Bookish Discussions: 10 Reasons Why I Love LAPL

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Let’s talk about anything bookish!


Happy Monday, bookworms!  Welcome to my another #ShelfLove Bookish Discussion!  As you can see, it has been a couple of weeks since I last published a discussion post, so I’m super happy that  was able to write one up at the last minute!

 The Los Angeles Public Library has changed the way I read books.  Coming from a country that didn’t have a good public library system, I was super excited when I discovered that you can check out FICTION from the library.  Obvs, our school library only had educational books and periodicals (somewhat updated), and a few really, really old books.  I remember my elementary school library being good, but it wasn’t as well stocked as it is today (I hope!).  In fact, I was able to read a few Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, plus A Wrinkle in Time from that library.  In high school, historical romance was my thing and that was def not in my school library.

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2005, my bookish world changed and it changed even more in 2013 when I discovered a new way to borrow books!


For Library Appreciation week, I am listing down 10 reasons why I love LAPL so much!

  1. You can borrow any book you want that is available.  Obvs, the best reason why is that you can check out up to THIRTY books at ONE TIME!  CRAY right?!
  2. You can recommend books not available AND automatically add yourself to the waitlist.  I love that I can search for a book, ANY BOOK, and if it’s not available, I CAN FREAKING REQUEST IT and have the option of adding myself to the waitlist!  FREAKING COOL!  This means that a) a book I love is not available yet, I can request for it to be available and b) I don’t have to remember to check when the book is already available because I receive an automated email WHEN the book (or audio) is available for check out!
  3. I am able to borrow things nekked!  Okay, maybe NOT nekked, but I can borrow books from home via the Overdrive app!  This means ebooks and audiobooks will be at my fingertips the moment they become available to me!  And the best part?  NO LATE FEES!
  4. Inter-branch borrowing.  The closest library branch in my area is not as well stocked as I want it to be. The best part about LAPL is that I am able to check out books from other branches, have it freely delivered to the branch closest to me and pick it up when it’s available!  Saves a lot of gas money which can be used to buy more books!
  5. Pick a format, any format!  This means that I can borrow an e-book, an audiobook, a digital audiobook, a DVD, a CD, a graphic novel, hardbacks, paperbacks…whatever format they have is available for the picking!
  6. Storytime!  Okay, so I don’t have kids BUT I have listened in on storytime once and it was fun!  Def something moms and dads AND KIDS love!
  7. You can borrow OR STREAM movies!  Need I say more?
  8. You can pick the time you need to keep the books AND renew it once!  I picked 21 days, the max you can keep a book but you can ALSO extend the book once for another 21 days for physical copies.  For digital, you will be added to the bottom of the queue, but still it works for me!
  9. Book Sales.  OMG!  I just went crazy at a library book sale!  $1 hardbacks anyone?!
  10. FREE.  The best thing about LAPL is that it is FREEEEEEEEEEE!



I feel so bad for not having an update for this challenge AT ALL!  I know read a lot of books last month BUT I didn’t read a book for this challenge AT ALL!  In fact, I PURCHASED more….  BAAAD!  But I am going to be very good this month and try to do better!

cone of shame


Do you love your local library?  Show your love for your local library now!

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8 responses to “Bookish Discussions: 10 Reasons Why I Love LAPL

  1. I adore my local library! I also host the Library Love Challenge, just to get people to use their libraries. My library has great options, which I use the online resource the most and place books on hold and pick them up once a week or I also use the OverDrive App and Hoopla to download digital. I’ve got the bulk of my books digitally. I also love my libraries book store. I’m always checking it out when I visit.
    Angela @ Angel’s Guilty Pleasures recently posted…Review: Heart on Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles #3) by Amanda BouchetMy Profile

    • I know! But it was sort of a personal goal for me to read at least one! LOL but that’s for cheering me on! 🙂

  2. oh I love my local library, not as great as yours…but it has a great fictional selection most especially in romance. Four long rows of romance alone!!!! But the only issue I have with them is they don’t normally accept requests for books. Glad you like your library so much. I love how much they offer.