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Thoughts, life, and struggles of the blogger.


I have been in a bit of a funk in the last week (plus I was busy adulting), so I apologize for not posting in the last few days.  I have also been unfortunate in my reading goals because I still haven’t finished one ARC for ARC April!!!  Kill me naaaaaawwwww!! Adulting sucks!


Anyway, I decided to do the Get to Know Me tag over at Hiding Books by Annika.  She didn’t tag me, by the way, but I’m doing it anyway!



Name: Ezrah, I also have a hated second name (shudder) and a Chinese name

Nicknames: I’m only sharing the nickname Zeee, because….well I have lots!  You can take a peek at my about page to know more about that!

Birthday: April 5th.  YES, I JUST TURNED A YEAR OLDER A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO! YAY ME! (insert sarcasm here)

Star Sign: Aries, the ram.  And I have been pretty much true to my sign….

Occupation: I’m a registered nurse and I work in quality improvement 




Hair color: Raven haired (doesn’t that sound exotic?)

Hair length: long (about mid back in length) and slightly curly now

Eye color: PURPLE!  Gray! No really, dark brown-black

Best Feature: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Braces: Yes.  But my lower teeth are back to being crooked only because I refuse to have my wisdom teeth (I have 4) pulled out!  Obvs scared of the dentist!  Have you seen the dentist chair?  TORTURE CHAIR, I tell you!

Piercings: Ears… too chicken to have anything else pierced

Tattoos: None.  I want one tho…. Any tat design ideas?

Right or Left: Right 🙂




Best Friend: I don’t have a single one…I have a group..and they are too many to mention… let’s just say that I have multiple BFFs

Award: Soooo….I joined a local pageant and got a gratuitous award that I will not mention here

Sport: EATING!  Okay, none… 😛

Real Holiday: Christmas!  I remember listening to the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas record (this means the old school turntable type) and a spoken record called Dear Dad.  I need to search for this because I swear I was bawling at like 3 or 5 years old.  It’s a story about a son writing a letter to his dad who is fighting in the war and the B side is the dad’s response…but he dies before he finished writing the letter.  SO SAD!!!!

Concert: I’ve been to a lot in the last 4 years!  But I’m a little old school so… Here are a few: Heart, Gin Blossoms, Megadeth, Metallica, No Doubt, Linkin’ Park, Foo Fighters, Lifehouse, Black Sabbath, Third Eye Blind




Films: The Sound of Music, Gone with the Wind, Somewhere in Time, The Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, Wreck it Ralph, Up, Meet the Robinsons, Treasure Planet (this calls for a new list feature!)

TV Shows: House, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Game of Thrones, The 100

Color: I love blue… but as you can see, my color palette is PINK!  And I have a lot of pinks in my closet

Song: I’m going with Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth

Restaurant: I am obsessed with Pizza Rev the make your won pizza place

Books: Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas PEOPLE!  I mean, I am freaking obsessed with that series and I can’t pick one!  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, A Journey to the Center of the Earth & 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

Shoes: Ballet flats… because they are cute!  The more puffy things in the front the better!




Feeling: happy

Single or Taken: Taken.. been with Pierre for about 15 years!

Eating: Having coffee right  now, but we are going to go eat at a Filipino restaurant tonight!

Thinking About: Food (see above) no srsly… food.

Watching: The Walking Dead only because AT&T screwed with my DVR

Wearing: Cropped black & white polka dot pants (I got a lot of good feedback with my current get-up today), black top, and heels




Want Children: Yes, please

Want to be Married: I am to the awesomest guy because he reads YA!

Careers in Mind: I love what I’m doing right now…. basically helping improve the quality of health care provided to the elderly/vulnerable population

Where You Want To Live: Somewhere in the mountains… but then that would mean it would have to be a castle, modernized, with a moat (crocs required), dragons optional, spectacular 360 views a must… preferably cheap! LMAO



giphy (1)

God: Yes

Miracles: Yes

Love at First Sight: Nope.  Not love in my opinion.

Ghosts: No… but I do have an active imagination so…

Aliens: Yes… the good kind tho…

Soul Mates: I don’t know…..if you love someone, does that make them your soulmate?

Heaven: Yes.

Hell: I’m scared to believe…

Kissing on the First Date: Kissing action preferable!  Kidding aside, hubs tried to kiss me on the first date….. 

Yourself: Maybe? Sometimes?


Pick any section, or do the tag!  Let’s get to know each other better!

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10 responses to “Blogger Insider: The Get to Know Me Tag

  1. YAS to the Throne of Glass Series, Harry Potter ♥♥, being raven-haired and eating as a sport LOL! I also saw Metallica a few years ago and it was awesome! Megadeath is one of my bf’s favorites – we’ve been together a little bit longer than you and the hubby have LOL! Loved learning more about you Ezrah 😀
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Review: The Bands of MourningMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Micheline! Megadeth was perhaps my ultimate fave concert because it was super intimate, in that Megadeth was the only band playing, and we were in the Shrine auditorium…there wasn’t a stadium full of people…so it felt super personal!

      Hooray for lasting relationships!

  2. Omg I hear you with the wisdom teeth. *cries* My brother had his removed and it was mega painful and his face was puffed up for WEEKS. So, nope nope nope. XD I had braces for most of my teenager-dom so I’m not going back to a dentist EVER. Even if my wisdom teeth are painful.??
    Omg I love your name by the way! Ezrah is the coolest name of ever. :’)
    And that is REALLY awesome that your husband reads!! I don’t know ANYONE in real life that reads. GAh. What is wrong with them… ?
    This was a super awesomely fun post!! 😀

    • Oh gosh Cait! I have been trying so hard to have him read… he is now hooked on anime so he has put Throne of Glass on the back burner for now… ahhhh… You are so RIGHT about the wisdom teeth! Also had braces and although I like the results….not going through THAT again. Also… one is getting my FOUR wisdom teeth out… EVER!!!

  3. Ugh wisdom teeth and dentists – the WORST.
    The hills are aliveeeee YES DO A FEATURE ABOUT ALL THE FILMS. please.
    Your job sounds like it’s the best! – even if it basically keeps you too busy to blog sometimes :'(
    I want a modernised castle (dragons *not* optional) too!
    Also you mentioned a pizza place and now I want pizza for dinner. Yay!
    Waahh I’m so glad you decided to do the tag, Ezrah!!!!
    Annika @ Hiding Books recently posted…Random Ramblings: My Characters Are Basically Me on Crack.My Profile

    • bahahaha I MAY do a feature for films!! something to think about…when I’m not super exhausted! been MIA for a bit Annika!!!