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Book Cover Book Title Author Series Rating
TormentTormentLauren KateFallen #22 Stars
Dreaming of YouDreaming of YouLisa KleypasThe Gamblers #25 Stars
VanishVanishSophie JordanFirelight #2Did Not Finish
Vampire MineVampire MineKerrelyn SparksLove at Stake #104 Stars
Midnight's Wild PassionMidnight's Wild PassionAnna Campbell4 Stars
TwilightTwilightStephenie MeyerTwilight Saga #12.5 Stars
How to Woo a Reluctant LadyHow to Woo a Reluctant LadySabrina JeffriesThe Hellions of Halstead Hall #35 Stars
Then Came YouThen Came YouLisa KleypasThe Gamblers #24 Stars
After the AbductionAfter the AbductionSabrina JeffriesSwanlea Spinsters #33 Stars
When in Paris... / Only for YouWhen in Paris... / Only for YouBeverley KendallUnforgettable You #1, The Language of Love #14 Stars
A Mermaid's KissA Mermaid's KissJoey W. HillDaughters of Arianne #13 Stars
EverneathEverneathBrodi AshtonEverneath #13 Stars
Her Perfect MatchHer Perfect MatchJess MichaelsMistress Matchmaker Series #34 Stars
By Love UnveiledBy Love UnveiledSabrina JeffriesRestoration #14 Stars
CinderCinderMarissa MeyerLunar Chronicles #13 Stars
A Most Scandalous ProposalA Most Scandalous ProposalAshlyn MacNamaraA Most Series #1Did Not Finish
My Fair MistressMy Fair MistressTracy Anne WarrenThe Mistress Trilogy #15 Stars
Seducing the PrincessSeducing the PrincessMary Hart PerryQueen Victoria's Daughters #23.5 Stars
Ten Reasons to StayTen Reasons to StaySabrina JeffriesSchool for Heiresses #2.53 Stars
A Long, Long SleepA Long, Long SleepAnna SheehanUnicorp #14 Stars
The Seduction of EmilyThe Seduction of EmilyRachel Brimble3 Stars
Across the UniverseAcross the UniverseBeth RevisAcross the Universe #13.5 Stars
The Prince's BrideThe Prince's BrideJulianne MacLeanThe Royal Trilogy #33 Stars
A Little Bit SinfulA Little Bit SinfulRobyn DeHartForbidden Love #23 Stars
Those Nights in MontrealThose Nights in MontrealBeverley KendallUnforgettable You #1.53 Stars
Never Trust a ScoundrelNever Trust a ScoundrelGayle CallenSons of Scandal Trilogy #12.5 Stars
One Good Earl Deserves a LoverOne Good Earl Deserves a LoverSarah MacLeanThe Rules of Scoundrels #25 Stars
Princess in LovePrincess in LoveJulianne MacLeanThe Royal Trilogy #22 Stars
Any Duchess Will DoAny Duchess Will DoTessa DareSpindle Cove #44 Stars
Stranger in My ArmsStranger in My ArmsLisa Kleypas5 Stars
What the Duke DesiresWhat the Duke DesiresSabrina JeffriesThe Duke's Men #13 Stars
Taken By the DukeTaken By the DukeJess MichaelsThe Pleasure Wars #15 Stars
BetrothedBetrothedElizabeth ElliottMontagues #24.5 Stars
The Secrets of Mia DanversThe Secrets of Mia DanversRobyn DeHartDangerous Liaisons #15 Stars
In Bed with the DevilIn Bed with the DevilLorraine HeathScoundrels of St. James #15 Stars
If You Give a Rake a RubyIf You Give a Rake a RubyShana GalenJewels of the Ton #23 Stars
Sin: An Erotic Collection of NovellasSin: An Erotic Collection of NovellasJess MichaelsSin4.5 Stars
Love, TechnicallyLove, TechnicallyLynne Silver3 Stars
How to Lose a Bride in One NightHow to Lose a Bride in One NightSophie JordanForgotten Princesses #33.5 Stars
City of BonesCity of BonesCassandra ClareThe Mortal Instruments #13.5 Stars
EverboundEverboundBrodi AshtonEverneath #24 Stars
Pleasuring The LadyPleasuring The LadyJess MichaelsThe Pleasure Wars #24 Stars
In Love with a Wicked ManIn Love with a Wicked ManLiz CarlyleMacLachlan Family & Friends #93 Stars
'Twas the Night after Christmas'Twas the Night after ChristmasSabrina JeffriesHellions of Halstead Hall #6, The Duke's Men #0.54 Stars
A Million SunsA Million SunsBeth RevisAcross the Universe #23 Stars
When the Rogue ReturnsWhen the Rogue ReturnsSabrina JeffriesThe Duke's Men #24.5 Stars
Shades of EarthShades of EarthBeth RevisAcross the Universe #34 Stars
When the Marquess Met His MatchWhen the Marquess Met His MatchLaura Lee GuhrkeAn American Heiress in London #14 Stars
The Trouble with PrincessesThe Trouble with PrincessesTracy Anne WarrenThe Princess Brides #34 Stars
The Last Wicked ScoundrelThe Last Wicked ScoundrelLorraine HeathScoundrels of St. James #53 Stars
When the Duke Was WickedWhen the Duke Was WickedLorraine HeathScandalous Gentlemen of St. James #14 Stars
These Broken StarsThese Broken StarsAmie Kaufman, Meagan SpoonerStarbound, #15 Stars
How to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysHow to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysLaura Lee GuhrkeAn American Heiress in London #23 Stars
A Rogue by Any Other NameA Rogue by Any Other NameSarah MacLeanThe Rules of Scoundrels #15 Stars
No Good Duke Goes UnpunishedNo Good Duke Goes UnpunishedSarah MacLeanThe Rules of Scoundrels #32.5 Stars
DivergentDivergentVeronica RothDivergent #13.5 Stars
Night of PleasureNight of PleasureDelilah MarvelleSchool of Gallantry #43 Stars
No Ordinary MistressNo Ordinary MistressRobyn DeHartMasquerading Mistresses #12.5 Stars
Sapphires Are an Earl's Best FriendSapphires Are an Earl's Best FriendShana GalenJewels of the Ton #34 Stars
Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a RakeNine Rules to Break When Romancing a RakeSarah MacLeanLove By Numbers #15 Stars
Beauty and the EarlBeauty and the EarlJess MichaelsThe Pleasure Wars #35 Stars
Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's HeartEleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's HeartSarah MacLeanLove By Numbers #33 Stars
No Place Like OzNo Place Like OzDanielle PaigeDorothy Must Die #0.14 Stars
Dorothy Must DieDorothy Must DieDanielle PaigeDorothy Must Die #14 Stars
The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our StarsJohn Green4 Stars
A Night to SurrenderA Night to SurrenderTessa DareSpindle Cove #14 Stars
Redemption of the DukeRedemption of the DukeGayle CallenBrides of Redemption #3Did Not Finish
His MistressHis MistressMonica BurnsSelf-Made Men #24 Stars
Abducted by a PrinceAbducted by a PrinceOlivia DrakeCinderella Sisterhood #32 Stars
How to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysHow to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysKate McKinleyWhat Happens in Scotland #14 Stars
Clockwork AngelClockwork AngelCassandra ClareThe Infernal Devices #14 Stars
Clockwork PrinceClockwork PrinceCassandra ClareThe Infernal Devices #24.5 Stars
Clockwork PrincessClockwork PrincessCassandra ClareThe Infernal Devices #35 Stars
His Forbidden TouchHis Forbidden TouchShelly ThackerStolen Brides #25 Stars
The Madman’s DaughterThe Madman’s DaughterMegan ShepherdThe Madman’s Daughter #15 Stars
Her Dark CuriosityHer Dark CuriosityMegan ShepherdThe Madman's Daughter #25 Stars
Beautiful DistractionBeautiful DistractionJess MichaelsThe Pleasure Wars #44 Stars
Woo'd in HasteWoo'd in HasteSabrina DarbyTaming #13 Stars
Wed at LeisureWed at LeisureSabrina DarbyTaming #23 Stars
Tiger LilyTiger LilyJodi Lynn Anderson5 Stars
Cruel BeautyCruel BeautyRosamund HodgeCruel Beauty Universe #15 Stars
Deeply In YouDeeply In YouSharon PageThe Wicked Dukes #14 Stars
EvermoreEvermoreAlyson NoelThe Immortals #12 Stars
The Hunger GamesThe Hunger GamesSuzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games #15 Stars
A Matter of SinA Matter of SinJess MichaelsThe Ladies' Book of Pleasures #13.5 Stars
How To Lose A Lord In 10 Days Or LessHow To Lose A Lord In 10 Days Or LessElizabeth MichelsTricks Of The Ton #32 Stars
Catching FireCatching FireSuzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games #25 Stars
A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin (The Debutante Files, #1)A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin (The Debutante Files, #1)Sophie Jordan4 Stars
Sweet EvilSweet EvilWendy HigginsThe Sweet Trilogy #11 Star
An Introduction to PleasureAn Introduction to PleasureJess MichaelsMistress Matchmaker #15 Stars
Mastering the MarquessMastering the MarquessLavinia KentBound and Determined #13 Stars
Romancing the DukeRomancing the DukeTessa DareCastles Ever After #14.5 Stars
Finding Miss McFarlandFinding Miss McFarlandVivienne LorretWallflower Weddings #34 Stars
Once More, My Darling RogueOnce More, My Darling RogueLorraine HeathScandalous Gentlemen of St. James #25 Stars
Shadow and BoneShadow and BoneLeigh BardugoThe Grisha #14 Stars
ScarletScarletMarissa MeyerLunar Chronicles #25 Stars
How the Scoundrel SeducesHow the Scoundrel SeducesSabrina JeffriesThe Duke's Men #34 Stars
The Earl's MistressThe Earl's MistressLiz CarlyleMacLachlan Family & Friends #103 Stars
WildWildSophie JordanThe Ivy Chronicles #34 Stars
CressCressMarissa MeyerLunar Chronicles #34 Stars
A Week to Be WickedA Week to Be WickedTessa DareSpindle Cove #24 Stars
ForeplayForeplaySophie JordanThe Ivy Chronicles #14 Stars
TeaseTeaseSophie JordanThe Ivy Chronicles #34 Stars
The SelectionThe SelectionKiera CassThe Selection #12 Stars
The EliteThe EliteKiera CassThe Selection #22 Stars
The OneThe OneKiera CassThe Selection #32 Stars
A Moment of PassionA Moment of PassionJess MichaelsThe Ladies Book of Pleasures #23 Stars
What a Wallflower WantsWhat a Wallflower WantsMaya RodaleBad Boys & Wallflowers # 33 Stars
The Duke's Guide to Correct BehaviorThe Duke's Guide to Correct BehaviorMegan FramptonDukes Behaving Badly #13 Stars
A Measure of DeceitA Measure of DeceitJess MichaelsThe Ladies Book of Pleasures #33.5 Stars
After the EndAfter the EndAmy PlumAfter the End #1
GracelingGracelingKristin CashoreGraceling Realm #15 Stars
Waking Up With the DukeWaking Up With the DukeLorraine HeathLondon's Greatest Lovers #35 Stars
The Other DukeThe Other DukeJess MichaelsThe Notorious Flynns #14 Stars
Never Judge a Lady by Her CoverNever Judge a Lady by Her CoverSarah MacLeanThe Rules of Scoundrels #44 Stars
In Your Wildest Scottish DreamsIn Your Wildest Scottish DreamsKaren RanneyMacIain #13 Stars
Diary of an Accidental WallflowerDiary of an Accidental WallflowerJennifer McQuistonSeduction Diaries # 14 Stars
Bound by BlissBound by BlissLavinia KentBound and Determined #23 Stars
UninvitedUninvitedSophie JordanUninvited #13 Stars
It Started With a ScandalIt Started With a ScandalJulie Anne LongPennyroyal Green #103 Stars
Shatter MeShatter MeTahereh MafiShatter Me Series #1, The Juliette Chronicles #13 Stars
Unravel MeUnravel MeTahereh MafiShatter Me Series #2, The Juliette Chronicles #23 Stars
Ignite MeIgnite MeTahereh MafiShatter Me Series #3, The Juliette Chronicles #33 Stars
The Courtesan DuchessThe Courtesan DuchessJoanna ShupeWicked Deceptions #13 Stars
The Duke and the Lady in RedThe Duke and the Lady in RedLorraine HeathScandalous Gentlemen of St. James #35 Stars
Halfway to the GraveHalfway to the GraveJeaniene FrostNight Huntress Novels #15 Stars
One Foot in the GraveOne Foot in the GraveJeaniene FrostNight Huntress Novels #24 Stars
FairestFairestMarissa MeyerLunar Chronicles #3.54 Stars
The Harlot CountessThe Harlot CountessJoanna ShupeWicked Deceptions #24 Stars
No Gentleman for GeorginaNo Gentleman for GeorginaJess MichaelsThe Notorious Flynns #43 Stars
An Heiress for All SeasonsAn Heiress for All SeasonsSophie JordanThe Debutante Files #1.52.5 Stars
UnearthlyUnearthlyCynthia HandUnearthly #14 Stars
HallowedHallowedCynthia HandUnearthly #25 Stars
BoundlessBoundlessCynthia HandUnearthly #34 Stars
Earls Just Want to Have FunEarls Just Want to Have FunShana GalenCovent Garden Cubs #14 Stars
This Shattered WorldThis Shattered WorldAmie Kaufman, Meagan SpoonerStarbound #24 Stars
Desire Me NowDesire Me NowTiffany ClareDesire Me Now #13 Stars
The Widow WagerThe Widow WagerJess MichaelsThe Notorious Flynns #33 Stars
LegendLegendMarie LuLegend #14 Stars
The Art of SinningThe Art of SinningSabrina JeffriesSinful Suitors #14 Stars
ProdigyProdigyMarie LuLegend #24 Stars
Burn for MeBurn for MeIlona AndrewsHidden Legacy #1Did Not Finish
The Conspiracy of UsThe Conspiracy of UsMaggie HallThe Conspiracy of Us, #1Did Not Finish
My Fair MistressMy Fair MistressTracy Anne WarrenMistress Trilogy #15 Stars
ChampionChampionMarie LuLegend #33 Stars
Mila 2.0Mila 2.0Debra DrizaMila 2.0 #14 Stars
A Cold LegacyA Cold LegacyMegan ShepherdThe Madman's Daughter #35 Stars
RenegadeRenegadeDebra DrizaMila 2.0 #25 Stars
After the EndAfter the EndAmy PlumAfter the End #14 Stars
Put Up Your DukePut Up Your DukeMegan FramptonDukes Behaving Badly #23 Stars
Until the BeginningUntil the BeginningAmy PlumAfter the End #24 Stars
Forever Your EarlForever Your EarlEva LeighThe Wicked Quills of London #14 Stars
CommandedCommandedStacey KennedyClub Sin #64 Stars
ForbiddenForbiddenJess MichaelsThe Wicked Woodleys #15 Stars
RebootRebootAmy TinteraReboot #14 Stars
RebelRebelAmy TinteraReboot #24 Stars
When a Scot Ties the KnotWhen a Scot Ties the KnotTessa DareCastles Ever After #35 Stars
Sarah's SurrenderSarah's SurrenderLavinia KentBound and Determined #2.53 Stars
DeceivedDeceivedJess MichaelsThe Wicked Woodleys #23.5 Stars
Crimson BoundCrimson BoundRosamund Hodge3 Stars
MineMineStacey KennedyClub Sin #72 Stars
If the Viscount FallsIf the Viscount FallsSabrina JeffriesThe Duke's Men #44 Stars
Desire Me AlwaysDesire Me AlwaysTiffany ClareDesire Me #34 Stars
MagoniaMagoniaMaria Dahvana HeadleyMagonia #14 Stars
The Match of the CenturyThe Match of the CenturyCathy MaxwellMarrying the Duke #1Did Not Finish
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar ChildrenMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar ChildrenRansom RiggsMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children #13 Stars
WinterWinterMarissa MeyerThe Lunar Chronicles #45 Stars
The Beautiful AshesThe Beautiful AshesJeaniene FrostBroken Destiny #13 Stars
TalonTalonJulie KagawaTalon #13 Stars
All I Want for Christmas Is a DukeAll I Want for Christmas Is a DukeValerie Bowman, Tiffany Clare, Vivienne Lorret, Ashlyn MacNamara3 Stars
IlluminaeIlluminaeAmie Kaufman, Jay KristoffThe Illuminae Files #15 Stars
One-Eyed Dukes are WildOne-Eyed Dukes are WildMegan FramptonDukes Behaving Badly #33.5 Stars
The 5th WaveThe 5th WaveRick YanceyThe 5th Wave5 Stars
Daughter of Smoke & BoneDaughter of Smoke & BoneLaini TaylorDaughter of Smoke and Bone #15 Stars
Stitching SnowStitching SnowR.C. Lewis3.5 Stars
Throne of GlassThrone of GlassSarah J. MaasThrone of Glass #14 Stars
Their Fractured LightTheir Fractured LightAmie Kaufman, Meagan SpoonerStarbound, #33.5 Stars
Crown of MidnightCrown of MidnightSarah J. MaasThrone of Glass, #25 Stars
The HunterThe HunterKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels, #25 Stars
Lady Bridget's DiaryLady Bridget's DiaryMaya RodaleKeeping Up with the Cavendishes #14.5 Stars
BorderlineBorderlineMishell BakerArcadia Project Trilogy #13 Stars
Save Me, Kurt CobainSave Me, Kurt CobainJenny Manzer4.5 Stars
Heir of FireHeir of FireSarah J. MaasThrone of Glass #35 Stars
Anna and the French KissAnna and the French KissStephanie PerkinsAnna and the French Kiss #12 Stars
RuinedRuinedJess MichaelsThe Wicked Woodleys #44 Stars
FireFireKristin CashoreGraceling Realm #2Did Not Finish
The CageThe CageMegan ShepherdThe Cage #1Did Not Finish
ShiverShiverMaggie StiefvaterThe Wolves of Mercy Falls #1Did Not Finish
Fortune Favors the WickedFortune Favors the WickedTheresa RomainRoyal Rewards #13.5 Stars
The Forbidden WishThe Forbidden WishJessica Khoury4.5 Stars
Temptations of a WallflowerTemptations of a WallflowerEva LeighThe Wicked Quills of London #33.5 Stars
Anyone but Ivy PocketAnyone but Ivy PocketCaleb KrispIvy Pocket #13.5 Stars
Somebody Stop Ivy PocketSomebody Stop Ivy PocketCaleb KrispIvy Pocket #23.5 Stars
The Book of IvyThe Book of IvyAmy EngelThe Book of Ivy #14 Stars
The Revolution of IvyThe Revolution of IvyAmy EngelThe Book of Ivy #22 Stars
The Girl from EverywhereThe Girl from EverywhereHeidi HeiligThe Girl from Everywhere #14.5 Stars
A Court of Thorns and RosesA Court of Thorns and RosesSarah J. MaasA Court of Thorns and Roses #13.5 Stars
CutCutEmily DuvallFlawless #22.5 Stars
A Gentleman Never TellsA Gentleman Never TellsEloisa JamesEssex Sisters #4.53.5 Stars
Devil in WinterDevil in WinterLisa KleypasWallflowers #34 Stars
All Chained UpAll Chained UpSophie JordanDevil's Rock #15 Stars
Hell Breaks LooseHell Breaks LooseSophie JordanDevil's Rock #24 Stars
The Earl Takes AllThe Earl Takes AllLorraine HeathThe Hellions of Havisham #2Did Not Finish
Chasing Lady AmeliaChasing Lady AmeliaMaya RodaleKeeping Up with the Cavendishes #2Did Not Finish
Searching for SomedaySearching for SomedayJennifer ProbstSearching For #13.5 Stars
Searching for PerfectSearching for PerfectJennifer ProbstSearching For #23 Stars
Searching for BeautifulSearching for BeautifulJennifer ProbstSearching For #35 Stars
Searching for AlwaysSearching for AlwaysJennifer ProbstSearching For #44.5 Stars
FangirlFangirlRainbow Rowell4 Stars
For Darkness Shows the StarsFor Darkness Shows the StarsDiana PeterfreundFor Darkness Shows the Stars #14 Stars
Searching for DisasterSearching for DisasterJennifer ProbstSearching For #4.63.5 Stars
While the Duke Was SleepingWhile the Duke Was SleepingSophie JordanThe Rogue Files #13.5 Stars
BaronBaronJoanna ShupeThe Knickerbocker Club #25 Stars
Love Between the Lines: An Adult Coloring Book for Book LoversLove Between the Lines: An Adult Coloring Book for Book LoversChristina Collie4 Stars
Something in BetweenSomething in BetweenMelissa de la Cruz4 Stars
Fury on FireFury on FireSophie JordanDevil's Rock #33.5 Stars
Midnight RescueMidnight RescueElle KennedyKiller Instincts #13.5 Stars
Midnight AliasMidnight AliasElle KennedyKiller Instincts #23 Stars
Midnight GamesMidnight GamesElle KennedyKiller Instincts #34 Stars
Midnight ActionMidnight ActionElle KennedyKiller Instincts #55 Stars
Midnight PursuitsMidnight PursuitsElle KennedyKiller Instincts #44 Stars
Midnight CaptiveMidnight CaptiveElle KennedyKiller Instincts #63.5 Stars
Midnight RevengeMidnight RevengeElle KennedyKiller Instincts #73 Stars
Lions and LaceLions and LaceMeagan McKinneyVan Alen Sisters #15 Stars
Any Time, Any PlaceAny Time, Any PlaceJennifer ProbstBillionaire Builders #24 Stars
MogulMogulJoanna ShupeThe Knickerbocker Club #33 Stars
Fair Is the RoseFair Is the RoseMeagan McKinneyVan Alen Sisters #24.5 Stars
The DukeThe DukeKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #42.5 Stars
The Fairest of Them AllThe Fairest of Them AllCathy MaxwellMarrying the Duke #22 Stars
The Bride's NecklaceThe Bride's NecklaceKat MartinNecklace Trilogy #15 Stars
The Devil's NecklaceThe Devil's NecklaceKat MartinNecklace Trilogy #24 Stars
The Handmaiden's NecklaceThe Handmaiden's NecklaceKat MartinNecklace Trilogy #34 Stars
The Lunar Chronicles Coloring BookThe Lunar Chronicles Coloring BookMarissa MeyerThe Lunar Chronicles 4.63.5 Stars
Wires and Nerve Volume 1Wires and Nerve Volume 1Marissa MeyerWires and Nerves #15 Stars
A Thousand Pieces of YouA Thousand Pieces of YouClaudia GrayFirebird #14 Stars
Ten Thousand Skies Above YouTen Thousand Skies Above YouClaudia GrayFirebird #25 Stars
A Million Worlds with YouA Million Worlds with YouClaudia GrayFirebird #34 Stars
Devil in SpringDevil in SpringLisa KleypasThe Ravenels #35 Stars
My Fair DuchessMy Fair DuchessMegan FramptonDukes Behaving Badly #53 Stars
Blush for MeBlush for MeKristen ProbyFusion #33.5 Stars
Sweetest Mistake (Sweet, Texas, #2)Sweetest Mistake (Sweet, Texas, #2)Candis TerrySweet Texas #23 Stars
Better When He's BadBetter When He's BadJay CrownoverWelcome to the Point #14 Stars
Better when He's BoldBetter when He's BoldJay CrownoverWelcome to the Point #23 Stars
Better When He's BraveBetter When He's BraveJay CrownoverWelcome to the Point #33.5 Stars
Bedchamber GamesBedchamber GamesTracy Anne WarrenThe Rakes of Cavendish Square #35 Stars
When the Marquess FallsWhen the Marquess FallsLorraine HeathHellions of Havisham #3.53.5 Stars
Into the FireInto the FireJeaniene FrostNight Prince #43.5 Stars
The Winter KingThe Winter KingC.L. WilsonWeathermages of Mystral #15 Stars
The FixerThe FixerHelenKay DimonGames People Play #1Did Not Finish
Midnight TargetMidnight TargetElle KennedyKiller Instincts #83.5 Stars
The Pleasures of PassionThe Pleasures of PassionSabrina JeffriesSinful Suitors #43.5 Stars
Defy the StarsDefy the StarsClaudia GrayConstellation #13.5 Stars
From Duke Till DawnFrom Duke Till DawnEva LeighThe London Underground #14 Stars
An Affair with a Notorious HeiressAn Affair with a Notorious HeiressLorraine HeathScandalous Gentlemen of St. James #44.5 Stars
My Life As a White Trash ZombieMy Life As a White Trash ZombieDiana RowlandWhite Trash Zombie #14 Stars
Moon CalledMoon CalledPatricia BriggsMercy Thompson #1Did Not Finish
JackabyJackabyWilliam RitterJackaby #14 Stars
A Most Unlikely DukeA Most Unlikely DukeSophie BarnesDiamonds in the Rough #13.5 Stars
Prom QueenProm QueenKatee RobertBad Boy Homecoming #33 Stars
Love with a Scottish OutlawLove with a Scottish OutlawGayle CallenHighland Weddings #33 Stars
The Day of the DuchessThe Day of the DuchessSarah MacLeanScandal & Scoundrel #33.5 Stars
Flame in the MistFlame in the MistRenee AhdiehFlame in the Mist #13 Stars
In a Stranger's BedIn a Stranger's BedSophie Jordan3.5 Stars
All or Nothing at AllAll or Nothing at AllJennifer ProbstBillionaire Builders #33 Stars
The Scandal of It AllThe Scandal of It AllSophie JordanThe Rogue Files #22.5 Stars
The FalconerThe FalconerElizabeth MayThe Falconer #15 Stars
FirelightFirelightKristen CallihanDarkest London #14 Stars
Disorderly ConductDisorderly ConductTessa BaileyThe Academy #13.5 Stars
Third Son's a CharmThird Son's a CharmShana GalenThe Survivors #13 Stars
Perfect LovePerfect LoveAmanda CowenPerfect Series #23 Stars
In the Prince's BedIn the Prince's BedSabrina JeffriesRoyal Brotherhood #14 Stars
To Pleasure a PrinceTo Pleasure a PrinceSabrina JeffriesRoyal Brotherhood #24.5 Stars
One Night with a PrinceOne Night with a PrinceSabrina JeffriesRoyal Brotherhood #34 Stars
Beautiful LawmanBeautiful LawmanSophie JordanDevil's Rock, #44.5 Stars
StarfallStarfallMelissa LandersStarflight, #2Did Not Finish
Love Will Always RememberLove Will Always RememberTracey LivesayShades of Love, #33 Stars
The Duchess DealThe Duchess DealTessa DareGirl Meets Duke, #14 Stars
Indecent ExposureIndecent ExposureTessa BaileyThe Academy, #2Did Not Finish
Duke of DesireDuke of DesireElizabeth HoytMaiden Lane #123 Stars
The Throne of Glass Coloring BookThe Throne of Glass Coloring BookSarah J. MaasThrone of Glass4.5 Stars
The Duke and IThe Duke and IJulia QuinnBridgertons, #14 Stars
Forever With YouForever With YouBeverley KendallUnforgettable You #43.5 Stars
It's Hard Out Here for a DukeIt's Hard Out Here for a DukeMaya RodaleKeeping Up with the Cavendishes #42 Stars
Sweet Filthy BoySweet Filthy BoyChristina LaurenWild Season #15 Stars
The Viscount Who Loved MeThe Viscount Who Loved MeJulia QuinnBridgertons #24.5 Stars
Crashed OutCrashed OutTessa BaileyMade in Jersey #14 Stars
An Offer From a GentlemanAn Offer From a GentlemanJulia QuinnBridgertons #35 Stars
Wait for YouWait for YouJ. Lynn, Jennifer L. ArmentroutWait for You Saga, #15 Stars
Trust in MeTrust in MeJ. Lynn, Jennifer L. ArmentroutWait for You Saga, #1.54 Stars
A Hunger Like No OtherA Hunger Like No OtherKresley ColeImmortals After Dark #21.5 Stars
Neanderthal Seeks HumanNeanderthal Seeks HumanPenny ReidKnitting in the City #1Did Not Finish
RuleRuleJay CrownoverMarked Men #13.5 Stars
Beyond Scandal and DesireBeyond Scandal and DesireLorraine HeathSins for All Seasons, #15 Stars
Losing ItLosing ItCora CarmackLosing It, #13.5 Stars
Keeping HerKeeping HerCora CarmackLosing It, #1.53 Stars
Be with MeBe with MeJ. Lynn, Jennifer L. ArmentroutWait for You, #24 Stars
Hate to Want YouHate to Want YouAlisha RaiForbidden Hearts, #13.5 Stars
King of the CourtKing of the CourtMelanie Munton4 Stars
Simply IrresistibleSimply IrresistibleRachel GibsonChinooks Hockey Team, #14 Stars
The Art of Running in HeelsThe Art of Running in HeelsRachel GibsonChinooks Hockey Team #74 Stars
The Ones Who Got AwayThe Ones Who Got AwayRoni LorenThe Ones Who Got Away, #13.5 Stars
True to YouTrue to YouJennifer RyanMontana Heat, #25 Stars
Nobody Does It BetterNobody Does It BetterLexi BlakeMasters and Mercenaries, #153 Stars
Hello StrangerHello StrangerLisa KleypasThe Ravenels, #44 Stars
The HookupThe HookupKristen AshleyMoonlight and Motor Oil, #12.5 Stars
UnearthedUnearthedAmie Kaufman, Meagan SpoonerUnearthed, #13.5 Stars
Lazy SonLazy SonEve LanglaisHell's Son, #12.5 Stars
Our Dark StarsOur Dark StarsAudrey Grey, Krystal Wade4 Stars
Withholding NothingWithholding NothingVictoria Bright3.5 Stars
RenegadesRenegadesMarissa MeyerRenegades, #13 Stars
Batman: NightwalkerBatman: NightwalkerMarie LuDC Icons, #23 Stars
The Wall of Winnipeg and MeThe Wall of Winnipeg and MeMariana ZapataDid Not Finish
My Oxford YearMy Oxford YearJulia Whelan5 Stars
WanderlustWanderlustLauren Blakely5 Stars
FollowFollowTessa Bailey5 Stars
RoomiesRoomiesChristina Lauren5 Stars
Riskier Business, His Risk to TakeRiskier Business, His Risk to TakeTessa BaileyCrossing the Line #0.5, Line of Duty #23 Stars
Risking It AllRisking It AllTessa BaileyCrossing the Line #14 Stars
Up in SmokeUp in SmokeTessa BaileyCrossing the Line, #23.5 Stars
Boiling PointBoiling PointTessa BaileyCrossing the Line #34 Stars
Raw RedemptionRaw RedemptionTessa BaileyCrossing the Line #43.5 Stars
Part-Time LoverPart-Time LoverLauren Blakely3.5 Stars
The Year We Fell DownThe Year We Fell DownSarina BowenThe Ivy Years, #15 Stars
CaptivatedCaptivatedEve Dangerfield, Tessa Bailey4 Stars
RecoveredRecoveredJay Crownover5 Stars
The One You Can't ForgetThe One You Can't ForgetRoni LorenThe Ones Who Got Away #25 Stars
Pushing the LimitsPushing the LimitsKatie McGarryPushing the Limits #15 Stars
Getaway GirlGetaway GirlTessa Bailey5 Stars
Melt for YouMelt for YouJ.T. GeissingerSlow Burn #25 Stars
The Duke Buys a BrideThe Duke Buys a BrideSophie JordanThe Rogue Files #33 Stars
Breaking the RulesBreaking the RulesKatie McGarryPushing the Limits #1.55 Stars
Love, Across the DivideLove, Across the DivideKrystal Ford3.5 Stars
The ChaseThe ChaseElle KennedyBriar U #13.5 Stars
It Had to Be YouIt Had to Be YouSusan Elizabeth PhillipsChicago Stars #15 Stars
RespectRespectJay CrownoverThe Breaking Point #34 Stars
A Princess in TheoryA Princess in TheoryAlyssa ColeReluctant Royals #13.5 Stars
Unbreak My HeartUnbreak My HeartLauren Blakely3.5 Stars
The Charm of YouThe Charm of YouJennifer Probst3.5 Stars
All the WayAll the WayKristen ProbyRomancing Manhattan #13 Stars
When a Duke Loves a WomanWhen a Duke Loves a WomanLorraine HeathSins for All Seasons #25 Stars
ZachZachLilly AtlasHell's Handlers #13.5 Stars
Down to YouDown to YouJayne FrostSixth Street Bands #54 Stars
Once Upon A Real Good TimeOnce Upon A Real Good TimeLauren BlakelyHeartbreakers, #13.5 Stars
Runaway GirlRunaway GirlTessa Bailey4.5 Stars
Once Upon A Sure ThingOnce Upon A Sure ThingLauren BlakelyHeartbreakers #24 Stars
UnchainedUnchainedJ. Lynn, Jennifer L. ArmentroutNephilim Rising #12 Stars
How the Dukes Stole ChristmasHow the Dukes Stole ChristmasTessa Dare, Sarah MacLean, Sophie Jordan, Joanna Shupe3924.5 Stars
Beautiful SinnerBeautiful SinnerSophie JordanDevil's Rock #54 Stars
Betting On HimBetting On HimKelly CollinsWilde Love #13.5 Stars
A Brand New EndingA Brand New EndingJennifer ProbstStay #24 Stars
Hot AssetHot AssetLauren Layne21 Wall Street #14 Stars
He Kissed Me FirstHe Kissed Me FirstSara NeyKiss and Make Up #23.5 Stars
Phoenix UnboundPhoenix UnboundGrace DravenFallen Empire #15 Stars
Mistress of The SeasMistress of The SeasRuth Ryan Langan3.5 Stars
Shades of WickedShades of WickedJeaniene FrostNight Rebel #14 Stars
How She Likes ItHow She Likes ItCarla de Guzman3 Stars
The One You Fight ForThe One You Fight ForRoni LorenThe Ones Who Got Away #35 Stars
Wicked KnightWicked KnightSawyer BennettWicked Horse Vegas #53.5 Stars
Playing with FirePlaying with FireRebecca HunterBlackmore Inc. #24 Stars
More Than WordsMore Than WordsMia Sheridan5 Stars
Scoring WilderScoring WilderR.S. Grey4 Stars
Playing for KeepsPlaying for KeepsJill ShalvisHeartbreaker Bay #73.5 Stars
Only a Breath ApartOnly a Breath ApartKatie McGarry4 Stars
RepeatRepeatKylie Scott4 Stars
The City of BrassThe City of BrassS.A. ChakrabortyThe Daevabad Trilogy #15 Stars
StrippedStrippedZoey CastileHappy Endings #14 Stars
The RiskThe RiskElle KennedyBriar U #23.5 Stars
Devil's DaughterDevil's DaughterLisa KleypasThe Ravenels #54.5 Stars
The Scoundrel in Her BedThe Scoundrel in Her BedLorraine HeathSins for All Seasons #32.5 Stars
Mouth to MouthMouth to MouthTessa BaileyBeach Kingdom #12 Stars
Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not DatingJosh and Hazel's Guide to Not DatingChristina Lauren4 Stars
Kiss an AngelKiss an AngelSusan Elizabeth Phillips5 Stars
Long ShotLong ShotKennedy RyanHoops #15 Stars
DownfallDownfallJay Crownover3.5 Stars
Huge DealHuge DealLauren Layne21 Wall Street #33 Stars
FlowFlowKennedy RyanGrip #0.54 Stars
GripGripKennedy RyanGrip #15 Stars
StillStillKennedy RyanGrip #25 Stars
Dragon FireDragon FireJuliette CrossVale of Stars #34 Stars
The Lying HoursThe Lying HoursSara NeyHow to Date a Douchebag Book #53.5 Stars
UnbrokenUnbrokenJay CrownoverLoveless Texas #0.53.5 Stars
Fix Her UpFix Her UpTessa BaileyHot and Hammered #15 Stars
The UnhoneymoonersThe UnhoneymoonersChristina Lauren3.5 Stars
FatedFatedRebecca ZanettiDark Protectors #15 Stars
Another SkyAnother SkyJayne Frost5 Stars
The Opposite of YouThe Opposite of YouRachel HigginsonOpposites Attract #14 Stars
Say No to the DukeSay No to the DukeEloisa JamesThe Wildes of Lindow Castle #43.5 Stars
Born To KillBorn To KillErin TrejoDid Not Finish
Sins of a Wicked DukeSins of a Wicked DukeSophie JordanThe Penwich School for Virtuous Girls #14 Stars
All Roads Lead to YouAll Roads Lead to YouJennifer ProbstStay #33.5 Stars
The Rogue KingThe Rogue KingAbigail OwenInferno Rising #14.5 Stars
Slave to SensationSlave to SensationNalini SinghPsy-Changeling #15 Stars
The Friend ZoneThe Friend ZoneAbby Jimenez4 Stars
LiesLiesKylie ScottDid Not Finish
Love on Lexington AvenueLove on Lexington AvenueLauren LayneThe Central Park Pact # 23.5 Stars
Promise of DarknessPromise of DarknessBec McMasterDark Court Rising #14.5 Stars
Truth or BeardTruth or BeardPenny ReidWinston Brothers #13 Stars