What Have You Been Doing to Cope? Currently Reading 2020 Weeks 15-20

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What Have You Been Doing to Cope?

Bookish updates in the last 5 weeks


Hello, Wormies. I think it was good to have a quick break with blogging. I am currently working on the next Read a Romance Book series featuring Contemporary Romance. This is a huge undertaking because it is a huge genre, but I am thankful that a lot of you have been recommending their contemporary must-reads!

I’ve been trying to keep my spirits high and slowly reading. It’s not been going well, but I’m trying to get my spirits up.

I have been watching a few shows on Netflix and Disney+! Also, rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Where are all my #Zutara stans?!


Pierre and I are also watching cooking shows on Netflix. Nadiya’s series is another calming fave! And yes, we have also been regularly posting on our #foodstagram account!

I’m currently reading a bunch of things right now. It’s not fun, but I am slowly getting through it.


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Let's Discuss

What have you been doing to cope?

Can you recommend any books for me to read?


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