11 Years of HEA

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11 Years of HEA

Let’s talk about anything bookish-ish!


Hi, Wormies! March 24 marks our 11th anniversary! In honor of this day, I’m sharing all the posts I wrote inspired by my own HEA! And maybe some books similar to my own?


Oh, yeah. 11 years. It seems like it was yesterday when Pierre and I tied the knot and I can’t believe it. Seriously. I even mentioned that to him. It hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies, but we have made it work.

Yes, we are total opposites and I even wrote about why Opposites Attract. I listed 8, but I think there are more since I wrote this post!

My Life is an Angsty Romance Novel

Last year, I wrote about the angstiness of our romance. I mean. WOW! This is where I listed books that are really similar to my own romance.

And the books very similar to our HEA?

All Chained Up | Be with Me | Forever With You | Recovered


Unique Romance Nicknames that I Absolutely Adore

And we also call each other a unique nickname? Yeah, it’s not babe or baby!


Share your own HEA or HFN!

Because, yeah, this is a romance blog after all!


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