Book VS Movie: The Fault in Our Stars

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My Thoughts

I was so excited to see The Fault in Our Stars and I wanted to go The Day Before Our Stars event but I didn’t want to go all by my lonesome.  So I waited until I saw it, still by myself mind you, that Saturday.  I expected to cry buckets through the whole film and brought in tissues (a lot of tissues) to be ready.  Unfortunately, I DID NOT cry buckets at all.

The whole film was really good.  It followed closely to the book which was great.  Although there were some minor (or maybe major) scenes that were altered (e.g. the one where Hazel and her mom picked up Gus at his house before they left for Amsterdam and they overheard an argument between him and his mom…well we know why, right?) that I thought should have been in the movie.  Not that limo extravaganza that happened (not that it wasn’t good).  I thought that scene was a preparation for what was to come – the revelation that his cancer had already spread.

All things considered, I really enjoyed the movie.  But why didn’t I cry buckets as opposed to the tears I shed for the book (read my review here)?  I have no idea.  I cried but for some reason, it wasn’t as much as I cried when I listened to it.  Perhaps it was because I was thinking of Shailene from Divergent?

I give the movie 4 stars.  It wasn’t THE best movie this year but I loved that it stayed close to the book as much as it could.

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