2018 Bookish Challenges I’m Joining this Year

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Challenging Myself

As someone who isn’t a fan of challenges (eye roll), I am adding a couple of challenges to the list! I am also increasing the number of books read for each challenge!

Goodreads Reading Challenge

read 130 books

As of writing this post, I have read 134 books and I am floored! I mean, I’m not a fast reader but it does look like I have read more books this year!

For next year, I am aiming to read 130 books. Wish me luck and I hope I will not fail!

Review Challenge

review 80 books

Hosted by The Delighted Reader | Sign-Up

As of writing this post, I have reviewed 71 books! Now, I am one of those reviewers who struggle to write reviews! Eeep! I know. I’m weird.

So for 2018, I am aiming to review 80 books! This doesn’t look like such a stretch since I have reviewed more books this year than last year.

 Audiobook Challenge

listen to 80 audiobooks

Marathoner (Look Ma No Hands)

Hosted by Hot Listens & Caffeinated Book Reviewer | Sign-Up

I listen to quite a number of audiobooks. This contributed to the high number of books “read” this year so I decided to join the Audiobook Challenge, because why not? I mean, I am already a fan of audiobooks, right?

I am aiming to listen to 80 audiobooks for 2018. As of right now, I have listened to 62 audiobooks. Because I am also increasing the number of books to read, I decided to aim high and listen to 80! (OMG! I don’t know what I’m doing!)

Contemporary Romance Challenge

read 50 contemporary romance books

Grand Slam: read 21+ books

Hosted by Andi’s ABCs | Sign-Up

As of writing this post, I have read 38 contemporary romance books because OMG! I am hooked! I decided to join the Contemporary Romance Challenge because I really, really want to catch up on contemporaries!

Beat the Backlist Challenge

read 40 books published before 2018

Team Book Bards

Hosted by The Novel Knight | Sign-Up

I currently have 51 books on my TBR pile published in 2017 that I haven’t read. Well, my goal is to look at these books and see if I can read 40-ish of it. I may read books published before 2017 but I will try NOT to count it (fingers crossed).

 Book Blog Discussion Challenge

write 25 bookish discussions

Chatty Kathy – write 21-30 posts

Hosted by Feed Your Fiction Addiction & It Starts at Midnight | Sign-Up

This year is the second year that I participated in this challenge and I ACTUALLY MET MY GOAL! I am super excited! I also love coming up with bookish discussion topics and interacting with other book bloggers.

Upping the number by 5, I am aiming to write 25 discussion posts!

What challenges are you going to join in 2018?

Do you LIKE joining book challenges? If not, share the reasons why!


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12 responses to “2018 Bookish Challenges I’m Joining this Year

    • Thanks, Sam! I do love the Discussion Challenge…and it is also a challenge to think up discussion topics! LOL 🙂

      Good luck to us!

  1. Quite a few of these I will be participating in these. I do want the backlist challenge and the review challenge. I was browsing my books on goodreads, and almost 1000 books I have read I haven’t reviewed. Probably books I read before I started a blog and never did a review for. Good luck with all of these here.