8 Authors I Want My Future Children to Read

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Well, we don’t have children yet, but when we do, they will definitely be bookworms! (One can only hope!)

Okay, I can’t guarantee that but I will definitely start ’em young and get them to read the books that left a lasting impression on my young mind.

It is my hope that my future children will be lovers of the written word.

J.K. Rowling

This series really made an impact in my childhood. Okay, so I read Harry Potter in high school so… ehemm. Anyway, I would definitely get my future child to read J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series maybe around 9 or 10 years old. The first book is Harry as an eleven-year-old finally discovering that he is a wizard. Perfect for someone around 9 or 10 years old.

Jules Verne

I read Jules Verne maybe around 9 or 10 years old so, I am hoping to introduce this to my future child around the same age as well. I will probably get one of those illustrated series which reads very easy for that age. These books amazed me as an impressionable child, too.

Dr. Seuss

For my younger future child, Dr. Seuss is the perfect book to read out loud! Of course, I will definitely make my future child watch the animated Grinch every Christmas!

Also, don’t you just love how Dr. Seus books sound amazing when reading it out loud?

Roald Dahl

One of my favorite childhood movies ever us Charlie, Matilda and The BFG so yes, even though I haven’t read his books yet, it would be awesome to read this together with my future child, right?

Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden and A Little Princess are one of my favorite books when I was a child. I haven’t read this in a while so this would be an awesome reread for me and a new red for my future child.

Carolyn Keene

I wanted to become a sleuth when I was a kid. And this is all thanks to Nancy Drew! I gobbled up these books when I was fairly young (around second or third grade) and I

Madeleine L’Engle

I’ve only read A Wrinkle in Time and reread it this year, too but I haven’t finished reading this series. I would definitely love to read this with my future child. Especially if we listen to it together on audiobook!

Michael Crichton

I read Michael Crichton when I was a young warthog. Too young to understand some of the scientific terminologies BUT OMG I WAS HOOKED! I have read a few of his books and also watched the movies. I read this when I was in 5th grade so I’m definitely letting my future child read this at that age as well.

Have you read any of the authors that I mentioned?

Which books are you going to let your child (or future child) read?

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14 responses to “8 Authors I Want My Future Children to Read

  1. oh my….you listed so many great ones here. I definitely agree with Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, and Michael Crichton. Those are all great for kids and young teenagers right? I think I would add on Little House on the Prairie, Jane Eyre, and Anne of Green Gables.
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    • The funny thing is, as someone who LOVES historical romance, I haven’t read anybooks from Jane Austen! Eeeek!

      I do agree with Anne of Green Gables! I also read this when I was young.

  2. Ooh Jules Verne. Nice! I loved the old movie version of Journey to the center of the Earth, and the cover of that one is kinda awesome! Nancy Drew= awesomeness, and I loved Roald Dahl as a kid.

    • Yes, I remember those old movies! Not like the new Journey.. that wasn’t as good. LOL

      And of course, 20,000 Leagues and Captain Nemo – I think he has starred in a bunch of animated series 🙂

  3. Poinsettia

    What a great list! I read several of these. Dr. Seuss is a must for childhood! I loved Nancy Drew as well. I’ve never read any Jules Verne, but I would like too. I’ll have to add them to my ever growing tbr list. Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

    • Jules Verne is amazing! 🙂 The interesting thing about him is that he wrote about submarines, traveling around the world in 80 days BEFORE this was even possible!