Bookish Discussions: Things I Learned From Blogging Part 2

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Let’s talk about anything bookish!


This is part 2 in my Things I Learned from Blogging series. Last week, I talked about the things I learned managing my own WordPress blog. Hopefully, that helped you guys think about trying the self-hosted WordPress platform or finding new tips in managing your own self-hosted WP blog.

I wanted to go and dive right into the Blogging Community! I have “met” a few awesome bloggers from different parts of the world through book blogging and it is SUPER awesome!



Since I moved to book blogging, I also learned about the vastness of the book blogging community. I mostly follow YA-centric book blogs but I have seen some that are a mixture of YA and Adult Romance (my guilty pleasure). For the most part, I love the community to bits. There are a few bloggers that I follow but there are also a few that I have unfollowed because of drama. I try to be as drama free as possible and don’t really engage when trouble brews up in the community.

The community as a whole is very welcoming and helpful to those who also share the love of reading and books. Although I don’t participate as much as I want to, I still manage to be a little active.

The bad side about the book blogging community, though is that it does sort of feel a little cliquey. This may not be intentional but it does come across this way, most especially to newbies (like me). But again, since I don’t really interact as much, I don’t really feel that this is a huge issue for me personally. However, this is also why I don’t feel comfortable interacting as much. o.O



I have been an Avon Addict since 2014 and this is perhaps the best group of ladies that I have ever “met” online. I have yet to actually attend an Avon Addict party but our online Facebook group is so much fun! It’s just like a book club where we share current reads, reviews, and anything in the romance genre!

I have also met one of the Addicts, Crystal @ Crystal Blogs Books a number of times already and it’s really fun hanging out with someone that shares your love for books!



Another thing I am thankful for is the Bookish memes! One of my favorites is Top Ten Tuesday, and although I don’t participate every week, it is still one of the longest memes that I have ever participated. This is a way for me to meet new bloggers and discovering bloggers that read the same genre type as me!


I recently discovered the beauties of Bookstagra and I am totally in love with it! This is such a great idea for me to express my creativity and “meet” other book bloggers and Bookstagrammers.

Of course, there is some degree of envy that comes out of photographing ARCs and but for the most part, it is one big happy community!


What are the things that you love about the bookish community?

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4 responses to “Bookish Discussions: Things I Learned From Blogging Part 2

  1. It’s interesting because I often see people say that they feel like the blogging community can get cliquey, but I’ve never felt like it’s necessarily cliques, but more that we tend to interact with the same people so regularly and it’s hard to keep up with everyone else. I really try to get around to LOTS of different bloggers, but I do sometimes feel like I’m spreading myself thin and then I lose touch with the people I was closer to. There are SO many book bloggers out there that it kind of seems like you have to form a tighter-knit community in order to make better connections. I’m glad you found that with your Avon Addicts—that sounds perfect!!
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…November Recap & Best of the BunchMy Profile

  2. I love when I find other blogs that are YA-centric but there’s also a big dose of adult-romance (my guilty pleasure, too!)!
    I’m kinda bad at making sure to interact with everyone, especially on twitter (I can’t keep up), but there’s always a few bloggers that I always try to keep in touch with (including you!).

    I really need to check out Avon Addict!
    Cyn @ Book Munchies recently posted…Spotlight & Giveaway: Pre-order Breath of FireMy Profile

    • Cyn! You would be perfect as an Avon Addict! I will let you know when they open up next year’s AA so you can apply! 🙂

      I also suck at Twitter! I try to be up to date with everyone but I am super horrible at it! hahaha