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Let’s talk about anything bookish!

Hello, kids, it’s almost Christmas! One of the things I absolutely love about Christmas is gift shopping. I mean I also love family and the season and food but shopping is waaaay up there.

I also love looking at bookish stuff to see which ones to get for my bookish friends. So, I decided to list down items you can give your bookish loved ones inspired by the books they read.

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Game of Thrones Docking Station

Etsy $24.99+ | Game of Thrones (affiliate link)

This wooden dock can be personalized for extra $ but it is perfect for the die-hard techy Thrones fan.

Spoon Bookmark / Stamped Silverware Bookmark

Etsy $18.00 | Pride and Prejudice (affiliate link)

The perfect way to enjoy Pride and Prejudice is to sip tea while reading! Why not settle for a pressed spoon bookmark? I seriously want one! The offer free shipping if you purchase $100 worth of items, too!

Harry Potter Houses Book Sleeve

Etsy $17.67 | Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows (affiliate link)

Are you a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin? Show your house pride with these book sleeves!

Vampire Fangs Poster

Etsy $6.71+ | Once Burned (review)

What better way to pay homage to the vampire than getting this awesome print. I so want this on my wall! Also, you can buy 3 prints to get 1 free print!

Bookish Coloring Book

Amazon $11.09 (affiliate link) | Throne of Glass (review) | Throne of Glass Coloring Book (review)

Immerse yourself in the Throne of Glass world by getting the Throne of Glass Coloring Book! Better yet, listen to the audiobook WHILE coloring! That is such a perfect pair! Also, this coloring book is the best one, IMHO.

Eiffel Tower Bedding

Amazon $63.65 | Sweet Filthy Boy (affiliate links)

I just recently listened to Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren and I felt like I was in Paris! Since the hero in this book is French, he was speaking in French! Ehemm Anyway, after finishing this, I immediately went to look for Paris themed items! I feel like I want to stay immersed in Paris and just – yeah, obviously I am having a book hangover *wink

Classic Monopoly Board Game

Amazon $21.49 (affiliate link) | Devil in Spring (review)

If you have read Devil in Spring, the heroine Pandora created a game based on The Landlord’s Game which is a game created by Elizabeth Magie. This game is the game that inspired Monopoly. If you have Amazon Prime, you can also view a documentary about Monopoly and they mention this game as well.

Wonder Woman Tri-fold Flap Wallet

Hot Topic $19.90 | Wonder Woman (affiliate link)

I am a wallet fanatic and love wallets that have a lot of details and accents. This Wonder Woman wallet is perfect for the teen bookworm in your life.

Litographs Scarf

Litographs $39 | Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake (affiliate link)

For historical romance lovers, this is the perfect gift! I WANT ONE SO BAD! This scarf has text from one of my favorite historical romances by Sarah MacLean! You can also pink the font and the color of the text for your scarf! Sweet!

Have you bought your Christmas gifts already?

Or are you waiting for the Black Friday sale?

I seriously haven’t bought anything yet but I’m the only bookish person at home so…

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6 responses to “Bookish Holiday Gift Guide

  1. I am hosting a clack Friday giving away and I was hoping for some inspiration with this post. BOOM! You got some great ideas here. Thanks for sharing all these links, will definitely be checking them out.