8 Reasons Why Opposites Attract – Anniversary Ed

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I interrupt this regularly (most of the time) scheduled blog to bring you a personal post!

Today marks our 8th year anniversary!  This also means that Pierre and I have known each other for fourteen years!  Amazing, isn’t it?


Pierre and I officially met in February of 2002.  We had been talking over the phone for a few months and was introduced by a common friend.  Oh, and did I mention that we used to be neighbors?!  You might think that this is a typical boy-next-door story, but it’s not.  I didn’t even SEE him or KNOW him while growing up.  But I can always cough it up to a 9 year age difference, yes?

Aside from the 9 year age diff, we are proof (maybe?) that opposites do attract!



Can you guess which one is which?  Obvs he is the extrovert in this duo!  I am more reserved and he is more outgoing.  Although as I grow older (ha!) I have gained more confidence, but when I met him, I was the shy girl-next-door.  Maybe he has helped me come out of my shell?


Both of us love to read.  Well, me more than him!  However, when we do read, it’s usually different genres.  He is more into the espionage, thrillers and what not and I read ROMANCE and YA!  BUT I have forced him to read YA in the last couple of years so I can have bookish discussions with him (or a sounding board when I get a book hangover!).  Yes, he has read The Lunar Chronicles, The Hunger Games, Shadow and Bone, The Mortal Instruments, and is he is currently reading Throne of Glass!



…and I don’t! Haha! *wink



Pierre plays the guitar and I….well, let’s just say that I have no musical bone in my body!  I love arts and crafts, coloring and photography!  And yes, I write angsty poetry that shall remain un-pubbed, even on this blog!



With the almost decade age diff, you would expect us to listen to different types of music!  IT IS TRUE!  I still listen to pop music and he is more of a heavy metal/alternative dude.  Now, we listen to the same stuff but it didn’t use to be that way.



We do have different interests and different preferences but we absolutely support each others’ differences.  Like the time where I went with him to a Black Sabbath concert, and the time that I dragged him to see Les Miserables and this includes dragging him to Disneyland on our fourth anniversary!



Naturally, he’s into sports and I’m NOT.  Certified bookworm here!  He’s more of an outdoorsy person while I am a homebody.  He watches sports on TV and I absolutely loathe it.  I can’t play any sport to say my life…unless eating is a sport!



I love to travel and he doesn’t!  THE HORROR!  I’m trying so hard to change his mind and do more traveling, but this is still a work in progress!

These are just a few of the things that we agree to disagree on.  We’ve known each other for 14 years already (whew!) and yet we still discover new things about each other.

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13 responses to “8 Reasons Why Opposites Attract – Anniversary Ed

    • IT DOES! I think that being opposites helps balance each other. I mean, it’s cool that we have similarities, but we’re not sooo matchy matchy all the time. I like to have my own identity once in a while! LOL

    • Thanks, Annika! Hubby is working for the next month so he missed our anniversary and he will miss my birthday… 🙁

  1. oh Happy Anniversary….Those pictures are so beautiful, you are such a darling couple. I actually think opposites attract are one of the best pairing in couples. Because in many ways they compliment each other perfectly, and from what I see….that is definitely true. Hope you have fun celebrating with your man. And cross the fingers on convincing him to travel.

    • I know! Unfortunately, when we go on vacay, it’s usually to visit our hometown in the Philippines because we currently live in the US. That sucks up all of our travelling savings, too!

    • Thanks Tonyalee! I believe someone asked him why he was dating me way back when….. and then this same person made a comment recently that she couldn’t believe we were still together. This made me mad, actually.

      I think it’s the differences and compromises that make the relationship work! I also love reading books where the h/H are opposites!