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Book Cover Book Title Author Series Rating
TormentTormentLauren KateFallen #22 Stars
Dreaming of YouDreaming of YouLisa KleypasThe Gamblers #25 Stars
VanishVanishSophie JordanFirelight #2Did Not Finish
Vampire MineVampire MineKerrelyn SparksLove at Stake #104 Stars
Midnight's Wild PassionMidnight's Wild PassionAnna Campbell4 Stars
TwilightTwilightStephenie MeyerTwilight Saga #12.5 Stars
How to Woo a Reluctant LadyHow to Woo a Reluctant LadySabrina JeffriesThe Hellions of Halstead Hall #35 Stars
Then Came YouThen Came YouLisa KleypasThe Gamblers #24 Stars
After the AbductionAfter the AbductionSabrina JeffriesSwanlea Spinsters #33 Stars
When in Paris... / Only for YouWhen in Paris... / Only for YouBeverley KendallUnforgettable You #1, The Language of Love #14 Stars
A Mermaid's KissA Mermaid's KissJoey W. HillDaughters of Arianne #13 Stars
EverneathEverneathBrodi AshtonEverneath #13 Stars
Her Perfect MatchHer Perfect MatchJess MichaelsMistress Matchmaker Series #34 Stars
By Love UnveiledBy Love UnveiledSabrina JeffriesRestoration #14 Stars
CinderCinderMarissa MeyerLunar Chronicles #13 Stars
A Most Scandalous ProposalA Most Scandalous ProposalAshlyn MacNamaraA Most Series #1Did Not Finish
My Fair MistressMy Fair MistressTracy Anne WarrenThe Mistress Trilogy #15 Stars
Seducing the PrincessSeducing the PrincessMary Hart PerryQueen Victoria's Daughters #23.5 Stars
Ten Reasons to StayTen Reasons to StaySabrina JeffriesSchool for Heiresses #2.53 Stars
A Long, Long SleepA Long, Long SleepAnna SheehanUnicorp #14 Stars
The Seduction of EmilyThe Seduction of EmilyRachel Brimble3 Stars
Across the UniverseAcross the UniverseBeth RevisAcross the Universe #13.5 Stars
The Prince's BrideThe Prince's BrideJulianne MacLeanThe Royal Trilogy #33 Stars
A Little Bit SinfulA Little Bit SinfulRobyn DeHartForbidden Love #23 Stars
Those Nights in MontrealThose Nights in MontrealBeverley KendallUnforgettable You #1.53 Stars
Never Trust a ScoundrelNever Trust a ScoundrelGayle CallenSons of Scandal Trilogy #12.5 Stars
One Good Earl Deserves a LoverOne Good Earl Deserves a LoverSarah MacLeanThe Rules of Scoundrels #25 Stars
Princess in LovePrincess in LoveJulianne MacLeanThe Royal Trilogy #22 Stars
Any Duchess Will DoAny Duchess Will DoTessa DareSpindle Cove #44 Stars
Stranger in My ArmsStranger in My ArmsLisa Kleypas5 Stars
What the Duke DesiresWhat the Duke DesiresSabrina JeffriesThe Duke's Men #13 Stars
Taken By the DukeTaken By the DukeJess MichaelsThe Pleasure Wars #15 Stars
BetrothedBetrothedElizabeth ElliottMontagues #24.5 Stars
The Secrets of Mia DanversThe Secrets of Mia DanversRobyn DeHartDangerous Liaisons #15 Stars
In Bed with the DevilIn Bed with the DevilLorraine HeathScoundrels of St. James #15 Stars
If You Give a Rake a RubyIf You Give a Rake a RubyShana GalenJewels of the Ton #23 Stars
Sin: An Erotic Collection of NovellasSin: An Erotic Collection of NovellasJess MichaelsSin4.5 Stars
Love, TechnicallyLove, TechnicallyLynne Silver3 Stars
How to Lose a Bride in One NightHow to Lose a Bride in One NightSophie JordanForgotten Princesses #33.5 Stars
City of BonesCity of BonesCassandra ClareThe Mortal Instruments #13.5 Stars
EverboundEverboundBrodi AshtonEverneath #24 Stars
Pleasuring The LadyPleasuring The LadyJess MichaelsThe Pleasure Wars #24 Stars
In Love with a Wicked ManIn Love with a Wicked ManLiz CarlyleMacLachlan Family & Friends #93 Stars
'Twas the Night after Christmas'Twas the Night after ChristmasSabrina JeffriesHellions of Halstead Hall #6, The Duke's Men #0.54 Stars
A Million SunsA Million SunsBeth RevisAcross the Universe #23 Stars
When the Rogue ReturnsWhen the Rogue ReturnsSabrina JeffriesThe Duke's Men #24.5 Stars
Shades of EarthShades of EarthBeth RevisAcross the Universe #34 Stars
When the Marquess Met His MatchWhen the Marquess Met His MatchLaura Lee GuhrkeAn American Heiress in London #14 Stars
The Trouble with PrincessesThe Trouble with PrincessesTracy Anne WarrenThe Princess Brides #34 Stars
The Last Wicked ScoundrelThe Last Wicked ScoundrelLorraine HeathScoundrels of St. James #53 Stars
When the Duke Was WickedWhen the Duke Was WickedLorraine HeathScandalous Gentlemen of St. James #14 Stars
These Broken StarsThese Broken StarsAmie Kaufman, Meagan SpoonerStarbound, #15 Stars
How to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysHow to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysLaura Lee GuhrkeAn American Heiress in London #23 Stars
A Rogue by Any Other NameA Rogue by Any Other NameSarah MacLeanThe Rules of Scoundrels #15 Stars
No Good Duke Goes UnpunishedNo Good Duke Goes UnpunishedSarah MacLeanThe Rules of Scoundrels #32.5 Stars
DivergentDivergentVeronica RothDivergent #13.5 Stars
Night of PleasureNight of PleasureDelilah MarvelleSchool of Gallantry #43 Stars
No Ordinary MistressNo Ordinary MistressRobyn DeHartMasquerading Mistresses #12.5 Stars
Sapphires Are an Earl's Best FriendSapphires Are an Earl's Best FriendShana GalenJewels of the Ton #34 Stars
Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a RakeNine Rules to Break When Romancing a RakeSarah MacLeanLove By Numbers #15 Stars
Beauty and the EarlBeauty and the EarlJess MichaelsThe Pleasure Wars #35 Stars
Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's HeartEleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's HeartSarah MacLeanLove By Numbers #33 Stars
No Place Like OzNo Place Like OzDanielle PaigeDorothy Must Die #0.14 Stars
Dorothy Must DieDorothy Must DieDanielle PaigeDorothy Must Die #14 Stars
The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our StarsJohn Green4 Stars
A Night to SurrenderA Night to SurrenderTessa DareSpindle Cove #14 Stars
Redemption of the DukeRedemption of the DukeGayle CallenBrides of Redemption #3Did Not Finish
His MistressHis MistressMonica BurnsSelf-Made Men #24 Stars
Abducted by a PrinceAbducted by a PrinceOlivia DrakeCinderella Sisterhood #32 Stars
How to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysHow to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysKate McKinleyWhat Happens in Scotland #14 Stars
Clockwork AngelClockwork AngelCassandra ClareThe Infernal Devices #14 Stars
Clockwork PrinceClockwork PrinceCassandra ClareThe Infernal Devices #24.5 Stars
Clockwork PrincessClockwork PrincessCassandra ClareThe Infernal Devices #35 Stars
His Forbidden TouchHis Forbidden TouchShelly ThackerStolen Brides #25 Stars
The Madman’s DaughterThe Madman’s DaughterMegan ShepherdThe Madman’s Daughter #15 Stars
Her Dark CuriosityHer Dark CuriosityMegan ShepherdThe Madman's Daughter #25 Stars
Beautiful DistractionBeautiful DistractionJess MichaelsThe Pleasure Wars #44 Stars
Woo'd in HasteWoo'd in HasteSabrina DarbyTaming #13 Stars
Wed at LeisureWed at LeisureSabrina DarbyTaming #23 Stars
Tiger LilyTiger LilyJodi Lynn Anderson5 Stars
Cruel BeautyCruel BeautyRosamund HodgeCruel Beauty Universe #15 Stars
Deeply In YouDeeply In YouSharon PageThe Wicked Dukes #14 Stars
EvermoreEvermoreAlyson NoelThe Immortals #12 Stars
The Hunger GamesThe Hunger GamesSuzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games #15 Stars
A Matter of SinA Matter of SinJess MichaelsThe Ladies' Book of Pleasures #13.5 Stars
How To Lose A Lord In 10 Days Or LessHow To Lose A Lord In 10 Days Or LessElizabeth MichelsTricks Of The Ton #32 Stars
Catching FireCatching FireSuzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games #25 Stars
A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin (The Debutante Files, #1)A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin (The Debutante Files, #1)Sophie Jordan4 Stars
Sweet EvilSweet EvilWendy HigginsThe Sweet Trilogy #11 Star
An Introduction to PleasureAn Introduction to PleasureJess MichaelsMistress Matchmaker #15 Stars
Mastering the MarquessMastering the MarquessLavinia KentBound and Determined #13 Stars
Romancing the DukeRomancing the DukeTessa DareCastles Ever After #14.5 Stars
Finding Miss McFarlandFinding Miss McFarlandVivienne LorretWallflower Weddings #34 Stars
Once More, My Darling RogueOnce More, My Darling RogueLorraine HeathScandalous Gentlemen of St. James #25 Stars
Shadow and BoneShadow and BoneLeigh BardugoThe Grisha #14 Stars
ScarletScarletMarissa MeyerLunar Chronicles #25 Stars
How the Scoundrel SeducesHow the Scoundrel SeducesSabrina JeffriesThe Duke's Men #34 Stars
The Earl's MistressThe Earl's MistressLiz CarlyleMacLachlan Family & Friends #103 Stars
WildWildSophie JordanThe Ivy Chronicles #34 Stars
CressCressMarissa MeyerLunar Chronicles #34 Stars
A Week to Be WickedA Week to Be WickedTessa DareSpindle Cove #24 Stars
ForeplayForeplaySophie JordanThe Ivy Chronicles #14 Stars
TeaseTeaseSophie JordanThe Ivy Chronicles #34 Stars
The SelectionThe SelectionKiera CassThe Selection #12 Stars
The EliteThe EliteKiera CassThe Selection #22 Stars
The OneThe OneKiera CassThe Selection #32 Stars
A Moment of PassionA Moment of PassionJess MichaelsThe Ladies Book of Pleasures #23 Stars
What a Wallflower WantsWhat a Wallflower WantsMaya RodaleBad Boys & Wallflowers # 33 Stars
The Duke's Guide to Correct BehaviorThe Duke's Guide to Correct BehaviorMegan FramptonDukes Behaving Badly #13 Stars
A Measure of DeceitA Measure of DeceitJess MichaelsThe Ladies Book of Pleasures #33.5 Stars
After the EndAfter the EndAmy PlumAfter the End #1
GracelingGracelingKristin CashoreGraceling Realm #15 Stars
Waking Up With the DukeWaking Up With the DukeLorraine HeathLondon's Greatest Lovers #35 Stars
The Other DukeThe Other DukeJess MichaelsThe Notorious Flynns #14 Stars
Never Judge a Lady by Her CoverNever Judge a Lady by Her CoverSarah MacLeanThe Rules of Scoundrels #44 Stars
In Your Wildest Scottish DreamsIn Your Wildest Scottish DreamsKaren RanneyMacIain #13 Stars
Diary of an Accidental WallflowerDiary of an Accidental WallflowerJennifer McQuistonSeduction Diaries # 14 Stars
Bound by BlissBound by BlissLavinia KentBound and Determined #23 Stars
UninvitedUninvitedSophie JordanUninvited #13 Stars
It Started With a ScandalIt Started With a ScandalJulie Anne LongPennyroyal Green #103 Stars
Shatter MeShatter MeTahereh MafiShatter Me Series #1, The Juliette Chronicles #13 Stars
Unravel MeUnravel MeTahereh MafiShatter Me Series #2, The Juliette Chronicles #23 Stars
Ignite MeIgnite MeTahereh MafiShatter Me Series #3, The Juliette Chronicles #33 Stars
The Courtesan DuchessThe Courtesan DuchessJoanna ShupeWicked Deceptions #13 Stars
The Duke and the Lady in RedThe Duke and the Lady in RedLorraine HeathScandalous Gentlemen of St. James #35 Stars
Halfway to the GraveHalfway to the GraveJeaniene FrostNight Huntress Novels #15 Stars
One Foot in the GraveOne Foot in the GraveJeaniene FrostNight Huntress Novels #24 Stars
FairestFairestMarissa MeyerLunar Chronicles #3.54 Stars
The Harlot CountessThe Harlot CountessJoanna ShupeWicked Deceptions #24 Stars
No Gentleman for GeorginaNo Gentleman for GeorginaJess MichaelsThe Notorious Flynns #43 Stars
An Heiress for All SeasonsAn Heiress for All SeasonsSophie JordanThe Debutante Files #1.52.5 Stars
UnearthlyUnearthlyCynthia HandUnearthly #14 Stars
HallowedHallowedCynthia HandUnearthly #25 Stars
BoundlessBoundlessCynthia HandUnearthly #34 Stars
Earls Just Want to Have FunEarls Just Want to Have FunShana GalenCovent Garden Cubs #14 Stars
This Shattered WorldThis Shattered WorldAmie Kaufman, Meagan SpoonerStarbound #24 Stars
Desire Me NowDesire Me NowTiffany ClareDesire Me Now #13 Stars
The Widow WagerThe Widow WagerJess MichaelsThe Notorious Flynns #33 Stars
LegendLegendMarie LuLegend #14 Stars
The Art of SinningThe Art of SinningSabrina JeffriesSinful Suitors #14 Stars
ProdigyProdigyMarie LuLegend #24 Stars
Burn for MeBurn for MeIlona AndrewsHidden Legacy #1Did Not Finish
The Conspiracy of UsThe Conspiracy of UsMaggie HallThe Conspiracy of Us, #1Did Not Finish
My Fair MistressMy Fair MistressTracy Anne WarrenMistress Trilogy #15 Stars
ChampionChampionMarie LuLegend #33 Stars
Mila 2.0Mila 2.0Debra DrizaMila 2.0 #14 Stars
A Cold LegacyA Cold LegacyMegan ShepherdThe Madman's Daughter #35 Stars
RenegadeRenegadeDebra DrizaMila 2.0 #25 Stars
After the EndAfter the EndAmy PlumAfter the End #14 Stars
Put Up Your DukePut Up Your DukeMegan FramptonDukes Behaving Badly #23 Stars
Until the BeginningUntil the BeginningAmy PlumAfter the End #24 Stars
Forever Your EarlForever Your EarlEva LeighThe Wicked Quills of London #14 Stars
CommandedCommandedStacey KennedyClub Sin #64 Stars
ForbiddenForbiddenJess MichaelsThe Wicked Woodleys #15 Stars
RebootRebootAmy TinteraReboot #14 Stars
RebelRebelAmy TinteraReboot #24 Stars
When a Scot Ties the KnotWhen a Scot Ties the KnotTessa DareCastles Ever After #35 Stars
Sarah's SurrenderSarah's SurrenderLavinia KentBound and Determined #2.53 Stars
DeceivedDeceivedJess MichaelsThe Wicked Woodleys #23.5 Stars
Crimson BoundCrimson BoundRosamund Hodge3 Stars
MineMineStacey KennedyClub Sin #72 Stars
If the Viscount FallsIf the Viscount FallsSabrina JeffriesThe Duke's Men #44 Stars
Desire Me AlwaysDesire Me AlwaysTiffany ClareDesire Me #34 Stars
MagoniaMagoniaMaria Dahvana HeadleyMagonia #14 Stars
The Match of the CenturyThe Match of the CenturyCathy MaxwellMarrying the Duke #1Did Not Finish
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar ChildrenMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar ChildrenRansom RiggsMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children #13 Stars
WinterWinterMarissa MeyerThe Lunar Chronicles #45 Stars
The Beautiful AshesThe Beautiful AshesJeaniene FrostBroken Destiny #13 Stars
TalonTalonJulie KagawaTalon #13 Stars
All I Want for Christmas Is a DukeAll I Want for Christmas Is a DukeValerie Bowman, Tiffany Clare, Vivienne Lorret, Ashlyn MacNamara3 Stars
IlluminaeIlluminaeAmie Kaufman, Jay KristoffThe Illuminae Files #15 Stars
One-Eyed Dukes are WildOne-Eyed Dukes are WildMegan FramptonDukes Behaving Badly #33.5 Stars
The 5th WaveThe 5th WaveRick YanceyThe 5th Wave5 Stars
Daughter of Smoke & BoneDaughter of Smoke & BoneLaini TaylorDaughter of Smoke and Bone #15 Stars
Stitching SnowStitching SnowR.C. Lewis3.5 Stars
Throne of GlassThrone of GlassSarah J. MaasThrone of Glass #14 Stars
Their Fractured LightTheir Fractured LightAmie Kaufman, Meagan SpoonerStarbound, #33.5 Stars
Crown of MidnightCrown of MidnightSarah J. MaasThrone of Glass, #25 Stars
The HunterThe HunterKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels, #25 Stars
Lady Bridget's DiaryLady Bridget's DiaryMaya RodaleKeeping Up with the Cavendishes #14.5 Stars
BorderlineBorderlineMishell BakerArcadia Project Trilogy #13 Stars
Save Me, Kurt CobainSave Me, Kurt CobainJenny Manzer4.5 Stars
Heir of FireHeir of FireSarah J. MaasThrone of Glass #35 Stars
Anna and the French KissAnna and the French KissStephanie PerkinsAnna and the French Kiss #12 Stars
RuinedRuinedJess MichaelsThe Wicked Woodleys #44 Stars
FireFireKristin CashoreGraceling Realm #2Did Not Finish
The CageThe CageMegan ShepherdThe Cage #1Did Not Finish
ShiverShiverMaggie StiefvaterThe Wolves of Mercy Falls #1Did Not Finish
Fortune Favors the WickedFortune Favors the WickedTheresa RomainRoyal Rewards #13.5 Stars
The Forbidden WishThe Forbidden WishJessica Khoury4.5 Stars
Temptations of a WallflowerTemptations of a WallflowerEva LeighThe Wicked Quills of London #33.5 Stars
Anyone but Ivy PocketAnyone but Ivy PocketCaleb KrispIvy Pocket #13.5 Stars
Somebody Stop Ivy PocketSomebody Stop Ivy PocketCaleb KrispIvy Pocket #23.5 Stars
The Book of IvyThe Book of IvyAmy EngelThe Book of Ivy #14 Stars
The Revolution of IvyThe Revolution of IvyAmy EngelThe Book of Ivy #22 Stars
The Girl from EverywhereThe Girl from EverywhereHeidi HeiligThe Girl from Everywhere #14.5 Stars
A Court of Thorns and RosesA Court of Thorns and RosesSarah J. MaasA Court of Thorns and Roses #13.5 Stars
CutCutEmily DuvallFlawless #22.5 Stars
A Gentleman Never TellsA Gentleman Never TellsEloisa JamesEssex Sisters #4.53.5 Stars
Devil in WinterDevil in WinterLisa KleypasWallflowers #34 Stars
All Chained UpAll Chained UpSophie JordanDevil's Rock #15 Stars
Hell Breaks LooseHell Breaks LooseSophie JordanDevil's Rock #24 Stars
The Earl Takes AllThe Earl Takes AllLorraine HeathThe Hellions of Havisham #2Did Not Finish
Chasing Lady AmeliaChasing Lady AmeliaMaya RodaleKeeping Up with the Cavendishes #2Did Not Finish
Searching for SomedaySearching for SomedayJennifer ProbstSearching For #13.5 Stars
Searching for PerfectSearching for PerfectJennifer ProbstSearching For #23 Stars
Searching for BeautifulSearching for BeautifulJennifer ProbstSearching For #35 Stars
Searching for AlwaysSearching for AlwaysJennifer ProbstSearching For #44.5 Stars
FangirlFangirlRainbow Rowell4 Stars
For Darkness Shows the StarsFor Darkness Shows the StarsDiana PeterfreundFor Darkness Shows the Stars #14 Stars
Searching for DisasterSearching for DisasterJennifer ProbstSearching For #4.63.5 Stars
While the Duke Was SleepingWhile the Duke Was SleepingSophie JordanThe Rogue Files #13.5 Stars
BaronBaronJoanna ShupeThe Knickerbocker Club #25 Stars
Love Between the Lines: An Adult Coloring Book for Book LoversLove Between the Lines: An Adult Coloring Book for Book LoversChristina Collie4 Stars
Something in BetweenSomething in BetweenMelissa de la Cruz4 Stars
Fury on FireFury on FireSophie JordanDevil's Rock #33.5 Stars
Midnight RescueMidnight RescueElle KennedyKiller Instincts #13.5 Stars
Midnight AliasMidnight AliasElle KennedyKiller Instincts #23 Stars
Midnight GamesMidnight GamesElle KennedyKiller Instincts #34 Stars
Midnight ActionMidnight ActionElle KennedyKiller Instincts #55 Stars
Midnight PursuitsMidnight PursuitsElle KennedyKiller Instincts #44 Stars
Midnight CaptiveMidnight CaptiveElle KennedyKiller Instincts #63.5 Stars
Midnight RevengeMidnight RevengeElle KennedyKiller Instincts #73 Stars
Lions and LaceLions and LaceMeagan McKinneyVan Alen Sisters #15 Stars
Any Time, Any PlaceAny Time, Any PlaceJennifer ProbstBillionaire Builders #24 Stars
MogulMogulJoanna ShupeThe Knickerbocker Club #33 Stars
Fair Is the RoseFair Is the RoseMeagan McKinneyVan Alen Sisters #24.5 Stars
The DukeThe DukeKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #42.5 Stars
The Fairest of Them AllThe Fairest of Them AllCathy MaxwellMarrying the Duke #22 Stars
The Bride's NecklaceThe Bride's NecklaceKat MartinNecklace Trilogy #15 Stars
The Devil's NecklaceThe Devil's NecklaceKat MartinNecklace Trilogy #24 Stars
The Handmaiden's NecklaceThe Handmaiden's NecklaceKat MartinNecklace Trilogy #34 Stars
The Lunar Chronicles Coloring BookThe Lunar Chronicles Coloring BookMarissa MeyerThe Lunar Chronicles 4.63.5 Stars
Wires and Nerve Volume 1Wires and Nerve Volume 1Marissa MeyerWires and Nerves #15 Stars
A Thousand Pieces of YouA Thousand Pieces of YouClaudia GrayFirebird #14 Stars
Ten Thousand Skies Above YouTen Thousand Skies Above YouClaudia GrayFirebird #25 Stars
A Million Worlds with YouA Million Worlds with YouClaudia GrayFirebird #34 Stars
Devil in SpringDevil in SpringLisa KleypasThe Ravenels #35 Stars
My Fair DuchessMy Fair DuchessMegan FramptonDukes Behaving Badly #53 Stars
Blush for MeBlush for MeKristen ProbyFusion #33.5 Stars
Sweetest Mistake (Sweet, Texas, #2)Sweetest Mistake (Sweet, Texas, #2)Candis TerrySweet Texas #23 Stars
Better When He's BadBetter When He's BadJay CrownoverWelcome to the Point #14 Stars
Better when He's BoldBetter when He's BoldJay CrownoverWelcome to the Point #23 Stars
Better When He's BraveBetter When He's BraveJay CrownoverWelcome to the Point #33.5 Stars
Bedchamber GamesBedchamber GamesTracy Anne WarrenThe Rakes of Cavendish Square #35 Stars
When the Marquess FallsWhen the Marquess FallsLorraine HeathHellions of Havisham #3.53.5 Stars
Into the FireInto the FireJeaniene FrostNight Prince #43.5 Stars
The Winter KingThe Winter KingC.L. WilsonWeathermages of Mystral #15 Stars
The FixerThe FixerHelenKay DimonGames People Play #1Did Not Finish
Midnight TargetMidnight TargetElle KennedyKiller Instincts #83.5 Stars
The Pleasures of PassionThe Pleasures of PassionSabrina JeffriesSinful Suitors #43.5 Stars
Defy the StarsDefy the StarsClaudia GrayConstellation #13.5 Stars
From Duke Till DawnFrom Duke Till DawnEva LeighThe London Underground #14 Stars
An Affair with a Notorious HeiressAn Affair with a Notorious HeiressLorraine HeathScandalous Gentlemen of St. James #44.5 Stars
My Life As a White Trash ZombieMy Life As a White Trash ZombieDiana RowlandWhite Trash Zombie #14 Stars
Moon CalledMoon CalledPatricia BriggsMercy Thompson #1Did Not Finish
JackabyJackabyWilliam RitterJackaby #14 Stars
A Most Unlikely DukeA Most Unlikely DukeSophie BarnesDiamonds in the Rough #13.5 Stars
Prom QueenProm QueenKatee RobertBad Boy Homecoming #33 Stars
Love with a Scottish OutlawLove with a Scottish OutlawGayle CallenHighland Weddings #33 Stars
The Day of the DuchessThe Day of the DuchessSarah MacLeanScandal & Scoundrel #33.5 Stars
Flame in the MistFlame in the MistRenee AhdiehFlame in the Mist #13 Stars
In a Stranger's BedIn a Stranger's BedSophie Jordan3.5 Stars
All or Nothing at AllAll or Nothing at AllJennifer ProbstBillionaire Builders #33 Stars
The Scandal of It AllThe Scandal of It AllSophie JordanThe Rogue Files #22.5 Stars
The FalconerThe FalconerElizabeth MayThe Falconer #15 Stars
FirelightFirelightKristen CallihanDarkest London #14 Stars
Disorderly ConductDisorderly ConductTessa BaileyThe Academy #13.5 Stars
Third Son's a CharmThird Son's a CharmShana GalenThe Survivors #13 Stars
Perfect LovePerfect LoveAmanda CowenPerfect Series #23 Stars
In the Prince's BedIn the Prince's BedSabrina JeffriesRoyal Brotherhood, #14 Stars
To Pleasure a PrinceTo Pleasure a PrinceSabrina JeffriesRoyal Brotherhood, #24.5 Stars
One Night with a PrinceOne Night with a PrinceSabrina JeffriesRoyal Brotherhood, #34 Stars
Beautiful LawmanBeautiful LawmanSophie JordanDevil's Rock, #44.5 Stars
StarfallStarfallMelissa LandersStarflight, #2Did Not Finish
Love Will Always RememberLove Will Always RememberTracey LivesayShades of Love, #33 Stars
The Duchess DealThe Duchess DealTessa DareGirl Meets Duke, #14 Stars
Indecent ExposureIndecent ExposureTessa BaileyThe Academy, #2Did Not Finish
Duke of DesireDuke of DesireElizabeth HoytMaiden Lane #123 Stars
The Throne of Glass Coloring BookThe Throne of Glass Coloring BookSarah J. MaasThrone of Glass4.5 Stars
The Duke and IThe Duke and IJulia QuinnBridgertons, #14 Stars
Forever With YouForever With YouBeverley KendallUnforgettable You #43.5 Stars
It's Hard Out Here for a DukeIt's Hard Out Here for a DukeMaya RodaleKeeping Up with the Cavendishes #42 Stars
Sweet Filthy BoySweet Filthy BoyChristina LaurenWild Season #15 Stars
The Viscount Who Loved MeThe Viscount Who Loved MeJulia QuinnBridgertons #24.5 Stars
Crashed OutCrashed OutTessa BaileyMade in Jersey #14 Stars
An Offer From a GentlemanAn Offer From a GentlemanJulia QuinnBridgertons #35 Stars
Wait for YouWait for YouJ. Lynn, Jennifer L. ArmentroutWait for You Saga, #15 Stars
Trust in MeTrust in MeJ. Lynn, Jennifer L. ArmentroutWait for You Saga, #1.54 Stars
A Hunger Like No OtherA Hunger Like No OtherKresley ColeImmortals After Dark #21.5 Stars
Neanderthal Seeks HumanNeanderthal Seeks HumanPenny ReidKnitting in the City #1Did Not Finish
RuleRuleJay CrownoverMarked Men #13.5 Stars
Beyond Scandal and DesireBeyond Scandal and DesireLorraine HeathSins for All Seasons, #15 Stars
Losing ItLosing ItCora CarmackLosing It, #13.5 Stars
Keeping HerKeeping HerCora CarmackLosing It, #1.53 Stars
Be with MeBe with MeJ. Lynn, Jennifer L. ArmentroutWait for You, #24 Stars
Hate to Want YouHate to Want YouAlisha RaiForbidden Hearts, #13.5 Stars
King of the CourtKing of the CourtMelanie Munton4 Stars
Simply IrresistibleSimply IrresistibleRachel GibsonChinooks Hockey Team, #14 Stars
The Art of Running in HeelsThe Art of Running in HeelsRachel GibsonChinooks Hockey Team #74 Stars
The Ones Who Got AwayThe Ones Who Got AwayRoni LorenThe Ones Who Got Away, #13.5 Stars
True to YouTrue to YouJennifer RyanMontana Heat, #25 Stars
Nobody Does It BetterNobody Does It BetterLexi BlakeMasters and Mercenaries, #153 Stars
Hello StrangerHello StrangerLisa KleypasThe Ravenels, #44 Stars
The HookupThe HookupKristen AshleyMoonlight and Motor Oil, #12.5 Stars
UnearthedUnearthedAmie Kaufman, Meagan SpoonerUnearthed, #13.5 Stars
Lazy SonLazy SonEve LanglaisHell's Son, #12.5 Stars
Our Dark StarsOur Dark StarsAudrey Grey, Krystal Wade4 Stars
Withholding NothingWithholding NothingVictoria Bright3.5 Stars
RenegadesRenegadesMarissa MeyerRenegades, #13 Stars