6 Favorite Adult Coloring Books

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Hell, Wormies! Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday post! If you don’t already know, I absolutely LOVE coloring! At one point, when adult coloring books weren’t a thing, I used to purchase kids coloring books. My favorites were the Disney ones! I did this all throughout high school and college, actually. I’m not even sure I kept all my coloring books, but they are probably somewhere back home.

Anyway, I am loving the new adult coloring book trend! I have a few that I absolutely LOVE and I will be sharing them with you today!

I’m also going to share the page that I colored in each coloring book. Unfortunately, I did not take photos of it in good lighting so it looks crappy. *shrugs* It’s too late now to fix it, unfortunately!

The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book

One of my absolute favorites is this baby (which I actually got last Sunday)! Guess who my favorite character is? It’s actually Thorne, but I wanted to color Cress first. I also love Cress, but Thorne is my absolute fave! This page was colored using markers! I am very, very happy about it because it actually doesn’t look like it was done by markers!

Love Between the Lines

Ahh, another fave that I got for free from Forever Romance. I’ve colored a few pages already but this one is my absolute fave! This coloring book is inspired by romance books and quotes and it’s just right up my alley!

Lost Ocean

Another favorite is Johanna Basford’s Lost Ocean! It’s is a little tricky to color but I love it! This was also my first attempt at using colored pens and I am warming up to it already! The other two coloring books, I used markers!

Coloring Flower Mandalas

This is the very first adult coloring book that I purchased and I love it! I have finished a few mandala since I purchased this and I’m very happy with it. This page was colored using crayons and colored pencils. I also mistakenly purchased the watercolor pencils but I didn’t use them as water colors> I thought it turned out really great!


Coloring for Tranquility

Coloring Tranquility was one of my impulse purchases and this coloring book is full of flowers! I mostly used crayons to color this and I love how it turned out. This is perhaps the only page that I completely colored.

Stress Less Coloring Paisley Patterns

This Paisley Patterns coloring book was gifted to me and I absolutely love all the swirls and patterns! It is a little bit intricate to color but I love it. As you may have noticed, I don’t always finish a page. But I like it that way. I also used crayons and colored pencils for this one.

Do you love to color? What coloring books do you have? Do you have any good recs?

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9 responses to “6 Favorite Adult Coloring Books

  1. I loooooooove adult coloring books! I have an enormous collection and I need to seriously stop because I never even have the time to properly color them. I have a Joanna Basford one, and a Love Between the Lines one, and four of the Coloring Classics ones that Random House published last year. THOSE are my favorites. I got the Lunar Chronicles one in the mail recently, and I’m excited to flip through it and investigate. I also love the one by Pippins – I Love My Hair! I gave my sister a copy of that one for Christmas and she is obsessed. 😀

    Happy coloring, Zeee!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!
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    • Ohhhh you should show us your colored pages, Alyssa! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coloring!! 🙂 I’m trying not to buy a lot of coloring books for now.. hahaha

  2. I’ve seen some Johanna Basford coloring books here, and I’ve been meaning to buy the exact same one you have. I love to color, too. But someone once told me that I should do something more worthwhile than color to pass my time. But I still honestly want to color again. 😀

    • IT IS WORTHWHILE!!! Who is that person and I will give em a talking to! hehe Because you are my BFF (can I say that??!!), I will go easy on you… haha I look at it as a great way to help relieve stress without paying for meds! Which is more expensive, and is more productive. Plus, I multi-task while coloring. I actually get a lot of stuff done. 🙂

  3. KD

    Love the idea for your TTT! I have been thinking of getting back into coloring books but I can never find it in me to invest money in a coloring book and a set of coloring tools because I’m worried I’ll abandon the project before long. This post makes me want to color though-particularly Johann Basford’s coloring book! I’ve heard some great things about her books