10 Fictional Worlds I Want to Visit

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10 Fictional Worlds I Want to Visit

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Happy Tuesday, Wormies! This week on Top Ten Tuesday, we are picking a topic from the past that we want to write about. Well, I decided to do a spin on a topic that I did 2 years ago: Future Worlds I Don’t Want to Live In. So now, I decided to pick worlds that I DO want to visit, no matter how scary!

Luna & New Beijing

I love The Lunar Chronicles and so I definitely want to visit Luna and New Beijing! The TLC world is so vivid and very exciting which led me to decide that these two worlds will be the very first on my stop!


Some World in another Galaxy

I recently read Unearthed and I was intrigued by the place! Traveling through space and trying to solve the message that was sent into space and also helping futuristic Earth? Sign me up!


Gatlon City

Another fictional world I want to visit is Gatlon City home of the Renegades. It’s an interesting city where prodigies (people with powers) live and there is also a war between two groups of prodigies. So, I probably won’t live after a few hours in this city, but I don’t care!


Edinburgh, 1844

This is another steampunk world set in Scotland! Of course I want to visit Scotland but who wouldn’t want to see a Scotland with the Fae and maybe in the middle of a Fae war? And also see a Falconer? SIGN ME UP!



There are different places that Marguerite Caine visited via her Firebird necklace, which is a time-traveling device that actually takes her to different dimensions! The three books in the Firebird series lets us visit different versions of Earth in each dimension which was is fascinating to me!



Well, well, well. Who doesn’t want to meet Kaz Brekker and his gang? I definitely want to see this Russian inspired place! I would want to experience the food, the drink, and just take in the whole Ketterdam! Oh, the stories I could tell!


Gotham City

Who doesn’t want to visit Gotham and meet the famous citizens that reside in this wonderful city? I want to, even though I know I would probably die in a few hours!


The Night Huntress World

While the books in The Night Huntress World are set in real places, vampires and other paranormal creatures don’t exist in real life. So… YES I DO WANT TO SEE BONES & CAT!



A hot king named Wynter with all the powers? Who doesn’t want to see that? But I do want to visit the cold country. I see it as a place in Scotland that is really cold but with awesome summer and winter scenery.


Darkest London

Here’s another fictional world that I want to visit – Darkest London! Well, the London from the Darkest London series by Kristen Callihan. This world is like a mash-up of Regency London and a paranormal London. Basically steampunk! London


What other fictional places do you want to visit?

Do you want to visit any of the worlds listed here?


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3 responses to “10 Fictional Worlds I Want to Visit

  1. So many great selections! The worlds in these books (or rather, the ones that I am familiar with) are so brilliantly vivid and I adore your choices. Also, The Falconer looks so intriguing–I hadn’t heard of it until your post, so here I am adding another book to my TBR pile. Thanks for sharing!

    • Awesome! Glad to know that you added The Falconer on your TBR pile! This is one of the underrated YA fantasy books!