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Let’s talk about anything bookish!


Okay, let’s talk covers.  Eye-catching book covers, that is.  What draws you to them?  Do they affect your book choices?

A few months back, I wrote a post about eye-catching book covers and titles (minus images because malware happened).  I am going to rewrite this post again and share some of my favorite covers – AGAIN.  Why?  Because I want to!

Majority of the books written by new-to-me authors have been chosen based solely on the book covers.  I mean, browsing through the bookstore and library is very daunting (not that I am complaining because I could spend hours and hours in there) because of the bazillion books available.  As a bookworm, I have mapped my favorite sections at the bookstore (i.e. those are the first sections I look at for new books before proceeding to other sections).  So, how do I pick books to read and ultimately purchase?  For new-to-me authors, I look at two things:

  • I pick books based on my favorite cover themes (see samples below)
  • For some reason, my eyes always gravitate to BOLD and DARK colors (no washed out colors for me!)
  • Typography that complements the cover
  • Titles are key (favorite historical romance picks have the words Lord, Rake, Rogue, Duke)

Below is a sample of my favorite cover themes.  These book covers are based solely on their cover appeal and not the content (not all gorgeous book covers are books that I actually like).

Gowns of Gorgeousness

Lord of Wicked everneath all the ways to ruin The Luxe The Selection

So, I am a sucker for gorgeous gowns.  The poufier the better, amirite?  Since I read a lot of historical romance novels, I get to see those gorgeous covers all. the. time!  Not complaining!  But yeah, I do have quite a few books with those gorgeous gowns!

Girl Freaking Power

One Foot in the Grave Stormdancer Crown of Midnight Dark Triumph ScarletUS.indd Eona

I just adore books that scream girl power.  Girls in fighting mode?  Heck, yeah!

Minimalism is Key

Rebel Twilight Insurgent The Hunger Games Illuminae Talon

I have been in a minimalistic kick for a while and that also goes to the book covers that catch my eye.  I just love how simple they look but reveal more when the pages are read.

Put them on My Wall Already

Graceling    A Thousand Pieces of You Shatter Me

These gorgeous covers are just screaming to be framed and displayed!  If only I could, I would display them all on my walls (and I don’t care what my hubby says) mwahhahahahahahaha!

Catchy Titles


 Hush Stitching Snow  If I stay

These titles always make me want to sing.  I’m not even sure some of these books are based on music but I know some titles are similar or exactly the song title.  Some of the songs, I am familiar with (like Across the Universe by The Beatles) and every time I see the title, the song always gets stuck in my head.

Do you agree with my choices?  What else draws you to book covers?

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4 responses to “Bookish Discussions: Eye Catching Book Covers

    • That is so true. I have read a few books that didn’t have great covers that I loved but it was mostly because of the author. 😀 There was a time in historical romance that they had cottages or beautiful estates as covers – and believe me, they weren’t pretty!

    • hahaha sometimes I wish the story inside is just as great as the covers! I also wish that those not-so-appealing covers were as gorgeous as the stories inside 🙂