April 5

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Today is my birthday!  Well, it’s nothing to be happy about since I turned thirty today.  *sigh

To those who wished me a happy birthday, thanks.  You guys made my day extra special.


While hubby was in class, I explored a local bookstore in Los Feliz.  Starlight Books is really interesting.  It’s small and homey and they have an annex a couple of doors over where they have their graphic novels and comics and artsy books (photography, design, film etc.).   The section that enthralled me was the Young Adult Section, where I picked up a book that I am curious about: Dorothy Must Die.  One of my goals/resolutions this year is to buy one book on my birthday AND keep it.  NO MATTER WHAT.  This is the first book that I purchased.  I am taking a page out of one of my childhood memories where I begged my father to buy me books for one Christmas years ago.  I was probably 9.

Me + Dorothy Must Die

I found three interesting things at the library.

  1. The YA section.  I just HATE that Twilight is right beside Cress & Scarlett.  *sigh
  2. I also found a California section, where I grabbed an interesting book (more on that soon) AND I also saw this little piece of Fil-Am History.  Little Manila is in the Heart is about the early Filipinos who settled in Stockton, CA years ago.  Interesting, right?  (I didn’t purchase it, though).
  3. And while browsing the store, I also saw awesome notebooks and journals (which I might or might not copy LOL) and CAHIER COVERS.  Ever wonder where to store condoms?  I guess this is it.  ROFL

For dinner, Boss and I went to the Cheesecake Factory at Americana at Brand in Glendale.  Love that place.

I was listening to music while driving and there were three songs that played one right after the other.  LOVE them.  And I just had the playlist on RANDOM

  1. Lightning Crashes by Live
  2. She is my Cain by Wolfgang
  3. Fade to Black by Metallica

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