Currently Reading 19-20: Sports Romance, Privacy, & GDPR

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Currently Reading 19-20: Sports Romance, Privacy, & GDPR

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Happy Sunday, Wormies! I haven’t been as active last week because of work travel! Ugh, you can’t imagine how frustrating it is to drive in LA so… So, I basically spent most of the time driving around (for work, but still). On the upside, I WAS able to get a lot of “reading” done! I am absolutely in love with audiobooks so and it really helped me get through a lot of books. And yes, it kept me company during those drives. Thankfully, I won’t be doing a lot of driving in the next few months!

I listened to a few sports romance audiobooks this week and it got me thinking. I am the least sporty person that I know and I hardly watch sports on TV! Heck, the only time I watch it is when Pierre is, and I’m mostly doing something else and not paying attention to the game. This is not to say that I don’t understand the games – I do. Well, technically I know at least the bare minimum of the rules. One sport that I don’t know anything about is hockey! And what do you know, hockey romance is absolutely amazing! I am hooked!

Then, there’s the GDPR. Please read my Privacy Policy for how I handle your data. It’s all so confusing and as someone who doesn’t make money from blogging, I was not expecting this. But I did my best to research about protecting your privacy.


Wicked and the Wallflower by Sarah MacLean


Irresistible You by Kate Meader



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How did your week go? Do you love hockey romance? Please recommend awesome hockey romances to me!

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10 responses to “Currently Reading 19-20: Sports Romance, Privacy, & GDPR

  1. I love your bookstagram photos. Absolutely gorgeous!! And I am so uber intimidated by the GDPR. As someone who has already written up your privacy policy, would you be open to taking a look at mine and telling me if I am compliant? (It’s at the bottom of my main page, along with my FTC disclaimer). If you’re not sure or don’t have time, I totally understand 🙂 I am completely confused LOL. Anyway, looks like you read quite a few amazing books!
    Megan @ Ginger Mom and the Kindle Quest recently posted…2018 Summer Comment Challenge – JuneMy Profile

    • Thanks, Megan! I try my best with bookstagram!

      I will have to tell you that I can’t really advice you on GDPR. I just went with what I have researched and I also don’t want to mess your Privacy Policy up. I will link you to this post by Ashley at Nose Graze. I follow her and her posts are always articulate and explained really well. This is her link:

  2. Thanks for sharing which ones are on Audible romance. I may try it sometime as I love audio but right now I have so many for review and from the library and audible daily deals I couldn’t get to them! You have some fun choices which I have wanted to read. I love them for traveling. Anne – Books of My Heart

  3. I’ve heard that driving in LA IS frustrating, unfortunately. 🙂 Course nowadays I think that’s happening a lot of places, sadly. Anyway I don’t know much about hockey romances, but I do like a good hockey game occasionally lol. And isn’t GDPR fun??

    Lifelik3 looks good, hope it turns out well. 🙂
    Greg recently posted…Sky in the DeepMy Profile

    • I know! Sigh! I’m learning more every day and I’ll just try my best to be transparent with all the data I’m collecting. I’ve never watched an MLB game LOL I’d probably be bored to death!

    • I don’t know if I will be reading the Cold Fury books just yet. I just read the blurbs of the books and they sound sooooo sad! I predict tears and I don’t think I am ready for that yet. Glad you enjoyed this series! I’m not giving up on this, though!