Books I Loved with Less than 300 Ratings on Goodreads

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Books I Loved with Less than 300 Ratings on Goodreads

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It’s Tuesday and welcome to possibly one of my favorite topics for Top Ten Tuesday – books I loved with fewer than 2,000 ratings on Goodreads! Looking at my list, I can remember all my old favorites i.e. books I read when I was probably 11-15 years old! Well, at least the first part of this list!

The Naked Huntress by Shirley Parenteau | Published June 24, 1992

2 ratings | 0 reviews

I feel sad for this book! The Naked Huntress was probably one of the first historical romance books that I read set in the United States! It’s about an heiress who poses as a naked Diana and a self-made man who bought the painting!


Scarlet Woman by Louisa Rawlings | Published August 25, 1993

6 ratings | 1 review

Wow! I forgot about this book until I did this post! I read this book years ago and it’s about a courtesan and a Conte and it’s set in France! There’s also a crazy-ass court case at the end where the courtesan is the defendant! I’m not sure if this book will stand the test of time but I just purchased a copy because my copy is in my hometown. Stay tuned for a new review!


China Star by Karen Keats | Published November 24, 1988

11 ratings | 0 reviews

China Star is perhaps one of my favorites! In fact, this is the first book that I read featuring an Asian heroine on the cover! Mind you, I read this around 1998-ish. I love this book because it’s about a Chinese-American stage actress who robs a train, trying to destroy a self-made man who she suspects killed her mother. Of course, the heroine falls for the hero!


Silk and Steel by Cordia Byers | Published May 12, 1985

17 ratings | 1 review

This is another book that I forgot about! In fact, I really can’t remember a lot of the details but the heroine Jamelyn dresses as a man to save her manor and is fighting as a warrior. The Englishman who defeats her and exposes her is ultimately the man the King ordered her to marry. I can’t wait to reread this book! Once I get a copy of it!


Mistress of the Seas by Ruth Langan | Published September 23, 1988

20 ratings | 3 reviews | my review

I’m not going to say much about this book because I wrote a review last year. As you know, Mistress of the Seas does not stand the test of time and I had words about it. But as a whole, the story is compelling and I still consider this as one of my favorite historical romance. Also, the heroine is a pirate!


Desire Me Always by Tiffany Clare | Published November 3, 2015

22 ratings | 8 reviews | my review

Desire Me Always is the third book in the serial, so please read the first 2 books. However, this book is my favorite of the 3 and it’s one of the first historical erotic romance books that I read. It’s steamy and emotional and romantic!


Forever with You by Beverley Kendall | Published September 12, 2017

69 ratings | 18 reviews | my review

Forever with You is one of the books that I read featuring an older hero and a younger heroine. The hero met the heroine when she was still a minor, a few weeks before she turns 18. Unfortunately, the heroine lied about her age. This book is actually a second chance romance and the bulk of the story happens a few years later when hero and heroine meet again.


Sin by Jess Michaels | Published September 7, 2009

161 ratings | 16 reviews | my review

Sin is an anthology of 3 short novellas by Jess Michaels and this is the very first historical erotic romance that I read – I read the books separately but reviewed the anthology. The Sweetest Sin is my favorite book in the series and it features a second chance romance. It’s really emotional and sexy and steamy and yes, Landon and Julianna is one of my OTP couples!


A Battle of Love by Cynthia Wright | Published June 12, 1986

238 ratings | 33 reviews

A Battle of Love is a book that I read in high school and I fell in love! This is between a French widow and a playboy artist English Aristocrat. Because of machinations at court, the hero is forced to marry the heroine! And what does the hero do? He travels to France and pretends to be an artist to check out his future bride, and falls in love with her!


Desire Never Dies by Jenna Petersen | Published December 26, 2006

240 ratings | 17 reviews

Desire Never Dies is like a cross between Charlies Angels and James Bond set in the Regency era! This is one of my favorites from the series because it features a heroine that is a master code breaker and a hero who is the same! The banter is top-notch, by the way!


Do you have any underrated reads?

Have you read any books on my list?


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4 responses to “Books I Loved with Less than 300 Ratings on Goodreads

  1. There are so many delicious underrated books out there and some of them that I end up 5 starring have lower than 500 or less ratings and it saddens me. I actually haven’t read any on your list although many of them are on my TBR so I will get around to them. I especially have Tiffany Clare, Jenna Peterson, and Cynthia Wright.

    Some books I love are The Outlaw Hearts series by Rosanne Bittner, Outlaw Seduction by Kathryn Hockett, Nick by Genell Dellin, The Most Wanted Bachelor by Susan Kay Law, Jake by Ana Leigh, Twilight Magic by Shari Anton, The Sweetest Sin by Mary McCall Reed, and Draculaville I by Lara Nance.