Book Events and an Epic Blogging Slump: A Mash-up | Monthly Wraps April 2016

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Last month’s deets on I Heart Romance & YA



Happy new month, everyone!  And as usual, let me just say that I can’t believe April went by sooo quickly!  It felt like the days zoomed in a blink of an eye, you know?  For me anyway.

April was also the month I turned a year older!  Sigh.  Now I can definitely say that I am a little wiser? (cough cough) Maybe.

April wasn’t just my birth month, it was also my blogoversary, and April was also the month of BOOK FESTIVALS!  All of which I was very grateful to attend!

Plus, I was also semi-active on Instagram!  I also pushed myself this month, but it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns.  I’m saying that I am in a blogging slump!  I can excuse the blogging slump with work, but I’m not going to.  This just means that I need to push myself harder this month.

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Owlcrate’s April Box is pretty! I love the Mockingjay bracelet!  I wish I could have gotten this book before going to RT, but anyway, I also got the same book for my #otspsecretsister and she said she loved it!



I love charts and graphs and showing my progress through one colorful bar graph is one of my favorite things in writing my wrap-ups! Don’t you just LOVE it?

Anyway, here is the low down: I read/listened to 6 books this month!  Despite being in a blogging slump, I was able to read A LOT!  And really, that’s the most important thing, right?  I reviewed 3 books this month, see the blogging slump here? Read 3 books for #Shelflove, and also read 2 physical books!  No re-reads last month, though.



Queen of Shadows still made the longest book read so far.


I’m pretty glad that I read more historical romance books last month.  I intentionally didn’t set out to do that, but it turned out that I picked more of that genre than YA.



THIS HIDDEN GEM!  I can’t get enough of this novella-serial!  I haven’t reviewed it yet but I will soon after I finish the other two!  This book is best read in between the historical romance because it WILL make sense!


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April was amazing for bookworms everywhere!  Especially me! 🙂  First, there was the LA Times Festival of Books, then there was the Romantic Times Convention, a book signing for Julia Quinn and YALLWEST!  With all of that excitement, I am super happy that I was able to attend all the events!



Just FYI, if you haven’t already checked out the Fierce Reads Spring tour, what have you been doing?  If you met all these authors at Yallwest, here is your chance!  I will most likely be at Vroman’s in Pasadena on Wednesday.

AND if you don’t already know, Sarah J. Maas will be at The Grove Barnes and Noble on the 5th for her ACOMAF tour!  So sad that I will be missing that, but I will be picking up hubby at the airport at the exact same time.  #Priorities


IT’S HERE!!!!!  GOT S6 is here!  But I AM waiting until later (gasp!) to watch it!  Again, I hate binge watching so I am taking it slow.  I honestly haven’t finished watching the last 3 eps of S5 so I need to finish that first before eve starting this season!


  • Hubby is coming home on Thursday!  This means we will be able to see Civil War.  Hello, Avengers!
  • Met up with Crystal @ Crystal Blogs Books, an Avon Addict at the LA Times Festival of Books and went together for the Julia Quinn signing!
  • So HAPPY that I got to meet my #otspsecretsister Veronica @ The Talking Bookworm with her friend Kayla (@the1000lives) at Yallwest!
  • So happy that a couple of my kid cousins have now started reading!  This means that I am not the only obsessive bookworm in the family!  The downside, I don’t get to see them as much, since there in a different country.  YAY Facebook!


How was your month?  Did you go to any good bookish events?  Meet any book blogger or bookworms?! Are you in a blogging slump?  Let’s commiserate together!

Oh and as a bonus, did you ever weigh the benefits of going to a book signing or a family event/errand (read should I pick up my husband at the airport or go to the SJ Maas book signing)?  Only because I seriously thought about this, and picked my hubby! 🙂

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8 responses to “Book Events and an Epic Blogging Slump: A Mash-up | Monthly Wraps April 2016

  1. I like seeing all your stats! Yay for still reading loads, despite the blogging slump! The blogging slump will be spirited away. I’ve decided.
    Love the covers for all the historical romance books. All the dresses…!
    And aahh family members starting to get into reading?! That’s wonderful! Your entire random thoughts section is just filled with happiness. YAY!
    Now then. How do we get you out of the dreaded slump? What do you need? Chocolate?! Coffee? Pug GIFs?!
    Annika @ Hiding Books recently posted…April Top Five YA |ARC April and May Clean SweepMy Profile

    • ALL OF THE ABOVE, Annika! OMG! CHOCOLATE!! I think April was just too busy with all the bookish events. I usually catch up during the weekend and since I have been out, I’m exhausted by the time I get home… so sad, I know 🙁

      I hope I can get out of this slump! The good thing is that I am still able to post most of the time, although not as regularly as I hope!

      Why do you think I love historicals? The dresses, of course! *wink

  2. WOW, you actually got some members of your family to start reading?? Good for you! I know how happy I felt when I got my mom to finally start reading! <3 And Civil War YASSSS ma'am, I can't wait to watch it! So sad to hear that you're in a blogging slump though because they're never fun! I just got out of one! I hope you find a gem of book that helps to get you out of it! 🙂

    • My cousins have been reading a while…but the other one started reading last year! So yes, I am over the moon!

      I’m pretty good with the books I’m reading…it’s just the reviewing part that sucks!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Glad you were able to do quite a bit of reading despite your blogging slump. I love the way you format your monthly wrap-ups, especially the idea of using charts and graphs. So interesting!

    • Thanks, Renu! I love charts/graphs…and Excel… although I’m really not that good at it! LOL

      I hate this blogging slump that I’m in… I think the weekend events are killing me 🙁