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Don’t you just hate it when your favorite author’s new book disappoints?

Picture this: Your favorite author has a book coming up.  You pre-order it.  You anticipate the release for months and months.  You AVOID reading spoilers.  You are able to get an ARC/eARC of the book.  You read it.  And then…. you end up getting disappointed by the story, the plot, the characters.  You think it’s a FLUKE.  You can’t wait to read the next book in the series.  You pre-order it.  You anticipate the release for months and months.  You AVOID reading spoilers.  You are able to get an ARC/eARC of the book.  You read it.  And then…. you end up getting disappointed by the story, the plot, the characters.

Sound familiar?  Well, that is me.  For about a year or so, I have been plagued by underwhelming stories by my favorite authors and I really don’t know what to do.  See, I have favorite (if you check my tags for favorite authors) one-click/auto-buy authors and a few of them have been disappointing me.  I’m really not sure if that is a trend OR if my reading tastes have changed over the years but I am starting to panic!

I’m really not sure if it’s me OR if it is just that I am at a different stage in my life right now (yes, it’s me).  Unfortunately, I am one of those readers who are cautious about trying new authors.  Not that I do NOT try new authors BUT I am a little bit hesitant.  I usually read the first chapter of a book and if it doesn’t capture my attention, I move on.  For those that I try via audiobook, you are in luck because it usually takes me a few chapters in to decide if I put the book on my on hold or DNF list.  But if you are my favorite author, I really FINISH the book even if I find that I am underwhelmed, or worse, do not LIKE the story at all.

There are just times where I think about what could have gone wrong.  I always try to give these authors the benefit of a doubt and hope that the next book blows me away.  But then, it doesn’t seem to be the case.  And this happens multiple times for it not to be a fluke!  At this point, I feel betrayed.  Should I continue to read more of your books OR should I give your books a rest AND try a new author instead?

I felt like I invested a lot of time on their books (previous books that I really LOVED) and spent time promoting them (even if I don’t get anything out of it) because I really LOVED the book.  Some of these books have even HELPED me during times of pain and sorrow.  Some of these books have helped me through a lot of tough things in my life and I count them as my friends.  And now that the newer books have been a disappointment to me, I don’t know if I should continue on promoting it.

I’m really in a bind and I have been thinking about this for a few months now.  I have been reading more new-to-me authors at this point and I think the diversity HAS HELPED me.  But then again, I steel weep tears of blood when I think about my GO TO authors.  My FAVORITES who have disappointed me.

So now, dear readers, I ask you this:  What do you do when your favorite go to author disappoints you?  Share your thoughts below.


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11 responses to “Bookish Discussions: When Favorite Authors Disappoint

  1. tmleblanc01

    This actually happened to me earlier this year with Diana Gabaldon's latest novel in the Outlander series. It inspired my post, Falling Out of Love With Your Book Boyfriend. The TV series starting up revived my love for the series as a whole and I went back to the audiobook before the 2nd half of the season. This helped renew my faith in the book series and my love for Jamie.

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews

    • I actually love the TV series but not the book. I started reading the first book, Outlander and I just could not finish it. The show is awesome, though! Glad you fell in love with Jamie again!

  2. This has happened to me, and it really is disappointing 🙁 I read Percy Jackson (both the series and the crossover) when I was 10, and I loved the author so much that I even bought the Kane Chronicles simply because I heard it was also mythology, but in Egypt. Sadly, the book didn't do so well for me the same way it did in Percy Jackson. Such a disappointment, really 🙁

    Great post!! I don't have a solution to this. I guess I'll just probably give away the book or something 😛
    My recent post These Kinds of Writing Styles

    • I have read the Kane Chronicles as well. I liked the first book but the second just fell flat – too much world destruction and all that. I have read a couple of Percy Jackson book and I thought it was ok… 🙂

  3. Loverofromance

    This has been occurring more than I would like honestly, for example I love historical romance and for many years it was my go to genre…but lately I never know if it will be a fluke or be a good one. So many of them are so lighthearted (and thats fine and dandy) but many times they lack substance because authors are trying to convey modern ideals. The reason I like historical's are because back then life was tough and gritty and finding love was much harder than now in modern days. But reading more contemporary and paranormal has helped a bit, so I read more with a bit of balance and read a bit of all genres not just historical…but there are times it still happens and its so tough, because you have such high hopes. Great post.

    • I know what you mean! The historical erotic romance has been on a downward spiral lately with just no meat in the plot! 🙁 I pick up YA now to avoid getting too disappointed by the historical romance books… 🙁

  4. This has happened to me too. And I'm also particularly hesitant to try new to me authors – especially in the historical romance genre. I love HR so much, and my favorite romances are always HRs, but I'm so careful when choosing one to read. And I think that it is in part to having authors that I love deliver disappointing books. I don't really have a solution.

  5. redizabzh

    I had this happening to me recently with one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Armentrout. She knows how to write a book, even those that disappointed me were enjoyable to read, but : same type of characters, more or less same plot, repeat ad lib… Apparently, I'm not part of the majority, those books are highly rated, but I don't want to read the same book over and over again ! I'll give her other chances, but I'll be wary…