4 Authors I’m Dying To Meet & 3 Authors I FANGIRLED OVER

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Happy Tuesday, Wormies! I am pretty much busy this week because I am prepping and packing for my vacay in April! I’m actually leaving on the 31st at 11 PM and there is still so much I need to take.

Anywho, I did not want this weeks’ theme to go to waste because I love this! I am actually going to do a spin on this.

I have been lucky to meet up with awesome authors. In fact, I saw quite a few at YallwestRT ConventionRWALA Times Festival of Books and random bookstore signing at The Ripped Bodice and Once Upon a Time Bookstore. But there are just some authors that I am absolutely dying to meet. Like I WANT TO MEET THEM OR I WILL DIE. OR just…. ack! Sadly, some authors that I want to meet have long since passed but I still want to meet them!

Authors I am DYING to Meet

J.K. Rowling

Like HELLO! Who doesn’t want to meet Joanne?! I mean THE brains of Harry Potter?!

I just wish I was in a place where I could have met her before she became THIS famous! Alas, I think this will be super impossible now (all the SAD faces)

Favorites: The Harry Potter series/franchise/world

Michael Crichton

Mr. Crichton basically shaped my love for Sci-Fi. I devoured a lot of his titles and I couldn’t believe that he lived in Los Angeles! Sadly, he passed away right after I moved here so I didn’t even have a chance to meet him. Oh and hey, did you know he wrote WESTWORLD in 1976? Yes, THE HBO SHOW WESTWORLD!

Favorites: Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Sphere, Timeline, The Andromeda Strain, A Case of Need

Lisa Kleypas

I can’t believe that I haven’t met THE Lisa Kleypas, yet! I MEAN she is probably my most read (and re-read) historical romance author like EVER and she is just such an AMAZING writer with stories filled of strong females and alpha heroes, and just OMG when will I EVER MEET HER! SHE NEEDS TO SIGN MY AVON ADDICTS SHIRT!

Favorites: EVERYTHING, but most especially: Again the Magic, Secrets of a Summer Night, It Happened One Autumn, Dreaming of You, Love in the Afternoon, Tempt Me at Twilight, Then Came You, Suddenly You, Worth Any Price, Lady Sophia’s Lover, Someone to Watch Over Me, Where Dreams Begin, Cold-Hearted Rake, Marrying Winterborne, Devil in Spring, Stranger in My Arms, Somewhere I’ll Find You…okay it looks like I am listing ALL of her historicals! <3

Sarah J. Maas

Ms. Maas was in Los Angeles last year but I had to choose between picking up Pierre from the airport or going to the book signing. Pierre won so I have yet to see her. Le sigh*

I am pretty sure that I will see her soon. And maybe even tell her that I am shipping #Chaolena all the way!

Favorites: The Throne of Glass series


Marissa Meyer

LIKE OMG, I CAN’T BELIEVE I MET HER! I actually drove 2 hours to meet her because I am just so geeky like that! I even dragged my husband to a teen event and he was like, “we are probably the oldest ones there…” and that was so NOT TRUE! There were a lot of teens there, though. And I fangirled over her so… (happy happy joy joy happy happy joy)

Favorites: The Lunar Chronicles, Wires and Nerves

Sabrina Jeffries

[insert amazing photo here because Pierre took a gadawful photo!]

She is the first author who actually REMEMBERS MY NAME! I have met her twice already and I am also a member of Sabrina’s Dukes and Dames (her street team) and OMG AMAZING! I still wish that I could have met her at her street team party but alas, I wasn’t able to go. But anyway, SHE REMEMBERED MY NAME! Again super sweet and such an amazing writer!

Favorites: How to Woo a Reluctant Lady, One Night with a Prince, A Lady Never Surrenders, To Wed a Wild Lord, ‘Twas the Night after Christmas, How the Scoundrel Seduces

Sarah MacLean

I saw Sarah last Saturday at the RWA California Readin’ event and I sat next to her at her table and OMG we talked about the books that we read, our favorites, and the newest book we read… eeekkk I actually told her that I was fangirling like crazy and apologized and she was basically SUPER NICE about it! (cue embarrassing music here)

Favorites: Nine Rules to Break While Romancing a Rake, A Rogue by Any other Name, One Good Earl Deserves a Lover, Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover

Which authors do you want to see? How many have you seen?

Share your experiences below!

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5 responses to “4 Authors I’m Dying To Meet & 3 Authors I FANGIRLED OVER

    • Aww I know what you mean, Cyn! I see a lot of YA authors come to LA but romance? ackk!!! Especially historical romance authors? We hardly get them here! 🙁

  1. I flew 4.5 hours to meet one of my absolute fav authors that I have fangirled over 🙂
    Lucky you got to meet some of your favs! I missed this week’s TTT, unfortunately, but browsing to see what everyone else has listed and make new blog friends.

    Hoping to meet JK Rowling some day too, if the opportunity arises.

    • I know! I hope we can meet her soon, but I’m pretty sure that if she signs, she will probably limit it to like 500 people or else millions will show up! 😀