Best Bookish Couples of 2017

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I love romance. I mean, not that you wouldn’t know that I love romance… Anyway. This year was really amazing because I read a LOT of amazing romantic couples that I think are #relationshipgoals. It was pretty tough to pick 10 but I managed to narrow it down and ONLY stuck to 10!

Pandora & Gabriel


Read February 24, 2017 | Review

One of my favorite reads this year is Devil in Spring featuring one unusual heroine, Pandora Ravenel. She is odd in a cute sort of way and she is very unusual even for the time.

In my review, I wrote: “I knew that Gabriel was the perfect man for Pandora because of his mother. Evie stutters and I’m pretty sure growing up with his unconventional parents had an impact on him. Which really made him understand Pandora.” And this is still true today.

Gabriel and Pandora are a perfect pair!

Holly & Will


Read July 27, 2017

WOWZA! Holly Evernight and Will Thorne’s romance blew me away! I love the hate to love trope and this was executed perfectly in Evernight.

Also, I am pretty partial to the name Thorne (ehemm).

Piper & Hale


Read August 17, 2017 | Review

Another favorite read this year is another perfect hate to love with a tinge of forbidden romance – Hale and Piper!

I also love that this features a heroine from the opposite side of the tracks paired with an upstanding hero, who is a member of law enforcement.

Aslyn & Mick


Read October 1, 2017

Aslyn and Mick’s romance was also unusual. One of my favorite tropes is when an antihero seduces the heroine from her fiance and Mick is one antihero!

Mick does have a lot of baggage and he also has reasons for what he did and I think Aslyn was the perfect heroine for him.

Cress & Thorne


Reread September 28, 2017

So, Cress is a reread for me and OMG it is still soooo good. Again, because of Thorne! ???

Cress and Thorne is my favorite TLC couple because both are so cute together! Thorne has the Han Solo vibe to him and OMG I can’t fangirl enough!

Cress is so adorable! She is my favorite TLC character and I love her growth through the series.

Sophie & Benedict


Read October 21, 2017 | Review

I’m not a fan of Cinderella romance but this book changed me! Benedict Bridgerton is the perfect guy IMHO! He is the perfect hero for someone who has been hurt and isn’t a member of the aristocracy.

Jasmine & Sarge


Read November 12, 2017 | Review

I was pleasantly surprised by Crashed Out because this was a Christmas romance AND the heroine is older than the hero. But man, what a delightful surprise Jasmine and Sarge’s romance is! And their relationship is definitely solid.

Mia & Ansel


Read November 18, 2017 | Review

I have been on a New Adult kick and I initially thought that I wouldn’t like this book but man, oh man, was I wrong! I absolutely fell in love with Mia and Ansel!

Also, Ansel and Mia had one hell of a chemistry together!

Sara & Max


Read November 27, 2017

This is another Christina Lauren book that blew me away! I love the emotional relationship between Max and Sara and OMG was this one super HAWT!

Avery & Cam

Read December 7, 2017 | Review

Wait for You is THE BEST book I read this year. It is emotional and heartwrenching and absolutely perfect! Cam is PERFECT! And perfect for Avery, too! I can’t stop raving about this book.

Also, Avery and Cam are a perfect couple!

Who are your favorite couples of 2017?

Have you read any of the books on my list? Do you agree with my choices?

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10 responses to “Best Bookish Couples of 2017

  1. I really agree with so many of these couples that you shared here darling.

    Gabriel and Penelope, I just loved seeing together. Especially Gabriel and Kleypas working her magic on the heroine who I just didn’t care too much for at first.

    I also adore Hale and Piper, the whole opposite side of the tracks just worked for me and probably my favorite book in the series. Avery and Cam are just EPIC!!!
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    • Yes, Pandora was a little unlikeable in the previous books. She is a little offbeat, but I liked how Kleypas handled her. And Gabriel, too! But don’t you like to read more about Marcus and Lilian’s kids? ?