All the Drama! May 2018 Monthly Wraps

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All the Drama!

Last month on I Heart Romance & YA


Apparently, May was the month with all the drama! Drama in my reading (I read a lot of emotional books this month, it’s not even funny!) and also drama in Romancelandia. And this drama is not the good kind, mind you. I also want to say that I can’t believe I’ve read a lot of legalese this month. I have to admit that I have been interested and also following the Trademark fiasco that happened in the last few weeks – and it still is happening!

Anyway, I am loving the random books that I have been picking up last month. I have been emotionally drained and crying and just emotionally touched by all the books. PLEASE GIVE ME MOAAARRRR!!!




Reading Progress

Nobody Does it Better and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me still remain the longest read & listened to book this month.

I know this is a little weird but I have a LOT of 5-star books read so far! I have also included a few of my reread books under 5 stars because they are still 5 stars!


I think I need to up my review and discussion game this month. I guess I’m in a mini blog slump again so… Anyway, I have been reading and also rereading a lot of books this month and it is all good! At 64 books read before the half of the year?! I can’t believe myself!


Must Read Book of the Month

WOW, Pushing the Limits was amazing! It felt so real and emotional and everything a romance should be!

The Year We Fell Down was another AMAZING book I read this month!


Books Read this Month


Book Reviews 

  1. [4 May] My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan
  2. [10 May] Wanderlust by Lauren Blakely
  3. [11 May] Follow by Tessa Bailey
  4. [17 May] Roomies by Christina Lauren
  5. [18 May] Riskier Business, His Risk to Take by Tessa Bailey
  6. [18 May] Risking It All by Tessa Bailey
  7. [18 May] Up in Smoke by Tessa Bailey
  8. [18 May] Boiling Point by Tessa Bailey
  9. [18 May] Raw Redemption by Tessa Bailey


Blog Posts

  1. [1 May] 10 Books I’d Slay a Lion to Get Early
  2. [2 May] A Lot of Things Happened this Month! April 2018 Monthly Wraps
  3. [3 May] Jock Row by Sara Ney [Excerpt]
  4. [13 May] Currently Reading Weeks 16-18: Comments, Comments, Commenting back, and Tessa Bailey
  5. [22 May] 5 Character Names that I LOVE
  6. [27 May] Currently Reading 19-20: Sports Romance, Privacy, & GDPR
  7. [28 May] The Case of Authors Behaving Badly
  8. [31 May] Books on My Radar | June 2018



Movies & TV

I didn’t go to the theaters last month! WOW! I know, I know. There is a reason and the reason is – LOVE! Actually, I’m waiting for Pierre to come home so we can watch the new movies again.

I watched The Matchmaker’s Playbook and also The Toys that Made Us! The nostalgia while watching this TV series is so good! Also, I think I need to watch more movies!



Let's Discuss

How did May treat you? Any good books you read?

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9 responses to “All the Drama! May 2018 Monthly Wraps

  1. Danielle Hammelef

    I have to read Pushing the Limits based on your recommendation. I love it when authors can make me feel so much while reading. Going to see if it’s at my library now.

    • Ohh, tell me how you like it when you’re done, Danielle! I really love it when my reviews get people to pick up a book!

  2. I am such a fan of the Ivy Years. Those were my gateway Bowen books, and Corey is still one of my all-time favorite heroines. Katie McGarry is another go-to for me. I always enjoy her books. They tend to be a little grittier than my norm, but always so wrought with emotion. The Toys That Made Us has me all sorts of intrigued. I might have to check that out. You are killing your backlist challenge. I am all sorts of jealous.

    • Yes! I am going to be reading the series!

      The Toys that Made Us is such a fun docuseries! Nostalgia at its finest!

    • I know! It’s all so crazy! But really it’s an awesome thing that it broke out and now everybody is aware.

      Last month was awesome for 5-star reads! OMG!

  3. That is terrific, all those books read!! I must check out Tessa Bailey, they look really good. I watched a good movie this month-however this is with older actors-Al Pacino and Christopher Walken (two of my favorites) in Stand Up Guys- I loved it! Hope you have a terrific June!