Book VS Movie: Divergent

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I saw the movie last Friday on IMAX and it was good, all things considered.  I liked that the film was closely based on the book as opposed to having it go the other way and I think that works in their favor.  I know a lot of readers like me, appreciate movies closely based on our favorite books.

Let us start with the actors.  I like that Shailene Woodley had an awkwardness in her that Tris had.  I also thought Theo James is  gorgeous but not brooding enough for the Four in the book.  Now, Kate Winslet plays a perfect Jeanine.

I also liked how the world of Dystopian Chicago looked like, especially on IMAX.

That being said, there were disappointing parts of the movie.  I thought there was a little less violence as opposed to the ones mentioned in the book.  I think that they had to tone the movie down to get a PG-13 rating (but what do I know?).  There was also the conflict between Tris and the other Dauntless initiates.  I thought that was played down a little, as well.  Another part that I thought they should have emphasized was Tris’ friendship with Will because in Insurgent, Tris will be bothered by her shooting Will.  Now because there was really no mention about Tris and Will’s friendship, her shooting Will does not have the same effect on her when they do Insurgent.

I give the  movie version a 3.5 because it is a little bit closer to the book and the characters were ok.  Plus, I didn’t get out of the theater really disappointed.

So, have you seen it?  Did you like it?  Share your thoughts below!

Hubby’s Thoughts

I also asked the hubby what he thought about the movie.  Naturally he is a man of a few words so I had to coax him to give his thoughts.  Here is what he said:

“It was OK.  I didn’t like it.”

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