Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like to Own

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I love bookish items.  I already have a few BUT these are the things that I WANT to own.


The Book Purse

This is so cute!  Who doesn’t want to carry things inside their favorite book?  I found a shop at Etsy called Novel Creations and she makes purses out of your favorite reads!

Bookish Stamp

My book stash has been steadily growing the last couple of years and I want to stamp my name (or monogram) on my books!

Comic Book Shoes

How cute are these! I LOVE them!  I want to make them!  Yes, I do!

Deathly Hallows Bracelet

I am such a Potter Geek and I love all things Harry Potter.  This cute Hallows bracelet is perfect for my nerdiness.

Belle’s Library

Well, technically it’s the Beast’s library that he gave to Belle.  Regardless of who owns it, I’d LOVE to have a library where the bookshelves are fully stacked with books sky high!

Book Dress

I found this dress while googling “bookish dresses” and these are cute!  I can definitely see myself wearing this for date night

Upside Down Bookshelf

These books look like they are stuck to the shelf but they are not!  This ingenious and unique way of showing off your current favorite books is a must have for my home.

Tiny Book Charms

I also saw these cute book charms on Etsy.  Charmed by Books makes these cute things that you can hang on your bracelet!

Scented Candle

I love the smell of old books.  So when I saw a scented candle that says OLD BOOKS, I all but salivated!  Frostbeard Studio makes soy candles based on your favorite books (they have a Mockingjay scent!)

Bookpaper Flowers/Bouquet

So, when my hubby and I got married, we didn’t really go into a full on themed wedding.  Unfortunately, I am regretting WHY I didn’t go through with it!  We could have done a gothic bookish theme (since he loves heavy metal music, yeah?).  Anyway, these would have been my bouquet!

Do you have any bookish finds?  Share them below.  You can also direct me to places where I can buy them!

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