was readily available to check out from the library, so I decided to give it a go.  I honestly did not like the narrator so I may be getting the paperback version of this one.  One thing I can say that I did not like is Isla’s relationship with Kurt whatshisname.  Plus, it’s more angsty teen (more on this when I review Anna) that I’m just not feeling.  Okay, so maybe I’m old ?

earl-next-door-charis-michaelsTHE EARL NEXT DOOR by Charis Michaels (Adult Fiction Historical Romance)

Ugh!  If it’s one thing I hate, it’s an annoying female protagonist!  And for this alone, I am putting it on hold.  I am only three chapters in and I just want to throttle Piety!  For someone on the page, she TALKS TO MUCH AND DOESN’T STOP IT’S ANNOYING!  Even if I have a perfectly awesome broody hero, she’s rubbing me the wrong way and I can’t even-!  Even if I am loving the awesome cover, it just can’t convince me to finish reading it.  I am placing this title on hold for an indefinite period of time.  If you’ve read this book, please let me know if Piety will get better later in the story!

truthwitch-susan-dennardTRUTHWITCH by Susan Dennard (Young Adult Fantasy)

I also listened to this on audiobook and the ACCENTS ARE KILLING ME.  And I mean it in a BAD WAY!  It’s pretty annoying and what the heck is that accent?  I can’t even place it!  I understand dramatic reading/voices, but please make it pallatable?!  Anyway, until I get a physical copy of this book, this is where she will stay for the interim.  I’ve heard a lot of buzz and hype about this book too!  Have you read this book already?  Should I bump this to my currently reading shelf?


So there!  What are you currently trading right now?  What books are on your TBR pile or currently reading list?  Share them below and maybe they’ll be added to my TBR pile!

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11 responses to “Currently Reading Ep 1

  1. Oooh! Marissa Meyer! I have read Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress so far in this series (though only managed to review Cinder because my lazy butt kept forgetting to review). I’m restarting the series at Scarlet (because I’ve already read Cinder 3 times LOL) so that I can finish it this year! Great list – and I love the idea of the Currently Reading meme 🙂 Let me know if you ever decide to turn it into a link-up.
    Megan | Ginger Mom & Company recently posted…Comment Buddy Hop for Book BloggersMy Profile

    • Oh! I never really thought about making it a link-up! It was just one way for me to share what I was reading in the last two weeks because the weekly thing was too much for me to do and there are already a few weekly meme link-ups! I even thought of dropping it this year! LOL I may have to bring it back up again!

    • OMG, Terri! I was just brought to tears! Sooo bittersweet…. 🙂 Well, it’s obvious that I don’t want this series to end!

  2. you have some fabulous reads here. I love Jenna Peterson, and used to read her all the time. Hope you enjoy this one. And you can never go wrong with Shana Galen. Hope you enjoy reading these.

  3. Really interesting to see what you’re reading at the moment!
    I’ve really been wanting to read the Wrath and the Dawn, and the Truthwitch! But unfortunately I haven’t yet so I can’t help you out! I’m starting a different Arabian Nights retelling (called In the Night Garden by Catherynne Valente) though – maybe we can compare out thoughts on the two different versions later 😉
    Annika recently posted…A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. SchwabMy Profile

  4. I didn’t make it past page 4 of Truthwitch, but I’ll fully admit it’s not my genre. I keep trying fantasy hoping I’ll find the book that connects me with the genre but I haven’t yet. I haven’t read Isla yet. Alienated is on my TBR too but I don’t know if I’ll ever get to it. I’m kind of not interested anymore, or at least right now.
    Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA recently posted…Freebie Friday: Free BooksMy Profile

    • Alienated has been on my TBR for more than a year, so don’t worry about it. Fantasy is not for everybody but if you haven’t read Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, please do. The series is really, really awesome!