It was a little underwhelming | Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu [Audiobook Review]

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It was a little underwhelming | Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu [Audiobook Review]Batman: Nightwalker written by Marie Lu
Publisher Listening Library
Publication Date: January 2nd 2018
Genres: Young Adult
Series: DC Icons, #2
Format: Audiobook
Narrated by Will Damron
Length: 8 hrs and 39 mins
ISBN: 0525525572
Rating: One StarOne StarOne Star
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Before he was Batman, he was Bruce Wayne. A reckless boy willing to break the rules for a girl who may be his worst enemy.

The Nightwalkers are terrorizing Gotham City, and Bruce Wayne is next on their list.One by one, the city's elites are being executed as their mansions' security systems turn against them, trapping them like prey. Meanwhile, Bruce is turning eighteen and about to inherit his family's fortune, not to mention the keys to Wayne Enterprises and all the tech gadgetry his heart could ever desire. But after a run-in with the police, he's forced to do community service at Arkham Asylum, the infamous prison that holds the city's most brutal criminals.

Madeleine Wallace is a brilliant killer . . . and Bruce's only hope.In Arkham, Bruce meets Madeleine, a brilliant girl with ties to the Nightwalkers. What is she hiding? And why will she speak only to Bruce? Madeleine is the mystery Bruce must unravel. But is he getting her to divulge her secrets, or is he feeding her the information she needs to bring Gotham City to its knees? Bruce will walk the dark line between trust and betrayal as the Nightwalkers circle closer.

In this second DC Icons book--following Leigh Bardugo's Wonder Woman: Warbringer--Bruce Wayne is proof that you don't need superpowers to be a super hero, but can he survive this game of tense intrigue, pulse-pounding action, and masterful deception?

Act fast! The first printing includes a poster of Bruce! Each first printing in the DC Icons series will have a limited-edition poster--collect them all to create the full image!

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My Thoughts

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Batman: Nightwalker was very interesting. I am not an avid comic book or graphic novel reader, so this book was interesting. I have watched quite a bit of Batman animated movies, so I think I know a little bit of Batman facts.

I was expecting to be blown away by Batman: Nightwalker, but I wasn’t. It was surprising to me at least. We get to see a teen Bruce Wayne before he had control of his company. We also meet his friends, Diana (who is Filipina, by the way) and Harvey Dent. Although these two characters don’t really have a big impact on the story overall. But yeah, it’s just another origin story.

The most interesting part of Batman: Nightwalker is the villain. I mean, I saw it a mile away (again) and I wasn’t entirely surprised that View Spoiler » was the villain. But yeah, the villain was the most interesting character. Bruce, well, not so much. He just felt like too much of a teen and made stupid decisions. The best part is probably the last few chapters. That was the only part that had action!

Batman: Nightwalker is narrated by Will Damron and he was very good. I liked his pacing and voices. The female voice is not as great but it wasn’t horrible.

Overall, I was pretty underwhelmed by Batman Nightwalker. I just wish there was more action. I felt that this trope was pretty repetitive since I see it in a lot of superhero comics/graphic novels. By this, I mean: View Spoiler ».

This book is still worth a read, though. And I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the DC Icons series.


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Overall: 3


Batman: Nightwalker Skinny Review


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2 responses to “It was a little underwhelming | Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu [Audiobook Review]

  1. Reese

    I didn’t like this one at all. I didn’t hate it, because it wasn’t annoying or insulting, but I just found it so bland. I did like the villain (the character and the organization), I thought they were interesting and there was meat to that story, it had potential!. But the rest of it, I just didn’t know what the point was, what this brought to the character of Bruce Wayne. It didn’t made Bruce real the way Wonder Woman: Warbringer did with Diana.
    I really want to see what Sarah J Maas does with Catwoman *fingers crossed*

    • That’s true! It was just underwhelming overall. I still haven’t read Wonder Woman: Warbringer, though! That is on my TBR pile! I also hope Catwoman is good. But Sarah J. Maas does write compelling stories, s I’m pretty confident!