Top Ten Tuesday: My Bookish Bucket List

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This week, the Top Ten Tuesday topic is out BOOKISH BUCKET LIST.  I actually did a similar list for the TTT Rewind but this one is a little bit different.  I added a few and took out a few with the ultimate goal of fulfilling these by the end of the year 2014.


I finished reading and reviewing 53 books last year with a goal of 60 (see Year in [Book] Review).  This year, I am still keeping it at 60 and I will try reviewing all the books that I read but I am still going to count books that I haven’t read.   I am now at 15 books read.


My goal is still to review at least 60 books this year.  Right now, I am at 11 books reviewed.  I still have more pending and I’m super excited that I am keeping up!


Hubby has already read the Trilogy (and I forced him to) BUT I haven’t read it yet.  He said it’s different from the movies.  He said it doesn’t end in a good note.  NO SPOILERS please!  This series is on my TBR list already!


I want to.  But I haven’t.  I read one last year and it was a DNF for me (see February Book DNRs) so I am looking at reading one this year.  I want to read PERSUASION by Jane Austin this year.


I’ve also tried the audiobook but unfortunately, my mind wanders about 30 minutes in.  I usually listen to it while driving to work and I don’t think that’s a good place to be distracted, no?


I know the RT Booklovers Convention is in New Orleans this year and I am so bummed that I can’t go.  Being in a different state and with work, I can’t take off for a week plus, I don’t have the budget.  I actually “attended” (I was at the Giant Book Fair only) the RT Booklovers Convention in 2011 which was in Los Angeles.

I really do want to join any other convention but I don’t know if there are any that is close by.  Unless you know any?  Shoot me a comment!


As I stated in my Top Ten Rewind post that I wanted to join Nanowrimo.  I hope I can follow through.  I still don’t know about this one.


Another series that I want to read…again is the Harry Potter series.  I have reread my favorites (Books 1,2 and 7) over and over again but this time, I want to read them from 1 through 7 and review them.  Since I am older from when I last read the books, I think I would have a different perspective and I might notice different things that I haven’t before.


I have added a few features on my site that are weekly (Friday Faves, I Heart Weekly) and monthly (Monthly Wrap-Ups) and a couple that are regular as needed (Hubby Reads & Book VS Movie).  I have also joined Top Ten Tuesday regularly this past couple of months.


This is linked to #9.  Since I already have my features, I am hoping that I will be regularly updating this through the end of this year (fingers crossed).

So what is in your bucket list?  Share your list below.

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