Bookish Tips when Your Partner is an Anime Fan

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Bookish Tips when Your Partner is an Anime Fan

Let’s talk about anything bookish!


Hello, Wormies! Pierre was home for the last couple of weeks and we spent a lot of time together. An incident last week inspired this post and I was LOLing while writing this post.

Since Pierre and I don’t have a lot of similar hobbies, we have found reasons to spend time with each other while doing different things. #oppositesattract

With the near 100-degree weather we had over the last couple of weeks, we haven’t been outside the house at all! So, when he’s not cooking up a storm, he’s watching Anime! Unfortunately, I don’t like watching movies with subtitles because I tend to nod off and nap so I normally don’t watch it with him. I know it’s ironic because I love to read, but I find it distracting – looking at the show AND reading? Gaaahh drives me insane! This is why I’m sharing these tips to help you spend time with your partner AND read, at the same time!

Bookish Tips when Your Partner is an Anime Fan


Learn to tune things out

(awesome background noise, don’t you know)

It’s seriously easy to tune things out when it’s a different language than your own. I don’t speak Japanese so it’s really easy to tune it out. Mind you, English is also not my first language, so I can also tune out all of the other shows he watches. In fact, I can’t blog without background noise (yeah, I have something on right now).


Use high-end noise-canceling headphones
(or you know, steal theirs because your $$ are better spent on books)

There are times when I just can’t concentrate when background noise is present. So, uh I have “borrowed” his noise-canceling headphones! I can’t stand wearing these huge things so I do this very, very rarely (see above).


Interrupt their show by going on a rant about the h/H’s angsty relationship
(Just because. Their eyes will probably glaze over, and they’ll tune you out)

I have told him to pause his show so I can share whatever is currently happening in the book I’m reading. I do this multiple times, actually. I know it annoys him, but I love that he lets me go on a rant.

Another thing happened last week. He asked me a random question about how I would get out of the bedroom if there is a fire and the door is blocked. After the convo we had, I asked him how he knew I was reading a book where the heroes parents died in a house fire! Weird.


Be sure to brush up on the Anime characters from the shows they’re is watching
(so it looks like you’re interested in his stuff)

Don’t get me wrong, I do watch Anime. Just not as much as he does and I’m a casual Anime fan. For the shows that I don’t watch, I try to know about characters, maybe a little of the plot and so on. Sometimes, he tells me what they’re all about so I’m not totally lost.


Intentionally call their shows a different name just to annoy them
(Oh, are you watching One Hat?)

I do this on purpose, people! I actually call myself out on this and tell him that I love to push his buttons. I do this lovingly, of course. And I know when to stop, so I don’t annoy him too much.

One example is me calling One Piece by the name One Hat. I mean, the hero Monkey D. Luffy has ONE HAT!!


Ask them stupid questions about the shows they are watching
(just to be annoying)

See above! Yes, I do this on purpose! *wink


Wipe snot all over their shirt during an emotional ugly-cry scene
(because they’re looking at you like you’re nuts)

The first time he saw me cry because of a book, he looked at me with concern. When he found out that it was because of a book, he thought I was nuts. But he’s used to it by now. So he doesn’t even blink when I start bawling and sniffling.


Stop reading and watch a couple of episodes with them
(cuddling definitely required)

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! We also watch Anime together when we’re having breakfast, lunch, or dinner at home.


Oh, and don’t forget to give them a kiss or two


What do you do when your significant other has different hobbies than yours? 


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7 responses to “Bookish Tips when Your Partner is an Anime Fan

    • LOL that’s true! I don’t have kids so I didn’t really think about that! But you are right, Nicole! I watch a few anime but I can’t read subtitles at all 🙁

  1. Hehe. Great post! And I find that a lot of these are also applicable if one’s partner loooooves to watch movies while you’re reading, hahaha.

    • That is true! Sometimes he watches a TV show or a movie… LOL but the inspiration for this post was when he was watching Anime 🙂

    • Thank you, Renee! This scenario actually happened so it was so much fun to write about! 🙂 We used to watch a lot of series together but since it’s on Netflix or Hulu, we watch them at different times now.