Top Ten Tuesday: New Year Resolutions

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It’s 2016 and we’re talkin’ RESOLUTIONS!

Everyone always makes a list of resolutions for the new year BUT not all of us follow through.  I admit, I am guilty of abandoning my resolutions.  But for now, I will TRY my best NOT to break these resolutions and actually follow through.

In this list, I will add a little snippet of what I will do to accomplish said resolution.  Ready? GO!

Goal #1 Forge relationships with other book bloggers

The last part of 2015 was amazing in that I finally connected with a lot of book bloggers via their blogs and social media.  So this year, I plan to strengthen the friendships that I have started to develop.

How I plan to accomplish it:  I plan to be more active in the community and interact with them through their blogs via comments and social media via Twitter.

Goal #2 Read and review 80 books

Last year, I exceeded my goal and read 106 books, but I absolutely failed at reviewing them.  And although it’s not really required to review them, I still want to review more.

How I plan to accomplish it:  With the goal of 80 books, I plan to slow down my reading speed and actually list down any thoughts I have on the book I am currently listening or reading.

Goal #3 Increase my Netgalley Health

I am currently at 38% in my Netgalley health and that is not good.  I currently have quite a few books that need to be reviewed

How I plan to accomplish it:  This can be accomplished by following through on the Shelf Love Challenge.  Even if it means leaving a couple of sentences about the book that I read, I will do it.

Goal #4 Improve my review format

This is related to goal #2.  Since  I plan to review more, I also plan to finely tune the reviews that I post on my blog and make it more refreshing and unique.

How I plan to accomplish it:  Last week, I started a review style that I absolutely love!  I’ve also started to create visual skinny reviews for those who don’t want to read longer text reviews.  Yay!  Here is a sample:

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff Skinny Review

Goal #5 Create more discussion posts regularly

When I joined the Discussion Challenge last year, I did not realize that I would enjoy writing more discussion posts.  Well, this year, I plan to write more!

How I plan to accomplish it:  Keep my legal pad with me at all times so when blog post ideas pop-up, it can be recorded.  Of course, I find that great ideas pop-up whenI’m driving so… *wink

Goal #6 Post more bookish photos on Instagram

I love taking photos but the last few years have been bad for me and photography.  And although I am not a pro at photography, I can use an SLR on manual settings.  My goal is to post more photos on Instagram.

How I plan to accomplish it: This is a little tough since setting up usually takes time (and accessories) that I can’t possibly have, yeah?  But I will persevere and try to post at least 1 photo a week.  Want to see?  Follow me on Instagram!

Goal #7 Read more physical books

I have started to read via digital and audiobook in the last couple of years and I admit to feeling guilty about it.  I’m not slamming or comparing the different ways to read BUT I will say that I miss holding a physical book and seeing the other perks of reading a physical book (like maps!).

How I plan to accomplish it:  I’ve actually challenged myself with Reading Unplugged and read at least 1 physical book a month.

Goal #8 Clean up my blog

For those who follow me, you would know that I was hacked in October-November of last year.  I had to delete everything and reinstall everything but I also lost all my images.  Mind you, I did everything myself.  Needless to say,  I found a few tips and was inspired to clean up my blog!

How I plan to accomplish it:  I have been slowly changing, and updating my posts and I want to continue doing it.  I found Ashley @ Nose Graze’s blog and have read her tips about protecting and improving your blog, and I am inspired.

Goal #9 Write down and take note of book quotes

I really envy those who can actually add quotes in their reviews.  And as much as I highlight them on my iPad/Nook, I still do not take the time to open them when I write my reviews.

How I plan to accomplish it: Get a quote book and write down the quotes that I like!  Plus, opening them when I write reviews!

Goal #10 Blog more often

I admit, I am one of those people prone to blog slumps but this year, I am trying to change that.  Additionally, this goal is related to goal #2 and goal #5, so this shouldn’t be hard.  I hope so.

How I plan to accomplish it: Set a time for blogging, at least, three times a week.  I will be working on my own blog schedule to help me accomplish this goal.  I also do not want to neglect to read all because I am spending all my time on my blog, right?

 Let’s Discuss

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?  Share your thoughts below or link me up to your blog post!

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8 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: New Year Resolutions

  1. I love your goals! Connecting in the community is awesome, especially when you find people you CLICK with! Look forward to your new review style and discussion posts!

  2. Those are so many great goals to have!!! Ashely is great and I love her advice. Its the one downside to have a self hosted blog though, having to keep up your own security.

    • I know what you mean! *sigh and I have to maintain my mom’s blogs as well…. and it’s a pain because she hardly updates them! ha ha