Bookish Discussion: Why I’m Wary of Hyped Books

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Happy Monday, Bookworms!  Today, I’m going to be talking about hyped books!  More to the point: let me give you reasons why I am WARY about reading hyped books.

I ALMOST always get disappointed.

I’ve read a few hyped books that DID NOT meet my expectations.  I mean, after all the fuss and squees and positive reviews that I’ve read, my expectations are generally high.  Unfortunately, some of them were just too much overly hyped.

I just can’t START reading them.

So there’s this really popular book.  This book has been on my radar for months and finally, I caved in and purchased it.  But yeah, I still haven’t read it.  This is usually due to the fact that I am SCARED of being disappointed.  I have been burned before.

When I see all the hype, my first instinct is to NOT read the book.

This is related to reason 1 and 2.  Obviously, I am just scared to be disappointed by these books.  I have been burned by hyped books before.  And as much as I want to be a part of the conversation on Twitter, I just can’t stomach reading said hyped book right at that moment.

Now that I’ve given my reasons for not reading hyped books,  Here are examples of books that have ultimately disappointed me.  This is not to say that the book is bad, only that I was hugely disappointed by it despite all the hype.


There is a silver lining to all these, by the way!  It’s when hyped books REALLY DESERVE THE HYPE!  Yes, I have read these and I admit to being one of those who squee and talk non-stop about these books!  Most often, I have read these books after the hype has died down a little.

Want to take a peek at the hyped books that I LOVED?


See?  I’m not that evil!  I have read hyped books that I really loved!  But to be honest, I read these books a few months after all the buzz died down.  Really!


Do you read hyped books?  Or do you wait until all the hype dies down?

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10 responses to “Bookish Discussion: Why I’m Wary of Hyped Books

  1. I actually love hyped books! When many people start to talk about a book, I got curious and end up reading it too. The more hyped a book is, there’s a higher chance I will read it. And usually, I end up liking the books too. Guess you can say I’m easily satisfied xD But sometimes I end up disliking a hyped book too, like Mockingjay and Allegiant. I just couldn’t connect with it. Anyway, lovely post! <3
    Tiffany recently posted…Recommending These 2016 Books to You!My Profile

    • I really loved The Hunger Games series but I hated Allegiant.. I mean, I read Divergent but wasn’t really into it so I didn’t read the next ones in the series…it’s the same with The Mortal Instruments series.

      It’s true, though. Hype does dictate some of our reading preferences.

  2. I’m definitely wary of hyped books too, as I’ve had some bad experiences with them as well. There was one book in particular that was huge in the blogosphere a while back that when I read it I actively hated it, and was just like ‘how is this so popular?’
    At the same time, there are loads of books I’ve absolutely loved that I might not have found out about without the hype. The Throne of Glass series, for example, as I possibly wouldn’t have thought to read it had it not been absolutely huge across blogs. I think hype is definitely both good and bad, but it definitely does make more nervous going into a book, as I worry it won’t meet my expectations.
    Laura recently posted…How did you choose your blog name?My Profile

    • You have good points, Laura! I totally get how the hype has it’s uses, too. I mostly let the hype die down before I delve in because… I don’t know, there’s just something that sort of turns me off hyped books. Not that I don’t enjoy some of them!

  3. I haven’t read any of them you’ve been disappointed by because I’m the same way, I know I’m going to be disappointed. But I still feel like I’m missing out. I did read Red Queen and Me Before You closer to the beginning of the hype and loved them both. I think the longer the hype goes on the more I don’t want to read it.

    • Yeah, I am also the same way! Altho, I do read some of the books after the hype dies down a little bit… like the ToG series. I also read The Hunger Games waaaay after I saw the first two movies. LOL

  4. I almost always wait until the hype dies down because I’m afraid of being disappointed too. Time away from all the fangirling allows me to approach the book without being overly critical of it. But, on a rare occasion I do buy in to hype. I purchase Illuminae pretty close to its release date. As in…I bought a hardcover book, which I NEVER DO! So far, I’m really enjoying it!
    Jackie recently posted…On a scale of 1-10, this book is a d20|Into the Wild Nerd Yonder by Julie HalpernMy Profile

    • AHHH ILLUMINAE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!! OMG! I can’t wait for Gemina… of course, I am biased because of Ezra Mason… LOL